Review: Parasites Infect

Parasites Infect (mc ff)  by Chrysostomon
Alien parasites begin to spread among the female population.

Date Released: May the 4th, 2019

Alien parasites infecting women? That fits my interests 😉 I did get that subtly old school, alien invasion vibe from the start. I just love the old fashioned trope of a couple normal people most certainly about to experience something truly otherworldly. Doesn’t have to be sex generally, but this is erotica after all (not really much sex here, ironically). Not to mention that the Australia setting invokes the positive memories Australia’s occasional sci-fi output. Ultimately, this mostly just had its fun with many familiar sci-fi horror tropes. It did become a bit predictable and repetitive, as a result, but that might be just an issue with the serial recruitment theme. Otherwise quick and overall fun read.

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