Blog Flash: The Succubus’ Game

Author’s Note: Published in tandem at the Erotic Mind Control Archive, the following story is an extended scene from the free Journeys into Passion: Demon Lover.

The Succubus’ Game

The young hunter, Daya, stood outside of the student building, which was basically just an old, freshly renovated beach house the university owned. She found herself having second thoughts to this insane game the Demonic Succubus inside offered to play. The young Hunter had only been so for the past few years. If she was not with the well trodden Louisa, Daya would not be standing there breathing. They agreed — along with Jack, who called them onto the case — that this was the best way to save the possessed Jenny. The traditional exorcism tended to go so badly with Succubi that Human souls would often be pulled out by the Succubus being sucked back to Hell, which Succubi have no trouble escaping. Succubi, demonic or no, antagonistic or no, tended to care little about the “rules,” including the rules supposedly hardcoded in their very being. It was always their game. Daya could only assume the rules were solid from that point. Plus, even though Succubi often return sooner than later, they basically never possess the same person twice.

This game was to be a one of one battle with the young Daya, partly because this Succubus apparently hungered for young women. If she bested the Succubus, or at least not yield, then the Succubus would then loosen her grip on Jenny. Obviously, that meant the Succubus was offering to give Daya just one chance to kick her off this plain of existence. If she lost, gave in, Daya will find herself as the immediate next host. Either way, Jenny would probably be saved. After a few refreshing breaths for composure, Daya opened the door …

It was just Daya and the Succubus, who made herself quite at home in the hapless coed’s body. As was not uncommon for the more powerful Demons, this Succubus made some pretty shocking renovations to the human’s body over the last week. Her now shimmering, rubbery skin showed hypnotically shifting shades of blue, while the overall body was more alluringly athletic. The skin itself thinned in a way that highlighted bone and musculature. Her ears were now pointed, and her eyes were icy-blue. The lips were full and hot red, like her pussy lips. Perhaps most significantly, she now bled lust to such an extent that the altered body was beyond erotic in the Human mind.

“Sssso you’re the one that thinksss she can forssce me out of this body? And to think, I put ssso much work into it!” the Succubus hissed sumptuously.

“I’m not here for talk, Succubus!” Daya growled through her heightened arousal. “This young Hunter-bitch is gonna fuck you back to the oblivion that birthed you!”

“OOOO, deliciousss!” she purred, smirking. “This body wasss easy to acquire … Yesss, I think I will fuck you into sssubmission.”

“What’s stoping you, Succubus-slut!”

Suddenly, Daya found herself on her knees, forced down by the inhuman strength of the Succubus. After humping intensely on the Hunter’s face with the most darkly delicious, juicy pussy, Daya found herself in a mask of incredibly musky, thick Succubus cum, which quickly tricked her mind into thinking that musk was gloriously tasty and addicting.

Suddenly with her back to the floor, the Succubus wildly fingered the Daya’s nubile pussy into orgasm, and then forced her tongue inside to create yet more. In the epic afterglows, exacerbated by further orgasms, Daya actually considered giving into the Succubus. ‘Would it be so bad?’ she pondered. Daya never knew sex could be this good, this overpowering. That Succubus’ tongue was so much better than any dick or dildo she ever felt. Well, this was a Succubus; few other creatures knew lust quite in the same way!

Daya felt a hint of clarity after yet another squirting orgasm. Yielding was not who she was. Offering herself to the Succubus to save Jenny was technically a viable option, but it was a weak one. Someone would then have to save her, and maybe that someone would fail, too, or worse, a Hunter would later somehow succeed in traditionally exercising the Succubus, leading to Daya probably being pulled to Hell as a result. In this moment, yielding felt like the wrong path. Daya could not fail here. The price of failure was too high.

Summoning all the strength and willpower she had, Daya quickly kneed the surprised Succubus on the side of the head. The Succubus rolled onto her back, revealing her very nice and natural blue orbs, before Daya quickly mounted her head.

Then, the Succubus smiled largely between the Hunter’s brown thighs, after Daya thought she felt slimy spit from her chin to forehead when her brow was just dripping natural beads. Daya aggressively humped the hungry Succubus’ face feeling an odd confusion. Why would she feel so off after clearly gaining at least a little control? Something was not right. Something was different, and Daya was not sure what that was or meant …

No! Daya tried to hump harder. The Succubus was clearly messing with her head somehow. Daya would not allow that to distract her from the little victory!

That moment of confusion was, indeed, just enough for the Succubus to almost literally flip things around. Daya found herself partly on her side, with Succubus’ hand at her throat and pussy of lust rubbing violently on hers. The Succubus humped wildly, playing with Daya in the most domineering of ways, holding her head to the floor at times. 

