JIP: Hers

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: A woman recounts how she became a sex toy … Enjoy!

eBook Edition


Eating out her juicy crotch was my perfect moment now. It was hard to explain why this was. Up until a week ago — I think it was a week ago — I was a perfectly normal college girl that just went through an infuriating break up. Indeed, I never even considered sex with another woman. Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against it, and expected just about anything at the more wild parties. Still, I was a seemingly straight girl, despite evidence in my mouth to the contrary! What was happening here was not a “normal” lesbian relationship. I guess I am madly in love with her, but at the same time, I’m madly in love with the sexual pleasure of her.

“Great, my Tammy! This is your best munching yet — OOHH!” she cooed.

“All I want is to make you cum, Lana,” I exclaimed with my very being.

I could no longer cum, unless I made her cum or she made me cum. My orgasms allowed after were mind-blowing, while the ones she could give me were somehow greater than that …

* * * *

“Hey, Tammy!” my roommate, Lana greeted with a friendly smile. We were roommates since freshman year, and as seniors, we now shared a little cottage near the university the owners liked to rent to students or recent grads. “What’s up?”

“Well, it’s definitely over with him, Lana …” I said with morose frustration.

“Oh, sorry … Anything I can do, Tammy?”

That was a more loaded question than it might seem at first. Lana was a Witch. I did not believe it at first, but she really could make things happen. Nothing “evil” — never cheated at school, but her power was no joke. I once saw her completely take control of a “manly-man,” leading to a night where she fucked him up the ass with a double sided dildo! Plus, there was that time where a guy from class basically tried to rape her, but the next thing I and everyone else knew, that guy was naked in the middle of campus with a viral YouTube video to complete the humiliation.

Lana looked on empathetically, not wanting to force an answer.

“I … I dunno, Lana. I feel like an idiot …”

She walked over barefoot, and gave me a deep hug. “Don’t worry about him anymore. He’s just an alcoholic with a calendar obsession that doesn’t care about women. You deserve a lot better …”

“Yeah,” I said, shedding tears onto her bare shoulder. She once offered to “fix” him for me, but I did not want that. I guess I thought that I could change him …

* * * *

Lana moaned and cooed wildly, while I happily, dutifully made out with her crotch. She ran her fingers through my brown hair, grasping my head. 

“Oh, gah … OH, YEH, YEAH … FUCK YEAH, TOY!” she came.

Hearing and tasting her coo in epic orgasm from my mouth and tongue was always so wonderful. Her pussy, her cum was like addictively sweet nectar. There was nothing else like it. It starved me as much as it turned me on whenever I thought about it. With every swallow of her cum, everything felt right in the world …

* * * *

We held each other for the longest time. Lana and I were the best of friends, practically sisters. There were no secrets between us. 

“I’m here for you, Tammy. Anything you need; your wish is my command,” she stated quietly, truly.

I slowly started to feel a lot better in her arms. It felt like home on a cool summer morning. That moment when the fresh coffee scent hit the nose, while looking out onto the green sunlit world. This was not a magic spell on Lana’s part. She was just a great person showing true compassion to her friend that needed it right then.

She looked down to me, as I looked up to her. Her calm fingers gently wiped away the tears.

“I wanna change everything,” I stated.

“What do you mean, Tammy?” she asked expectantly.

“I want … I want to learn how you do it. I want to just have no trouble with any man again.”

“You want to learn witchcraft?” That was an all but standing offer since sophomore year, but she made it clear once that such lessons could only be given to those that truly wanted them.

“I guess so, Lana … Nothing feels right anymore, except you. I need to make a change.”

“OK,” she accepted the request. “Just remember, we can stop at any time.”

“Thank you, Lana …”

* * * *

Now she made it clear it was my turn to cum, as now was often the only time I could. I did everything for her, everything she asked of me: massage her perfect body, shave her legs, paint her nails, worship her feet in the most sexual of ways. The satisfaction I felt through it all was paramount, as she was very patient and giving. There were times I just pleasured her without wanting anything in return. In the end, my ultimate payment for my services was an epic orgasm of my own. My excitement always gave me goosebumps!

Laying passively, she lightly, possessively felt the outline of my jaw, before lovingly, deeply kissing me. Her soft hand moved up and down my tingling body from stomach to mouth. Moving to her knees, she presented her large breasts to me. I happily suckled, holding them. She pet me lightly, while quietly cooing from the attention. 

