Review: Properly Handled

Properly Handled (mc mf ff md fd in) by Extantelan
A brother and sister grow closer over a shared love of mind control and other various kinks and perversions.

Date Released: April 6, 2019

Beyond the IN tag, I greatly enjoy reading stories that shift perspective. I would not be the first to say that it can be difficult to do in a readable way, while there is not necessarily one way to do it. Splitting perspective between chaps is a more than fine method to keep everything clear! Anyway, the fact that these two have a surprisingly friendly relationship at the start technically makes this all feel a bit less extreme than it could have. More an observation via the brother’s perspective, but still notable. I’m also not sure if I would be shocked in the way Budda was, but then again us MC author’s might as well be showing off our fantastical fantasies! Ultimately, I found myself far more engaged in Bobbi’s side of the story. There were hints of things, but the sister’s first chap could have read fine without the brother’s. Bobbi’s starting out as fun and devious, while her brother is starting off duller than my own personal life. There’s still a lot of multi-perspective promise here, so we’ll see where this goes …

April 13, 2019 Update:

I must admit, Budda’s side of things is still far less interesting that Bobbi’s. It is interesting to see his perspective — knowing what Bobbi is doing, but he’s still really dull. What is interesting, intentionally subliminal here or no, is how stage hypnotists will point out how those that stubbornly think they can’t be hypnotized are probably the easiest to hypnotize. Budda stubbornly keeps thinking subliminal messaging does not affect him that much, when they probably are. This is also literally aligned with my own actual learnings in psychology and overall social science: it is not necessarily that hard to influence people if you know what you are doing. I always like to say that doing what your boss is asking of you is the lightest level of hypnotic suggestion, because you are literally following another’s will. I’m not gonna lie, Bobbi’s side of things is a lot more fun. Things are moving along enticingly …

April 20, 2019 Update:

I must admit, Budda’s resistance to it all sometimes seemed a bit much in the sometimes overwhelming concept of MC erotica, but it was probably not unrealistic. Oh, and yes, Budda’s side of things was finally quite engaging! I think Bobbi might have misread him a little, but its doubtful the truth would really displease her. The addition of a third perspective really does twist this game of perversion in unexpected ways! A slow burn thus far, but now certainly an engaging ride …

May the 4th, 2019 Update:

This has been a very disarming story, for lack of better words. That is a very good thing, because that really should be the primary goal of shifting perspectives in stories. Even attempting to derive the true reality can become futile, but can also be part of the twisted fun. More so than ever, as far as we know, we see the true face of Budda, and its more clear than ever, probably, that he and his sister are perfect for each other. Kacy’s turning into a really great character as well. OK, maybe tickle fights are kinda more silly to me than erotic, but things moved forward from there to more than what we were waiting for.

May 11, 2019, Update:

As had been the case for the last couple updates, things are moving forward. It’s especially remarkable how things flipped between Bobbi and Budda, yet perhaps not at all. Between the lines, well, perspectives, we are slowly coming to understand who these characters are. The apparent trio here certainly seems perfect for each other, but there are apparent barriers they all had to break through, whether that be a mask or understanding what was behind that mask. Or perhaps they twisted each other and themselves to be not quite what any of them expected. We will surely know the full truth soon enough.

May 18 2019 Update

Things are still moving along here. Maybe getting a bit mushy, but I really like how Kacy’s/Kitten’s and Budda’s relationship is evolving. Kacy and Bobbi’s relationship is even hotter. They are really hot together, and the thought of Bobbi really joining them soon is really hot. Sure, Bobbi clearly did not expect the monster she released in Budda, but she also didn’t expect liking it so so much! Messed up and wild story.

June 8, 2019 Update

In some ways this was probably the least wild installment. That is not to say that there was anything wrong here. I greatly enjoyed the events. There was a wonderful weirdness at the end of this chapter. Indeed, we are certainly moving forward to a conclusion that might not be as predictable as it would seem. Mesmerized for more!

June 15, 2019 Update

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are both a pretty hot and a strong indictment of people now. Google and porn sites are almost too revealing about society! While this story had exhibitionistic elements from the start, it was more than nice to see them so overt here. That narrative choice helped to further highlight how the characters have changed, or more precisely, how they have removed or changed their masks in the outside world. This was all given that exclamation point by Kacy just wanting to be hypnotized now. Can’t wait to see where this goes next!

June 29, 2019 Update

I genuinely love Kacy’s evolution as a character. Maybe “Kitten” was who she was deep down all along, but it did take some nudging for her to get to this point. The mind control was perhaps the key to making her what she now loves being. She does not need to be controlled anymore. Yet, she loves that control, whether she is actively turning others on or being made to. Easily the hottest of the threesome!

July 6, 2019 Update

I must admit, this installment was a bit slow to get going. It was really more about character development, and in some ways, character confirming. Things are still moving forward between the siblings, if albeit a bit slower than before. Kacy wanting to hypnotize Bubba is a very enticing development. Very much a tease of an installment.

Sept 28, 2019 Update

It’s great to see this up and running again after a brief hiatus. Did need a mental catch up, but whatever. Its truly remarkable how they all evolved up to this point. Perhaps they forced to bloom what was already there: the voyeurism, the aggression. A really hot and detailed update here! It’s not always clear what is happening, but that is the point. The layers of MC are wonderfully mind-bending. Of course, it would seem the end is nigh …

Oct 5, 2019 Update — Conclusion

Every story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. However we get through that does not have to be clear cut. This story was anything but! Perhaps that is a byproduct of hypnosis: who we truly are may be brought out, but we might be confused by whatever we learn about ourselves, learning to embrace the reality or no. Regardless, Kacy really got the short end, but maybe that was not all that surprising, maybe that was the point. Bobbi only ever wanted one thing, Budda, or so it seemed. Kacy’s reaction to that short end was also quite engrossing, as her scheming turned out to be a perfect reflection of Bobbi’s. Or was it the other way around? And well, Budda and Bobbi, just wow! It all seemed to work out, I suppose. Well done.

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