JIP: The Ranch

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: The prequel to this story was posted on the blog as Blog Flash: The Collaboration. This story and the prequel take plot elements from an unwritten sequel to the early Blog Unbound story Roleplaying. As such, both stories represent a spiritual sequel.

Synopsis: Young reporter Jennifer Svelte made an immersive documentary of a legal brothel in Nevada. All good reporters aim to not become a part of the very story they are reporting, but Jennifer’s project proved to be personally profound … Enjoy!

eBook Edition

The Ranch

Pt 1: Virgin Reporter

“Tonight at ten,” the deep throated anchor stated on the TV, “Jennifer Svelte’s wildly anticipated documentary, The Courtesans of Nevada. Who are these mysterious Courtesans? The answer at ten!”

Holding his wife on the couch, Louis Anderson asked compassionately, “Are you ready for this, Jen?”

“Yeah …” she answered quietly. Young reporter Jennifer Svelte was approved to do her documentary series on the local brothel. Nevada was well known for their brothels, while their regulation was probably more than most assumed out of state. The goal of her series was to show that the prostitutes were real people, and how the legal prostitution could be better utilized to fight the common illegal variety.

So much happened to Jennifer over the past ten years. She new she wanted to do something in media, and that was why she enrolled in the Anthony Tibideaux School of Broadcasting out of the California State University System. It took her almost a whole year to adapt to university life, almost failing some of the courses. Yet, she held it together just enough to achieve, barely, the credits to be considered a Sophomore. Much of that was thanks to the help of her then boyfriend Louis. That second year was the real start of her new life …

They were sitting on the couch in their new off campus housing, taking a lunch break from moving. “You’re gonna do something about that 2.2 GPA this year, I hope!” he teased, yet again. However, he really did want to see her do better. Louis was that kind of guy. He had the ability to grow rich on imaginative motivational speaking. That skill was completely geared toward his goal of a career as a broadcast journalist and personality like Anderson Cooper. Since he met Jennifer, he naturally directed that motivational talent toward her. It was his was of showing how much he cared. Now, not long after graduation, he was a correspondent on the local news affiliate and did a podcast focussing on local issues, while she found her niche as an investigative journalist for the same news affiliate. They remember chuckling at the question of if they had any relatives that worked there, going through the hiring process at coincidentally the same time.

The raven haired Jennifer kissed him sweetly, and stated with a slight chuckle, “You doing that thing again, aren’t you!”

The light haired, borderline square-jawed man nodded sheepishly.

She resumed the light kiss. With Louis’ hand on her porcelain cheek, their kiss became deep and loving …

* * * *

Louis wanted to be there during Jennifer’s first days at the Cattail Ranch in Nevada. He was rather sheepish and awkward, when he asked if he could. This was Jennifer’s project. Jennifer agreed, while the manager (Madame) more than suggested to spend some time at their new bar. Indeed, Madame Louisa and owner Jackson Smith were quite accommodating, openly fascinated about being profiled.

They were doing a photoshoot that day for their website and nude art side business. The photographer, Jessica, was a rather attractive, thirty something blonde. Lacy turned out to be one of the prostitutes there, and being a pretty good photographer, now spearheaded the brothel’s modeling side of things. After helping Jennifer with her filming equipment, Louis sat on the couch on the other side of the room, and pretended not to be looking at Lacy’s tight, jeans shorts covered ass. Jennifer sat next to him, observing.

Assuming the pictures came out well, the best of them might end up in the brothel’s calendar or elsewhere.

One of the well known prostitutes, Brianna, walked out of the dressing room in the dark blue bikini and light blue wraparound. Her flip-flops made their characteristic flops on the tile floor. She kicked them off, and walked into the sandbox in front of the green screen. A beach view was to be added later. Her flawless skin was quite breathtaking.

Brianna was one of the reasons why Jennifer chose this brothel: Brianna (né West) Brown had some notoriety. Brianna was educated as an actor at California State University, and had minor roles and modeling contracts prior. Her husband was now a successful novelist and screenwriter, Larry Brown (“L.R. Brown”). They were doing research on Nevada brothels a few years back, and Brianna aided by “temporarily” joining this brothel. She starred in the ultimately successful independent film he wrote and novelized. Well, long story short, she turned out to be a natural courtesan, and after they had enough research, she decided to become a full time prostitute that modeled on the side. She literally had to work around her schedule at the brothel to film the scenes for the movie that made her known, The Courtesan of Red Dove Ranch. Jennifer vaguely remembered some stir over how the supposed up-and-coming actor retired to become an actual Nevada prostitute, while her husband’s writing career took off. He received multiple awards for his screenplay, as she, controversially, received several nominations for her genuine performance.

