JIP: The Neighbor

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

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Synopsis: Longtime roommates, Liza and Lucy, try to make sense of what happened between them and their new neighbor, who seems to quite different …

eBook Edition

The Neighbor

Lucy & Liza:
“Lucy, we really gotta talk about what happened!” Liza said to her blonde roommate of the last five years, the first of which when we were still in college.

I nodded awkwardly, rubber mouth gag dildo still sitting next to her, still wet with spit and pussy juice.

“OK,” Liza said, looking as if she felt emptied in ways she did not understand. “So … what started it?”

* * * * 

Liza walked down stairs with an apparent strap-on dildo in hand to see my redheaded self casually sitting on the couch in my gray T-shirt, blue short shorts, and socks. Our new neighbor in this small duplex building caused quite a stir for us. The eccentric, raven haired Naomi moved into the other half of the building a couple weeks ago. Naomi had sex every night, and not always with the same person or a with a single person! We were sure she was not a prostitute. Yet, we just did not know what to make of it. She certainly never went into her personal life, in spite of living next to us now. At the same time, my roommate and I were not lesbians, but found ourselves confusingly drawn to the mysterious woman. And then, Liza found this weird strap-on in a discrete package.

“What the fuck is that!?” I asked amazed, while she sat next to me on the couch.

“I dunno!” The black thing was at least six inches long on the long end, and about three on the short. The straps were leather, as the rather small platform. The straps were not big enough for even slim waists. “Always thought strap-ons were made for the hips and crotch, you know?”


“Yeah Liza! Shouldn’t have done it, but I opened her package by mistake. The shipping label was worn.”

“Does the small end go in the mouth, like some ball gag?” Liza asked.

I put the small end in my mouth, basically learning it was a kind of strap-on for the head. The fresh, clean rubber permeated my senses, before I took it out. 

“That’s some kinky shit!” Liza laughed.


As giddy, almost school girls, we silently agreed that this was a means of better understanding out new neighbor, who sometimes seemed to avoid us. Neither of us were prudes, and we were a bit curious about various forms of sexuality, even if our single selves only had experiences with boring men.

“You think I should really try it on, Liza? I asked playfully.

“Yeah, strap that thing on your head, Lucy!” she ordered with a giggle.

I put the little rubber end back into her mouth, realizing that I rather liked the taste of rubber, and awkwardly strapping it around her head.

“You look so silly, Lucy!” Liza laughed out loud. “Always knew you were a dickhead!”

I laughed with a mouth full of rubber member. The apparatus was not uncomfortable, and I especially liked how it was made for her teeth to rest or bite down on it.

“OK, what the fuck are you two laughing about so loudly!” The porcelain skinned Naomi suddenly appeared. “I was still asleep …” She then smirked almost diabolically. “Oh, I see! You found one of my new little friends before I did.”

“Uh-hum,” I mumbled through the rubber flesh. It did not occur to either of us right then that she might have walked through locked doors, this still being Saturday morning.

“Yeah, sorry, Naomi. We opened your package by mistake …”

“Well, it’s brand new,” Naomi began, basically ignoring the passive complaint. “Should be clean. Let me adjust that for you, Lucy.”

Naomi nimbly adjusted the straps around my head, making it very tight yet indeed more comfortable. I had the odd sense that only Naomi knew how to remove it now.

Naomi sat on the armrest, all but towering over top of me. She teased sensually, “Awe, that looks pretty cute!”

“Yeah, that does suit you, Lucy!” Liza teased.

“You look pretty sexy with a dick on your face!” Naomi said deeply, playing with the wiggly member. “I hear you two laughing and making stories about me, when you don’t bother to ask.”

I tried to pull the thing down to speak for myself, but Naomi stopped me. “MMMM!”

“No, leave that in Lucy!” Naomi said with a hungry smile. “It’s really hot, isn’t it, Liza?”

“Yeah!” Liza giggled in confirmation. She really did seem to find it kinda of sexy, while clearly curious about where this was going. “This is as quiet as she ever gets!”

I, too, was secretly turned on by this, especially from Naomi’s warm body sitting up next to me.

“Yeah, a nice change of pace!”

