Review: Amazonian Pride

Amazonian Pride (mc mf md gr)  by TheHandsThatLead
Kiana, an amazonian princess has been captured by a mage, what fate does he have in mind for her?

Date Released: March 30, 2019

This was a very well written story, regardless of the fact that it was a bit less titillating for me than I expected. I tend to root for the woman of the story, if my recent Amazon story was any indication. So there were moments where I just hated the captors/owners. Not even “love to hate” like a General Hux! Plus, the plastic surgery seems oddly standard, for lack of better words, in a fantastical world, as having a powerful Amazon under your complete control seems like it would be more than enough without body modification. That said, Kiana’s blatant overconfidence prior to the main story was clearly something she was paying for. The “devices” were rather interesting as well. It seemed as if they did not have to be used as a form of erotic torture, but that might just be my interpretation. A weirdly depressing, yet interesting read.

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