Everything was stepped up a notch. The room was orgasmically spinning, but all the facts suggested to Daya that she was not yet lost. Suddenly, the Succubus had her against the wall, fisting her ass widely with a knowledgeable tail. Daya was then on the floor, being fucked doggy style, feeling lustful tails and hands in every orifice. Each orgasm was somehow more powerful than the last. OK, maybe there were facts to the contrary on her conclusion a moment ago.

Daya was in a surreal, lustful bliss. Her body was being pushed beyond what she thought was possible, the Succubus likely inflicting something on her mentally and physically to keep increasing the evil intensity.

“YOU’RE THE BESSST FUCKING FEED EVER, HUNTER!” the Succubus cooed loudly in a resonance that made Daya cum hard. “Urr-guh, errr … One of your friendsss might have handled me, but not you. The youthful can never — UHH — overpower me!”

No, that wasn’t right. Even with a thick tail down her throat, more nimble tongue up her wet pussy, and clawed fist deep in her asshole, Daya was still aware. Yes! There was a subtle desperation in the Succubus’ words and actions. Daya might actually have been winning! The Succubus was merely doing everything in her power to prevent that knowledge so she would regain actual control.

“Yeah, that’s it, Succubus, GIVE IT TO ME!” Daya screamed triumphantly. “I can take it!”

The Succubus soon screamed in a primal orgasm that made Daya explode in the most horrifying and powerful orgasm of her life. She felt cum everywhere, hers and the Succubus’. Daya quickly regained her composure, not wanting to give this Succubus an inch.

Now she could see the Succubus truly collapsing, only now fucking Daya hard with a foot-long Demon dick. 

“OOOOO!” Daya teased. “Demon dick is my new favorite toy!”

The Succubus released another orgasmic roar, pumping a gallon of its equally as orgasmic seed into hungry Hunter. 

Before the Succubus herself could regain composure, Daya exclaimed, “You never overpowered me, Succubus! I won your own game!”

The “game” was a Demonic Deal by any other name. No matter how much the Succubus denied the results, its very essence forced it to comply. The Demonic Succubus slowly, reluctantly pulled its true ghostly self out of the hapless women, whose body will need time to return to its original form.

This was Daya’s moment. She quickly screamed the fastest exorcism chant she knew. In an orgasm inducing scream, the Succubus faded away …

“Are you sure you’re all right, Daya?” Jack said with concern, pronouncing her name like “Day-uh.”

“It’s ‘Dai-yuh,’” she corrected out of breath, moving her chestnut hair away from her brown eyes.

She never knew Jack before this case of a Succubus entity possessing a young college student. In fact, this was the first time they met in person. The one that called her on the case, Louisa, was conducting a test to see if Daya was not knocked up by the Demon (she wasn’t). The worn out Daya was given a clean bill of health, and went home to sleep as long and deeply as possible … 

That night, Daya dreamed of her encounter with the Succubus. The experience was intense in life, but seemed more intense in dream. Yes, Daya knew she was dreaming, but there was no control over the events … 

It was just Daya and the Succubus, who made herself quite at home in the hapless coed’s body. The horrifically orgasmic imagery was just as she visually remembered, but again, the arousing part of it was overwhelmingly intense.

“Sssso you’re the one that thinksss she can forssce me out of this body? And to think, I put ssso much work into it!” the Succubus hissed sumptuously.

“I’m not here for talk, Succubus!” Daya growled through her heightened arousal. “This young Hunter-bitch is gonna fuck you back to the oblivion that birthed you!”

“OOOO, deliciousss!” she purred, smirking. “This body wasss easy to acquire … Yesss, I think I will fuck you into sssubmission.”

“What’s stoping you, Succubus-slut!”

Suddenly, the Succubus forced Daya to her knees with domineering strength. After humping the infinitely turned on Hunter’s face with the most darkly delicious, juicy pussy, the Succubus forced her fully onto the floor, straddling her chest in an erotic show of demonic superiority. In the back of Daya’s mind, she knew this was not how she remembered the encounter. She did not remember any moment where she was so completely under the Succubus’s whim.

The Succubus crawled down her quivering, sexily athletic, light chocolate tinted body, teasing with the forked tongue. Forcing Daya’s legs open and over her demonic shoulders, she began to lick Daya’s twitching pussy. Daya cooed near orgasmically at the feel of the massively thick member thrusting inside of her, making her writhe. Daya came implausibly hard from the demonic member. Unlike what she remembered, she felt completely defeated, and found herself wanting whatever the Succubus could gift her.

Daya suddenly found herself pulled back up to her knees. In total shock, the Succubus grew a massive blue member with the reddest of tips. ‘This … this isn’t how it happened …’ she thought.

Rubbing Daya’s head against the absurdly large, rubbery dick, the Succubus exclaimed, “Are you sssure?”

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