“MMMUMMMER!” I barely uttered, laughing.

“Come, come here, Liza,” Naomi beckoned.

Liza moved over toward us, almost excited to do whatever was asked of her.

“Pretend to suck it like a cock,” Naomi ordered, positioning Lucy’s head.

“HUUM?” I grunted.

Seemingly not on her own will, Liza began to suck off the rubber member. Liza was surprisingly enjoying herself.

“OOO! You’d think I live with a couple lesbians!” Naomi teased.

Liza pulled back after playing with the tip with her young and lips. Both Liza and I were confusingly turned on by it all.

“I know you two are very curious about me.” Naomi suddenly walked out of the room for a few moments, before returning with a dildo strapped to her waist. 

There was something strange about the blue thing. It somehow did not look attached to the straps and crotch platform.

“I’m not some prostitute. I guess you could call me a healthy nymphomaniac. My eternal love and lust for sex is fully embraced. Not an addiction, but I will say that I cannot live without it … That, and as I’m sure you’re learning, rubber dicks can be so much better!” She played with both dildos seductively. “Come on! Let’s prove these things are better than the real thing!”

She had us touch her rubbery thing playfully.

“Don’t you wanna know what it feels like?” Naomi asked seriously.

“Ummm ….?” was all I could say.

“Oh, come on! I think we know the difference!” Liza said.

“Yeah?” Naomi began. “Why don’t we find out for sure.”

Naomi suddenly had me on all fours with my panties off, her member dangerously close to my rear. “AHH-UUUMMM?” I was not resisting — somehow wanting this, but I was legitimately surprised.

“Always talking about me behind my back,” Naomi stated diabolically. “Now its all gonna come back to you!”

Naomi knowledgeably inserted her veiny member into my warm pussy, making me moan in amazement and astonishment. She thrust better than any man I knew.

“See? She likes it!” she said to Liza.

“Can’t believe this is happening!” Liza exclaimed, clearly a little aroused and fascinated.

“Yeah, take it you little slut!” Naomi deeply exclaimed, moaning in her own apparent pleasure.

“Uh-HUM!” I huffed in honest acceptance.

“Feels better than the real thing, right?” Naomi asked with an eerily toothy smile.

“Ah-Hum … UHHH!” I agreed. It felt amazing, like all the stars aligned, and then found a way to thrust into me.

“Tell your roommate how good this it, Lucy. You do have a virgin cock in your mouth just for her now.”

“UH-HUMM!” I confirmed, all but lost in the overarching pleasure.

“Fuck it!” Liza exclaimed, slipping off her undies.

“That’s the spirit!” Naomi exclaimed. She then practically micromanaged Liza into a comfortable position: legs splayed and facing us; my dildo right over her surprisingly twitching and very pretty, shimmering pussy. “I think you can figure out what to do next, Lucy.”

“Uh-hum!” I exclaimed, biting down to better support the dildo.

It went in almost naturally. I plunged into my roommate like a savant, moving in time with Naomi.

“This is fucking awesome!” Liza exclaimed.

“Take those dicks! Cum at the same time, it’ll be so fuckin’ hot!” Naomi forwarded.

That was indeed what was happening. This was pleasure unlike we ever knew. I wanted Liza to cum all over my face, as Naomi was chanting. Oh, fuck, this was happening. Naomi increased her motions, all but forcing us to cum … And then, explosions! Something strange began to happen. I somehow felt Liza’s orgasm flow into me. For the longest, most painfully pleasurable moments of my life, I somehow felt the energy of two orgasms mixing within my convulsing body. Before the pleasure destroyed my faltering mind, most of that epic pleasure flowed out toward Naomi’s cock like some sighting rod of pleasure, making her scream loudly, gutturally …

Naomi loosed my straps, and I dropped the wet dildo down.

“Well, I gotta run!” Naomi stated happily. “Can’t always be fucking people, unfortunately.” She left for her side of the building.

* * * *

“Yeah, fuck, that’s about what I remember, Lucy!” Liza stated in continued amazement. “Only the end … You said you felt both our orgasms in you?”