The shoot for today commenced almost without a word. Brianna was a natural in front of the camera, unsurprisingly. She just knew what to at any given moment. She teased, she blew kisses, she dropped the wraparound. Her slim, athletic physique was everyone’s type. Louis was afraid to move, desperately trying to hide his erection. Indeed, even the otherwise straight photographer seemed a little aroused!

After a few shots of Brianna playfully, kicking around the sand with her bare feet, Jessica said they had more than enough.

“I really enjoyed that! You sure you don’t want anymore?” Brianna asked excitedly.

“That’s great for the day, Bri! Only got so much film for this,” she said pleasantly.

“OK,” she shrugged. “I’ll send in the next ladies …”

The moment they were home from the day’s shooting, Jennifer was excitedly making out with Louis. It was a kind of excitement he never saw in her, at least sexually. “Woah, Jen! What’s gotten into you?”

“I wanna celebrate Day One, Louie! I know you’re in the mood.” At that, she latched her full lips back onto his, and forced her tongue into his mouth. They then fell onto the plush carpet, and pulled their clothes off.

With her riding on top, Brianna humped him wildly, passionately. They were in utter ecstasy, feeling up and down their moistening bodies. They held out for as long as they could, but they both wanted the final ecstasy of the orgasm. To their utter awe, not only was it the best orgasm of their lives, but also Jennifer somehow knew it could be even better …

Over the next few weeks almost everything began to align. Louis’ journalistic work was becoming better known, while Jennifer developed a strong rapport with those at the brothel, creating a truly intimate piece. Only one thing was lacking: the sex.

As a joke, they thought up a means of energizing their sex life. Louis suggested they role-play a little based on some the sex she observed at the ranch. It was pretty explicit over there at times, but they had no intention of going overboard with this.

“All set, Jennifer?” Louis asked semi-seriously.

“Yup, whenever you’re ready!”

“OK!” Louis walked into their bedroom with a false awkwardness. “Hi there …”

“It’s gonna be quite a big bill, sir, for what it sounds like your want!” she stated. Jennifer teased him sometimes teased him similarly, sans-roleplay, whenever she wanted something different in bed.

“The pockets are deep enough, ma’am,” he said, completely failing at a double entendre.

“How well do your hands fill those pockets?” she said with a devious smile.

He laughed. “Has anyone ever fucked you up the ass?”

“No …” she answered surprised. He was really getting into this! She never did do anal before, and found herself curious.

“Ready for your first?” she said all campy.

“All right,” she breathed.

“OK! I’m gonna go grab my lube. You better be naked by the time I get back.”

She started stripping, even before he left the room. It was not really desperation for good sex, but she was stripping quite fast.

He soon returned naked, and with a bottle of lube, which they did occasionally use. “Hands and knees,” he ordered, before spreading the juice all over her athletic, full ass.

“Ho!” she squeaked, while he pushed the lube into her asshole.

After he lubed up his solid crotch, he slowly worked his cock into her.

Eyes wide, her vocal cords were paralyzed from the intrusion! It hurt a little at first, while it was more than bearable. Her mind began to wonder. At the thought of being paid, she found herself more and more pleased with a cock in her ass. She was being paid for sex, and loved it!

“Oh, yeah, rip my as open!” she cooed.

At that, he almost violently humped her over stretched hole. He was utterly lost in the moment of utter passion.

Amongst her moans and coos, she found herself embracing a fetish she never knew she had. The very thought that she was going to be paid for the sex was all but orgasmic. No, it was orgasmic! Perhaps this subconscious secret was what brought her to do the expose on a brothel.

Jennifer exploded in the most powerful, wettest orgasm of her life before Louis. Her clenching and orgasmic scream was enough to set him off, filling her ass with his hot cum.

They held each other lovingly in the afterglow.

“So, you gonna pay me for that or what?” she said happily, out of breath.


“Prostitute gets paid by the client,” she said with a smile.

