Review: Dolly Dagger

Dolly Dagger (mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex)  by Jukebox
Trace goes to retrieve his wife from the clutches of the sinister Nadia Volkov, and finds out that there’s more to sympathetic magic than he believed.

Date Released: April 20, 2019

Like most Jukebox tales, this was very smooth and vivid right from the start. Nadia was quite fun and self-assured. She had no need to bluff, but obviously got the better of others knowing they would assume she wanted to hide her intentions. That and Nadia was the only one here that seemed to know what was really going on, while others made quick and inaccurate assumptions. In the end, one of the greatest mistakes is assuming that the only things that have power are the things you believe, and that makes it hard to realize that power can be wielded via anyone’s belief. Nadia’s was the one in control, making Trace’s disbelief meaningless. Trace was just a possessive idiot in the end. His wife is probably much better off with a sapphic witch!

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