“Yeah …” I confirmed, shaking my head. “Can’t really explain it. Never felt so much pleasure in my life. I still feel pretty good from it! Not all of it was sucked out on Naomi’s end … I guess … You felt different?”

She nodded. “Feelin’ better now, Lucy, but I felt like it was all sucked out of me.”

“So you are feeling better?” I asked, looking almost like she did when we were fucking earlier. She did not realize how she looked: like some horny-hungry animal.

A lot better. That was somethin’ else, Lucy …”

“What’s confusing me right now is … I think I might wanna do it again …”

I happily swiped through profiles on a dating app after dinner. Such technology seemed tailored made for me. Hooking up in bars was just not a thing anymore, while that was at least easier than roaming back allies long ago.

There was a sudden knock on the interior connecting door. I smirked, and walked over to see my roommate-like neighbor. There was a fascinated joy to see Lucy on the other side, while she seemed quite amazed to be so sexually attracted to the underwear-clad female before her. I certainly have that affect on people! At the same time, I was now sure I affected Lucy differently.

“Come on in, Lucy!” I greeted with a toothy smile. “Wanna talk about earlier?”

“I guess so …” she said ponderously, sitting onto my couch.

In some ways, Lucy was my type of woman. Yes, I could probably fuck anything that moved, but Lucy was perfect in my old eyes. She looked like the quintessential girl next door from some porno rather than film. Blue eyes, blonde hair, somewhat short, healthy body. Too many these days prefer some massive double Ds, but I always preferred something smaller like hers. What I loved even more was how her feet were rather large for her frame. Call me narcissistic, but my body is kind of the evil, taller brunette version of Lucy!

“I never felt anything like that before …” she shook her head, clearly not knowing how to express the possibility of a need she never knew she had.

Normally, I would just fuck the brains out of someone that foolishly returned to me, but her body language was suggesting something rather special was possible. That and the scent of pussy juice and sweat on her suggested she was masturbating for hours, probably after a wild wet dream. “How did it feel?”

She gathered her thoughts. It was clear she knew the answer instantly, but felt strange admitting to it. “I felt … alive …”

I slowly licked my full lips with a knowing smile. “You know, people like you are exceedingly rare. Most Humans are really just ‘fuck toys’ to me. A precious few are something a bit more, and precious fewer are willing to go places they only ever found in the wettest of dreams.”


“I am a Succubus, Lucy.” I stood up. “I will show you my true self.”

Lucy went wide eyed, completely in disbelief at my admission.

I dropped my red silk robe, revealing only semi-opaque black stockings, which hooked themselves in the gap next to my big toes to sexily highlight my bare ones. My long, slim, curved horns formed at the top of the forehead from my bangs flying together in a diabolically twisted braid. The hair grew wild with finely red streaks. The color of my eyes turned a deep red. Though open wide now in the dim light, they could sharpen into distinct slits. My skin quickly began to shimmer and become latex-like. Wings quickly grew from my shoulder blades, as did a long, fleshy, sensitive tail from the base of my spine. My finger and toenails then grew longer, sharper, redder. And finally, I went to the balls of my feet, which extended in ways reminiscent of paws.

Embracing the cathartic and near orgasmic process as always, I touched myself with blatant love and lust, liking my lips from the middle of truly longer, subtly forked tongue. In my centuries of existence, I had only ever been in love with myself.

“Holy fuck!” Lucy breathed, but not in expected terror. There was a look of amazed arousal in her eyes and demeanor.

“What do you think of my true form, my Lucy?” I asked in my deeper, resonating tones, which could make lesser beings cum instantly.

“Amazing!” she breathed. “I love … No … I lust for it … I want to fuck your brains out!”

I smiled largely with sharp, bright white teeth, sexually walked over on the balls of my feet, and seductively straddled her lap. Then, I grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her in for a deep, hungry kiss. My sensitive tongue ballooned down her wanting throat. I pulled back, and let the enthralled, but not too enthralled, Human give my tongue a messy, primal blowjob.

Lucy was certainly amazed that she was sucking off the dick-like tongue of a hungry Succubus, but there was no resisting such an offer. Indeed, the same would be true for my sensitive tail, or the dick she could happily grow from my pussy (the one that already tasted her pussy).