He blinked a few times in amazement, and gave her the $200 in his wallet …

Jennifer was a little awkward about telling the women at the brothel that she role-played as a prostitute with her husband. They were rather amused by it all, teasing that he “should have paid a lot more” for the service …

Pt2: Immersive Journalism

“I observed a lot of caution and awkwardness in my first days with the courtesans, but they all wanted their story to be told …” Jennifer’s narration played. “We even talked openly about how someone like me could become a part of their world …”

“Well, I think this is great!” Louis told his wife, eyes glued to the TV.

Jennifer snuggled just that much closer in his arms. “Wish a few of the ‘twists’ did not get out beforehand, but probably rose the ratings!” she said with a subtle laugh.

* * * *

It did not take long for the prostitutes to be comfortable and straight up friends with Jennifer. Granted, it was a bit of a taboo amongst reporters to become a part of the story they were writing. Jennifer always knew, though, that investigative reporting always had the reporter involved in some way. The simple fact she was there, objectively observing, altered the reality of it. Now, yes, standard research into laws, professional publications, and statistics can always be organically objective, but this was very much a documentary-style piece. So, she ensured that her affect on the whole affair was not ignored at all, confirming what became the “immersive journalism” core of the project. In an effort to keep if from being perceived as a kind of stunt, she made judgement calls on when she should and should not have been sharing the screen with them: they were the focus of standard interviews; she sat with them on the more casual and intimate moments.

Eventually, Jennifer realized that she needed to do more than just see and interview: she needed to be a prostitute for at least one night. Louis, to her surprise had no outward reservations about this. He explained that it was “work,” and half-joked that the whole thing seemed cleaner than any of the sex they ever had. Jennifer just needed to be open about the experience to him.

Their county was rather laissez-faire and libertarian about their allowance of brothels, so it did not take long for Jennifer to go through the registration, medical testing, and standard training motions. Before she knew it, Jennifer was dressing herself one evening to attract a potential client. Her heart raced in nervous excitement.

Normally on a slow to average paced evening — and if they were not already booked, the courtesans would be paraded out for the clients. Tonight, the Ranch hosted a private bachelor party. The Madam and owner were rather open about how much revenue the received from such events, especially since everyone still needed to pay full price for drinks! Plus, it can be, in the Madam’s experience, a less awkward affair — so to speak — for those that do not really want to cheat on someone. Long story short, the soon to be happily married man did not do anything more than chat with the other courtesans.

Jennifer found this to be less awkward, too, not having to “present” herself formally. In her tight, shimmering, black leather pants and black leopard tube top, she soon found herself casually chatting with one of the young guests, Brad. He had an average build, and was genuinely friendly. He acknowledged that he had never been with a prostitute, and was not sure if he was interested. Jennifer stated that this was her first night, and that others joked that she would be popping her “paid” cherry. He was more than fine with the fact that she was really a reporter doing a story, as long as his real name and face were not used. And well, a few minutes later they headed over to the Madam to take care of payment and room assignment. He paid for half an hour. The Madam wished them both luck.

It turned out that he was a professional masseuse, well, more just a manager now. So, he offered to give Jennifer a sensual massage, and go from there. Well, they certainly had some nice edible oils at brothels!

Jennifer slowly laid down on the bed, leaning back onto her elbows. Brad helped her remove her clothes, and began to rub the thick oil into her flat stomach. The nipples of her small yet supple breasts were aroused even before his palms reached them.

“Hey, this is really nice oil!” Brad said, almost laughing.

“You’re telling me!” she laughed, enjoying his touch. “Feels great!”

He then moved to her legs, rubbing the oil all the way to her feet. To Jennifer’s surprise, he spent a lot of sensual attention to her feet, as well as practically consuming them with his mouth. It felt as if he was worshiping her body, making her moan and breath in ways she never knew she could. She squeaked in surprise pleasure when when began to work the oil into her warn snatch.

“You wanna know something I haven’t told anyone?” he asked quietly.


“I wanted to do this with some of my female clients … Thank you for letting me enact my fantasy!”

His touch was so good, so pleasureful that all she good to right them was moan in confirmation. Her moaning increased dramatically when his tongue joined his fingers at her pussy lips.