I loved her breasts. Well, I loved every part of her. The fact that she allowed me to have her breasts in my hands and mouth merely focused my love in that moment. 

“You deserve this, my Tammy,” she said, sending shockwaves of joy throughout my body.

Moving her breasts away, she then kissed down mine, lovingly suckling. I moaned so happily at the attention, kissing whatever part of her body I could reach. My moans slowly began to grow, while she began to pleasure my wet pussy with her hands and mouth. It felt so utterly perfect, as always!

“Oh, oh, God!” I cooed

She did not pleasure me like I pleasured her. The pleasure I gave her was based on complete worship, as the pleasure she gave me was based on gratitude for that worship. Her gratitude was perhaps the bast tonight.

A dildo practically appeared from nowhere, and she began to tease my hot pussy with it. Almost teasingly, she rubbed it between my nether-lips, pushing it deeper and deeper. She knowledgeably licked above after full penetration. She then repositioned me, and just began to eat me out with total gratitude. I felt practically orgasmic already, while she held the key to the ultimate. My moans and comes grew so loud, I had no real mind anymore, especially after she began to aggressively thrust the dildo in an out of me. There was nothing left but the pleasure: it was everything, it was life. The ultimate orgasm bought me beyond the brink, passing out …

* * * *

We sat casually in the living room. Lana brought out various materials she used for her craft. Being a “modern Wiccan,” she had out several books on the occult, including one from an English occultist Aleister Crowley.

“Bare with me, I’ve never introduced anyone to this before!” Lana began. “I think the best way to introduce you to the wide world of Wicca is through that eccentric Aleister Crowley. Now, I like to see him as not a fraud, but someone that had to eat. So, you need to read between the lines with his teachings. This was likely intentional on his part. Being a Witch is not usually a money making career! The core of what you need to understand is that “magic” is a means of making changes through your will, and that it is a kind of science that seeks to control the lesser known forces of nature. The latter is derived from the bit more eccentric Mathers.”

“I don’t wanna come off as pompous, Lana, but how much do I have to believe any of this?”

She smiled with a laugh. “Sometimes, Tammy, you don’t have to believe in anything. You don’t have to believe that things can theoretically be in two places at once in the quantum realm. A good physicist will tell you that they don’t really understand the inner workings of our universe, and trying to understand their observations is a major part of their profession. Did you fully understand what I did to that guy that tried to force me in bed while drunk?”

“No …” I admitted. “It was pretty awesome …”

“That’s the first step: you’ve observed. The next is trying to understand.”

“OK …”

“I think the easiest way to bring you to a real understanding here is through an old fashioned potion,” she smiled.

I went wide eyed.

She laughed. “Not meant for you! I’m going to whip up a drug that will make someone completely yours. Well, for however long you want. The antidote is actually easier to make …”

* * * *

I found myself meeting with my old boyfriend, Larry. Maybe it was vanity; maybe is was some stupid form of vengeance; maybe it no longer mattered.

We sat on his couch.

“Look, Tammy, I am really glad you showed up. Felt like such a dick for breaking everything off …”

That’s why he was so great: a deep, honest, shy heart. “I don’t want tonight to really rekindle our relationship, Larry. Just want us to be, well, happy.”

“Friend-zone, huh?” he asked sarcastically. “Hey, if you wanna try being friends, I’m up for it. You know I’m awkward already!”

I laughed pleasantly. Sounded like a good option, but my still twisted emotions were allowing me to try something else. Larry’s eyes went wide when I took out the bottle of Irish whisky he liked so much from my backpack. He looked a bit confused, but as a social drinker, having drinks with friends was fine with him (he was social almost nightly). Obviously, I already put Lana’s potion into it. She said the alcohol would break down her drug after about a day.

“Oh, wow!” he said awkwardly. “I’ll grab a couple glasses.”

Before I knew it, I was pouring a double in the sipping glasses. Not one for social graces, I automatically took about half of it down with nothing more than a smile. For someone that never drank much, I always took the hard stuff with impressive ease. ‘Oh, shit!’ I thought to myself. Lana’s directions were to have him drink, and make sure I was the first person her saw. The amount of devotion could be controlled to a degree as well.

