This month’s stories!

This month will have the usual Journeys into Passion story. There will also be a Blog Flash, published in tandem at EMSCA, serving as a preview.

Blog Flash
Title: The Bachelorette Party
Synopsis: Linda’s friends throw her a bachelorette party unlike she ever imagined.
Tags: Mind control, female-female sex, transformation
Coming July 20th!

Title: Beyond the Green Door
Synopsis: Maple Street, Vancouver suburb, spring. On the horizon for some were assumed air conditioner growls, screaming children, and American-style barbecues. A silent roar from the unknown already came, unbeknownst to this little suburban world. In one of those little, suburban houses, newlyweds Jason and Linda will soon have a frank conversation about their sex life, and will agree they can’t always be “missionaries.” So, the more recently aggressive Linda will recommend they try something new. They were already long past the beginning …
Tags: Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, foot fetish, anal sex, gang bang, transformation, Sci-Fi
Coming July 29th!

On Blog Flashes, The Bachelorette Party will likely be the last story in Compendium 6. So look out for the associated ebook with reedited stories in the next month or two, as well as Compendium 7!

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