Now on her hands and knees, Brad worshipped her back and ass. His hands had moved around her hips tenderly, before teasing her asshole and pussy. She especially loved how he rubbed his mouth from back to neck.

He then deeply groped her ass, nudging her down to her stomach, splayed. The loss of control was remarkable for Jennifer. It was not clear if the man’s magic hands hypnotized her or if she genuinely liked being taken to service another’s sexual needs. In the end, Jennifer did not care. This felt too good to care!

Brand soon lay back, silently beckoning Jennifer, who heeded the call as though in heat. Both hungrily making out with the necks and shoulders, while he passionately groped her firm ass. That was the moment she understood what this really was: lustful fantasy fulfilled. There was no love in this. The hard dick rubbing up against her thigh with proof enough of that. It was all just damn good fun!

“I want you to take the oil, and rub my dick with your feet,” he said quietly yet forcibly.

Jennifer smirked in fascination, never having done anything like that before. Well, she never had sex with another man for money before!

She took the bottle, and let out a good line of warm goop onto the twitching member. Laying back a bit, she began to rub the lotion into the bouncing rod, soon setting on her arches. Jennifer loved how right and good having dick between her arches felt, as Brad grunted loudly from the savant strokes. Up and down she went in the sloppy fun. 

Eventually, Jennifer wanted to play around a little with this footjob. So, she playfully positioned the man’s slippery cock onto one foot’s arch and between the toes of the other foot. Brad did not complain when she quickly resumed the stroking! Her hand also instinctually stayed at his balls, casually playing with them.

Brad soon had her lay back, and straddled her, dick on her stomach. He squirt more of the thick oil all over her stomach and chest. Instead of using his hands, he rubbed the oil in with his solid tube-steak. Her breasts were certainly not even close to big enough to rub his dick in between, but there was little doubt that he was fucking her chest excitedly. Jennifer smiled in happy, lustful pleasure.

Finally, Brad grabbed a condom from the end table’s bowl, rolled it on, and began to thrust himself into the wide-eyed yet receptive Jennifer.

“Massage yourself with that oil,” Brad blurted. “Rub you tits, Jen!”

Whole body shifting from the definite thrusts, Jennifer poured the juice all over her chest. She rubbed her breasts, hard nipples, feeling sensations of rough pleasure she never experienced before. The thrusting increased, as did their moaning. Jennifer certainly came hard, but Brad did not seen to notice.

The almost primal man lay on top of her, increasing his thrust many times fold. He moved his knowledgeable hands from asscheeks to feet, and back again, forcing her out of the pleasurable after glow to return to lustful bliss. Brad suddenly began to cum, bringing Jennifer into the most lustful orgasm of her life …

That was the moment Jennifer knew that this was not to be the last night she was a courtesan …

Pt3: Journalistic Pleasures

“I was unable to get an in depth interview with the unique celebrity Brianna earlier between my own clients,” Jennifer narrated. “It turned out that she was contracted to do a pornographic film, which many may now know as the comedic Sci-Fi called The Demoness of Mars: A Cosmic Lust Story. It was her first foray back into film, albeit pornographic. What we talked about today was more a followup to our last quick discussion.”

Jennifer was behind the camera for this. “So, Brianna, you have mentioned that you and your husband maintain a strong relationship, while you are very open about your work here. Could you elaborate on that a bit more?”

“Oh, sure, Jen!” she said in happy casualness. “The first thing is that I trust the judgement of my husband explicitly. If he did not want me to keep my job here as a prostitute, I might be in a big superhero movie now. Don’t take that the wrong way. We’re not in some 1950s slave-wife relationship. We trust each other; there are no secrets between us. It’s hard to put into words the bond we have … Our relationship was basically confirmed when we collaborated on his thriller about that mysterious yet endearing courtesan, book and film. Yes, that collaboration was what led to me legally having sex with men and women for money, but this was our project, right? We wanted to do something together, but never really did anything about that. He was the one that suggested I should stick with this courtesan job. That, and he really does like being the only one that can have sex with me for free,” she chuckled. “I also learned quite a bit here about sexuality I show off to him. You’ll be surprised the things some customers ask to do with us prostitutes, and I am willing to explore some crazy experiences!”

“What’s the craziest one?”