My smartwatch suddenly buzzed. It was some spam text, but with the alcohol already sinking in, I fumbled the UI just right so the first picture on my phone showed up on the face. It was a selfie of me and Lana at the beach. Even on the small screen, I could see Lana’s beautiful, sculpted body, making my pussy twitch. She was that kind of woman that could make any woman question their sexuality, not that whoever I was attracted to was ever a real concern of mine. Yet, that was the first time in a while looking at her did that to me …

You’re so beautiful, Tammy …” Larry breathed, breaking my chain of thought.

The potion was clearly working on us both. For a moment, I wasn’t sure if I should continue, but knowing this was a lesson Lana wanted me to have, I continued. “Let’s celebrate our new friendship with sex!”

“OK!” he exclaimed.

It was such an absurd thing to have him do. Celebrate friendship with sex? Yet, it was working. He was doing everything I asked without question, from condom to thrust tempo. It technically felt good, but thoughts of Lana were what really kept me aroused. So, I grabbed my phone, and found another pic of her from that same day at the beach, the one of her smiling at me on her side. While Larry dutifully thrust, I memorized every alluring curve and cranny of her healthy body, drawn to everything about her. I closed my eyes, and imagined Lana was the one fucking me with a strap-on. It was that moment it started to feel really damn good!

“OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING! CUM WITH ME, BABY!” I screamed in the hardest orgasm I ever had with him. He came hard, too, but not being Lana’s orgasm, I didn’t really care …

Holding the antidote in my hand in the other room, I found myself uncertain about what to do. There was only one dose, and the more time passed, the less likely it would be effective. If I had Larry take it, I might become my best friend’s sex slave; if I took it, Larry might become mine forever. I did not really want the latter, and was not yet sure about the former. Sighing, I put the antidote into my backpack …

“Larry,” I called to the sleeping man.

“Yes, Tammy,” he called back a moment later with distinct obedience in his tone.

I was not sure if this would work, but I had yet to create any parameters to his induced devotion toward me. “You will now and forever be in platonic love with me. Our friendship is to be deep emotionally, as you know your devotion to me is paramount. You will not need to come to me for permission to have any kind of relationship with others. However, you know I will certainly have veto power over any decision you make, as you will forever take my word without question. Do you understand, Larry?”

“Yes, Tammy,” he said matter-of-factly, as if much of what I said was redundant to him. “My full devotion to you will be of platonic love and friendship. I will make my own decisions and relationships, but yours are always more important than mine.”

“Good, Larry,” I said amazed …

* * * *

I walked toward the wide eyed Lana. She seemed to know what had happened, but did not want to believe what she suspected.

“OK, Tammy, sit down. What happened?”

“I, err …” I began, finding myself wanting to grovel at this goddess’ mouth watering feet. “We both drank the stuff,” I breathed. “Coincidence, fate, I got some spam text, and accidentally brought up a pic of you at the beach. You were the first person I saw after drinking … I was the first person Larry saw … Continued the lesson — had him fuck me, but only thought of you, Goddess. Decided to complete the lesson by having neither of us take the antidote. I turned him into my platonic lover, the most devoted friend. It fucking worked …”

“You can still turn back, Tammy. The potion to counter the affects should still be affective,” she said to me seriously. “I know it is difficult to think that is even possible, but you can still continue your training as a Witch. It did not make this happen! If you choose to continue this path, I want you to be mine forever. We will be connected in love and lust, as you will only want to please me. You may not even be able to feel pleasure or orgasm unless I do.”

She was right. Even through the waves of ecstasy, I could feel the strength to turn away from this path of sexual servitude. At the same time, Larry being mine was irrelevant to this moment in her perfect, shimmering, jewel eyes. It was only ever my choice. And maybe, like with Larry, the choice I was about to make was what I always wanted, but never understood.

I crawled over to Lana’s crotch. It was not that it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw — it was; it was that I knew I could make Lana so happy by stimulating it. Yes, this was my choice! A lover I could always count on; a lover I was truly connected with; a lover receptive to what I could give.

“Yes, Lana, please.” I looked up to her, practically begging for her to remove her pants. “I know now I had no idea what I wanted. I was afraid to explore, and always grew distant in my relationships that could have been so much more. You and Your potion game me something to want: to be a Witch and to be yours!”

She smiled down onto me lovingly, sending waves of joy down my body. Lana removed her pants and panties, and I began to pleasure the only crotch I would ever want to pleasure from here on.

“Oh, fuck,” Lana cooed. “Unrefined but that’s great, my Tammy! Yes … I shall make you a Witch and my sex toy! OH, FUCK YEAH! I’m so happy I accidentally made you mine!”


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