Drool was everywhere, as my spit was already pure pre-cum. And soon, my dick-tongue exploded down her throat with thick blobs of addictive black goo.

“Holy shit!” Lucy blurted through my cum.

Normally, a Human would beg for more, but again, Lucy was quite special. “Lucy, do you want to feel the orgasm of another inside you again?”

“YES!” she proclaimed almost desperately.

“Do you want that orgasmic power to be what drives you, to be the thing that sustains your very existence?”

“I … I do …” she said, confused by that truth.

“Lucy, if you wish it, I can make you my sister. I can initiate your transformation into a Succubus.”

“Is that how you were made?”

I smiled at her amazing amount of willpower. “I was … created. Two megalomaniacal Witches, lovers wanted to prove their love and power, and they were crazy enough to make a Succubus from their own blood, assuming they would enslave their creation. Well, I dominated them as my birth cry, and made them my Witches.”

“I guess your mothers are long gone …”

I smiled happily with a nod. “I gave them the life they never knew they truly wanted.”

“Would you dominate me if I became like you?”

“No!” I said with a quite chuckle. “We would be equals. But, you would still need to feed right after your creation to survive, as I did. That was the fine print my Witch mothers missed in their excitement: Not only will you need to feed within the hour, but also whomever becomes that feed will become yours for as along as they live.”

“My personal sex toy?” she asked with a ponderous smile.

“If that is what you wish. I did give my mothers some respect, even though they did all I asked without question.”

“Fuck that cum is so good …” she breathed to herself. “I don’t wanna question it. I just wanna become just like you before I change my mind!”

I put my claw over my breast, and offered teasingly, “Drink of me, Lucy, and fuck forever.”

Almost the moment I pierced myself, Lucy lunged onto the open would, sucking down as much of my deep red blood as she could before it quickly healed itself.

Lucy leaned back, my almost black blood dripping down her neck, staining her nightie. “Oh, fuck …” she gurgled. “Feel so strange …”

“It was no metaphor that I said we would be sisters, Lucy,” I explained and stood. “You are changing at the genetic level. My blood latching on to slivers of Liza’s orgasm still within you.”

“Oh, gah …”

“It should not be painful, but you will feel it all. It will be unlike any sensation you have felt before or since. Before you begin to wonder, it was perhaps harder and stranger for me. All I knew from the moment I was conscious was that I was in a state of change, and did not even know what that meant at first. When it finally stopped, all I really knew was my genetically engrained instincts. I nearly killed both my mothers, before I could see the engrained understandings they incorporated into my DNA.”

Lucy could practically see her DNA changing, as her metabolism rushed to create the transformation. It was not changing completely, but to become the sister of a Succubus, much obviously needed to change. She could see the DNA of her blood cells shift, before her blood darkened. Her nails’ DNA shifted, before they grew longer, blacker, sharper. Feeling the hair DNA change, she primally moved her hair from face to the back of her head, pushing off her Human hair. Flowing locks of golden fire quickly grew out in their place. At the same time, the new bangs twisted into whitish-gold, curvy horns. The color of her eyes then became a deep red. In an amazement she knew might have been silly, she felt her DNA dictate her overrides and eggs wither and become like another appendix. Her feet then elongated into the paw-like structure of her now almost-sister. Her skin finally began to shift to a red just like mine, but went further into soft scales that made it look like she wore fishnets from head to toes.

Feeling the DNA shift at her back, she put herself on all fours on the floor. A thick, scaly tail proudly grew outward, as her lengthening tongue slithered out. And finally, wings identical to mine sensually grew around her.

Lucy breathed deeply on all fours for a few minutes while everything settled. “I feel … so different, so good …” she said in deep, resonating tones that turned me on.

“My young sister, rise!” I requested proudly and excitedly. Never had a sister before! “You know there is still much to be done.”

Lucy slowly stood, not used to used to balancing with a tail and wings, let alone on the balls of her feet.