“Craziest experience? Well, what comes to mind might not be that crazy in a sex sense! A while back, I met up with my best friend from college. She was really surprised about where I worked. We got really drunk, and she asked if I would have sex with her if she paid me. Now, even though it is true to this day that I have not denied anyone that payed for my time, I kinda thought it was a bit of a joke. So, I played along. I said ‘of course,’ to her surprise. Don’t know what got into her, but she showed up at the Ranch not long after …”

Since I was booked for the evening, there was no need to parade myself to potential drop-in clients. That online booking system, which was pretty much just an email to the Madam’s assistant, was on the verge of making that parading system obsolete. I like it that way. Not sure how much any courtesan likes parading themselves. Plus, we were allowed to see the names of those that booked prior, but I liked to be surprised!

Well, I was surprised at the long blonde haired woman I met. It was my best friend from college, Eva! That’s not her “real” name. She might be OK with me using her real name, but I don’t want to ask for her forgiveness later. Anyway, I honestly could not believe I was seeing her almost casually sipping on some wine at the bar, literally waiting for me. Yet, maybe I suspected from the moment I saw what I was requested to wear. Forest green was Eva’s favorite color, while she always complimented my satin, forest green nightie when we were roommates.

Eva smiled at me in her grey heather football T-shirt and black skirt. “Hey, Bri!”

“Hey!” I greeted in my amazement. I sat next to her. Now, I’ve had sex with men and women at this brothel. I am bi. I just never had sex here with someone I already knew.

“She’ll have what I’m having!” Eva told amused the bartender.

We sipped at our red wine, and talked for a bit. She punched my clock for two hours, so there was no rush. There was some real giggling after a while. “I just can’t believe you’re my client right now!”

“I, uh, I’m gonna tell you something I never even told any my boy and girlfriends, Bri … Forever, I’ve had two fantasies. One, having sex with a nice, clean prostitute, and two, a fling with someone I knew really well. I’m not saying I always wanted to fuck you, Bri. You’re really beautiful, but like all great old sex fantasies, its kinda broad. The truth is, Bri … I can be a freak in bed, and I think having sex with someone I’m really comfortable with — and that someone wanting to indulge me — is what I really want.”

“Hey, I’d never judge you, Eva!”

Eva then gave me this almost lustful yet sensual look, lightly closing her pale blue eyes and half-opened mouth. She leaned in, and breathily requested, “Kiss me like any other client you wanted to excite like no other.”

Still somewhat amazed by this all, I leaned in to fulfill Eva’s request, my client’s request. I pulled her soft lips to mine. I pressed in and moved in the subtlest of lustful passion, fusing minute amounts of our lipstick between us. Our mouths naturally opened, and our fleshy tongues began to make clear lust.

I eventually pulled back to see that Eva was now the amazed one.

“Holy shit, Bri!” she giggle happily. “That was fucking awesome! What’s our room number?”

“Eight!” I answered with the same giddy joy.

Hand in mine, I quickly lead her to our assigned room. Our giddy giggling was the same yet new at the same time. In one way, it was like the times in college when we talked about boys, girls, and pot, but in the other, it was excitement toward whatever was to come. My best friend and I were really going to fuck each other!

The first thing I saw in the room was a bag of dildos, including a special strap-on. It was not uncommon for such things to be laid out, per request of the scheduled client, but I did always like to be surprised! We looked from the bag to each other, and giggled like the school girls we felt like right then.

Eva, being surprisingly aggressive, plopped be onto the bed, and I kicked off my shoes.

While laughing loudly, the laughing Eva then playfully pushed me over, and told me to shut up and strip. Happily, I went to my knees on the gushy mattress, and slowly slithered off the nightie, reveling my aroused small tits and matching green panties. I stood to kick off the article, and laughed, “You know I love standing on the bed!” I went back down to my knees, open legged and presenting myself to by very happy friend.

Eva crawled onto the bed, and lightly touched me from chest to thigh. “Love the glitter!”

“Thanks! Clients do like sparking courtesans!” I loved how she touched me. While she brushed her hand through my hair, I asked with a seductively playful smile, “Can I take your shirt off, Eva?”

“Yeah, Bri!”

Giggling calming, I leaned in. I teased her with my hands under her shirt and tongue filled smooches. She was more than receptive. The shirt eventually came off, and seeing her wavy golden hair flow all around made my pussy twitch and heart skip a beat. “Love the see through bra!”

