Review: The New Neighbors

The New Neighbors (Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, demonic, supernatural, incest) Directed by Frank Castle (Mike Tristano)
The suburban Brody family have lived a normal, unadventurous life. Everything suddenly changes when a mysterious yet very forward couple moves in across the street.

Date Released: 2006

This might just be one of the best pornographic films made in the 2000s. Being a pitch perfect dark comedy, it never took itself that seriously, and when it seemed like it did, it really didn’t. The story, the acting, the sex scenes were fantastic. Nicky Hunter (Lily) was devastatingly hot, radiating lust, as Randy Spears (Az) hammed it all up with a demonically hilarious charm. They’re obviously Asmodeus and Lilith, and had no need to hide that, laughing at those that didn’t figure it out right away. Perhaps the best part of it all was how it not only teased, but also used that tease to later deliver in glorious fashion. Way too many pornos, soft and hard, love to tease and not really deliver the otherwise logical result, while still taking itself way too seriously. New Neighbors delivers in the way all plot-driven pornos should.

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