Looking into our sultry eyes, I remembered something my mothers said long ago how Succubus sisters had overlapping minds. Well, my sister’s and mine were definitely coming together right then! I could remember Lucy’s first love and subsequent first sex, as she could remember the moment I fell in love with myself before a large mirror. I could remember the first time she masturbated to surprise orgasm, as she could remember the first time I consumed an orgasm. All the many moments of our lives were becoming clear to us both. We’ll always be individuals, but there will never be secrets between us. We intimately slithered and twisted our sensitive tongue-members, feeling the pleasure of the other in all but real time.

“I’m so fucking hungry …” Lucy growled in subtle desperation.

“Follow me, my sister …”

* * * *

Our minds were so close, but not yet fully in sync. I could feel how my centuries of experience were overwhelming her. So, I concentrated as much as I could to slow the flow of my memories.

“Liza?” she breathed uncertain, while we stood at the ajar door in the moonlit darkness.

“Who better, my sister?”

Red hair subtly entangled, Liza slept soundly, fully unaware of two Succubi peering at her.

So hungry … but her?”

“Yes, I now know how much you’ve loved her like a sister. In way, you will be betraying her trust, but this is the time to feed, my sister. Who better than someone you know and trust?”

“She will be mine, ours for the rest of her life …”

“Yes, my mouth is watering already.”

Lucy looked at the beautiful woman’s outline in the moonlight, and found herself salivating as well, licking her full lips with her long tongue-dick. Perhaps with some irony, that was the moment she truly understood that her humanity was long gone. She now needed to feed on Human pleasure to survive. In spite of the growing overlap of their minds, this was Lucy’s decision. Accepting her radical choice and change, she hungrily whispered in my subtly pointed ear, “My sister, let’s feed …”

Lucy and Naomi:
We would not always be of one collective goal in the same moment, but we were right then. Our goal was a necessary evil. Together, we already learned so much from the sharing. Together, we will learn so much more.

On the balls of our feet, perhaps walking like a couple satyrs, we silently made our way to the unsuspecting women. We crawled onto the bed on either side of her, sandwiching her and lightly touching her body with our sensitive fingertips.

Liza suddenly awoke displaying, terror, arousal, and confusion. She recognized us. “Lucy, Naomi!?”

“Yes,” we confirmed harmoniously.

“Am I dreaming?”

Removing the sheet and her clothes from her trembling body, we told her that we were bringing her to pleasures she could never have dreamed. Though, we did admit that this session would make her ours for the rest of her life, and as penance for not giving her a choice in the matter, we would make sure to treat as more than the food bag she would be otherwise.

We stood up the terrified and aroused woman on her knees. Our kisses and gropes were hungry and possessive, making the Human begin to mad with arousal.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she exclaimed, ripping off her own nightie. “I actually want this! I want this so fucking bad!”

The smooth skinned of us prepared her already twitting pussy with flowing fingers, while the scaly skinned of us grew a dick from her crotch for the first time.

We asked if she wanted it. To which she desperately begged in the affirmative, moving to all fours to take in the Succubus crotch-member. The frenzied woman’s face was soon being fucked with the sensitive dick, and we moaned and growled before that hapless Human in our excitement. We soon put her on her back, and the scaly one of us began to fuck her face from above, making her gag and drool everywhere. Our tails provocatively played with the woman, whipping her asshole and pussy. We sucked on her toes and fingers, sending shockwaves of further pleasure throughout the mind-crushed Human.

The scaly one of us then moved to the other side of the woman, wasting no time in fucking her pussy with the Succubus dick. Holding the begging woman down throughout the onslaught, we began to ensure the precious orgasm would be as potent as possible: holding her throat; shoving our tails in her other holes. Moments before the women’s epic orgasm, the scaly one of us engulfed the Human in wings, cocooning them both. The human had nearly everything consumed out of her, as the cocoon permanently altered her the mind and body with think, transformative juices …

The half-waking Liza emerged from the humid, moist cocoon a very different women, we knew and expected. She was ours now, especially the scaly one’s. There was to be only the mind we gave her. She was to be as healthy and fit as possible to provide sustenance with the upmost quality, and allowed to continue her life prior to whatever extent was possible.  

We were all more than pleased with the life we created for ourselves …


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