“Thanks!” she excelled happily, before pushing me back onto the bed. “Let’s take these pretty panties off! Wanna see you completely naked!” she quickly giggled, aroused.


Eva removed the rest of her clothes, and we held each other on the bed for a moment. “You’re so sexy, Bri.”

“So are you, Eva.”

She then said with a happily devious smile, “Now I’m just gonna take you. You’re mine.”

“You already paid,” I smiled back in confirmation.


Eva stood up on knees, and then pulled me into her bosom. I hungrily suckled and indulged in her well shaped breast. Her nipples were so fucking hard! At the same time, she nimbly rubbed and fingered my sultry pussy, making me moan in lust.

I suddenly found myself on my back with a mouthful of her delicious pussy. While she moaned and cooed, Eva fingered through the dildo bag. She chose the expensive strap-on double sided dildo. This was the one that literally connected with the user, practically giving the woman a dick. She was clearly not aware of this dildo’s special features, because of how wide eyes she went the moment it made the connection to her nervous system. Still, she clearly knew what it was by that point, stroking herself with deep moans.

Eva lay on her back, and beckoned me to straddle her artificial girth. It slipped right in, making us moan, Eva more loudly.

“Damn, you’re good with a dick, Bri!”

“Oh, yeah, so good …” I blurted.

I began to hump her roughly and aggressively, holding the slightly loose bed frame. She eventually nudged me off, and brought me to my knees. I grunted louder the moment she began to unabashedly fuck me from behind. Women are often artists with a strap-on, tech-enhanced or no, and Eva was no exception. 

After what felt like a nearly endless onslaught, I came almost painfully hard, as Eva squirt a massive load through the dildo into me … We held each other in the afterglow, happy and satisfied … 

“OK, maybe that was crazy. But it was fun!” Brianna exclaimed

“One time fling?”

“No!” she answered with happy amazement. “She actually became one of my semi-regular clients. Might be seeing her here next week, if her schedule works out. You might not believe it, but Eva becoming my client here deepened our friendship. We are not lovers, but we have no boundaries anymore. We talk about everything now! Its especially fun to talk about what she’s thinking of doing with me next. She’s a bit of a sexual freak, and I satisfy that for her.”


“I know, right? Never realized that side of her in college …”

Jennifer found stories like that more important than even her “hands-on” experiences as a prostitute there. These were real people with sometimes eccentric experiences …

Pt3: Reported Narrative

A year passed since airing her documentary miniseries. She now worked at National Access News (NAN) as the Senior Editor for Original Content, which broadly focussed on investigative pieces, while she presented those documentaries like an old fashioned anchor. On a competing network, her husband just finished designing a new online news web series Anderson One on One, which focussed on national issues affecting localities, similar to his old show.

Their personal lives evolved as well. Jennifer learned a lot about sex and pleasure. Indeed, she found herself willing to do just about everything with clients at the Ranch, and loved bringing that experience to her sex life with Louis, who learned how open about sexuality he could be. From mind to body, there was no part of her he did not come to love deeply. She seriously discussed with him the possibility of staying on as a legitimate courtesan.

However, that was not what either really wanted, they agreed. What Jennifer realized was that it was being payed that made her so open to sex. She never even considered having a personal fetish, but that payment was it. Knowing she was putting money into her bank account thanks to fucking someone was the major turn on. That revelation enabled her to move on from being a prostitute, because she really just wanted to have sex with her husband. So, they made a deal. Any time either wanted sex, Jennifer would be paid for it.

Jennifer came home one evening to see Louis happily writing out a check. A paper bag conspicuously sat on the same coffee table. Sure, sometimes she would tell him to hold onto his money for the evening, but she felt more than willing right then for whatever he had in mind. He ripped away the check with a big, horny smile, and she placed it in her purse.

In the bag for her sat black pantyhose, dark pink bra, and a very short leather skirt.

Smirking, she stated, “You spoil me, Louie.”

Smiling in his arousal, “Always.”

In a slithering dance, Jennifer slipped out of her work clothes, and into the gifted outfit. She lay back onto the gushy rug, on his insistence. He began to worship her silk-clad legs and feet. Louis’ hands and mouth lovingly yet hungrily moved from calves to ankles to arches to toes, and back down. Jennifer moaned from the pleasurable worship.

Louis than moved her feet to his tented crotch, which she lustfully groped with her feet. Almost simultaneously, he groped the whole of her firm legs, while he opened the hose at the toes. With an almost desperate hunger, he sucked off the exposed toes and rubbed the feet all over his face.

Wanting almost desperately to move things along, Jennifer moved her feet back down, and nimbly opened the pants with her toes. His excited member popped out almost instantly. She quickly began alternately to stroke the pulsing thing between her bare toes and between her hose-clad arches. They both moaned excitedly, Louis more so. She played with the man-snake, teased the balls. Footjobs were her favorite fetishistic thing to provide to paying clients.

Louis then had her lie on the reclined sleeper chair on her stomach, and opened the ass of her hose. She moaned loudly, joyously at the consuming of her wet pussy and fingering of her relaxed asshole. That fingering was practically his way of requesting anal sex, which she did sometimes deny. “My ass is ready for some lube, Louie,” she affirmed sultrily.

A moment later, she felt the warm, liquid gobbling rubbed into her very relaxed ass. And after applying a liberal amount onto his excited member, he aggressively thrust into her not fully prepared cavity. She cooed loudly in surprise. It was a far more aggressive onslaught than usual. When the surprise and intense pressure faded, it all turned into the intense pleasure she loved from anal fucking.

“Oh, fuck, oh, GAH, Louie!” she cooed quickly. “Alright, alright!” she breathed. “I’m gettin’ on top!”

This was perhaps the one thong they truly disagreed on with sex. Even though Louis always preferred fucking her ass doggy-style, Jennifer found it felt better when she was on top, often in a reverse cowgirl. He loved anal regardless, so it was not that big a deal for him.

They quickly switched positions on the chair, and she happily mounted his slick dick with her wide open asshole. She looked behind, so they could gaze into their deeply loving eyes. At the same time, she applied the signature anal move she learned at the brothel: thrusting her hips in that deliberate circular motion. They moaned and cooed in a meshing rhythm, embracing the intense pleasure, while Louis practically worshipped every part of Jennifer he could reach, especially her aroused tits.

“Oh, GOD. Oh, fuck. I’M CUMMING!” she screamed.

“Oh, thank GOD!” he half joked, as he was desperately holding his own orgasm back. And well, he let out his ample load into her rear hole.

They held each other in the loving afterglow …

* * * *

One month after debuting her followup expose on courtesans — and receiving an order for a full followup, Jennifer found herself at the Christmas party at her new employer, NAN. Her husband was mingling with others at the party.

The followup was a lot of fun to do, while it tended to mostly follow Brianna, whose career shifted somewhat. Brianna was mostly just seeing a couple of wealthy clients now at her brothel, while she found herself back in front of the camera. Now, however, she was doing pornographic films, which was her husband’s idea. She was very particular with them, even though she enjoyed having sex in front of the camera greatly. It needed to be a feature with a decent budget. Her argument was that more would pay to see her, a former known actress, quite readily. She was right more often than not. None of the films were “mainstream,” but they were noticed by some mainstream critics, often positively. They were mostly quite fun, Jennifer personally found, while she had already found herself well payed by Louis to enjoy watching them …

“Hi, Jackson Daniels, I think we met a little over a year ago at a gathering just like this!” he greeted, breaking her chain of historical thought.

“Oh, yes, I remember!” They shook. “Congratulations on your work since then, Jennifer. Big fan.”

The celebrity hypnotist and documentarian made small talk. Nothing too deep. Well, at least not as deep as their conversation over a year ago, a conversation only Jackson remembered the full extent of. He had been quite successful in his secret “side work” with producers on literally hypnotizing people to create new and unique projects. He was quite surprised, as usual, how she was interested in learning about Nevada Brothels. That was the one true coincidence of his life: he prior hypnotized the now pornstar-prostitute Brianna and her writer husband into that collaboration that led them to real prostitution and a great thriller! With Jennifer, it all worked out so well that he then ended up nudging the creation of a great documentary series and popular pornos. He was sure he was due for a secret raise …

“Hey, maybe I can do an expose on you; let you hypnotize me into a Martian chicken or something,” she smiled. She really did see a good quick story on such a successful hypnotist and TV personalty.

He responded with a falsely sly smile, “Maybe I already have …”


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