Review: A Taste of Power

A Taste of Power (mc ff)  by whatlookslike
Shy, nervous pushover Katie lives at the mercy of her domineering flatmate Adriana, and her flatmate’s cruel girlfriend Lucy. But when Lucy reveals herself as a vampire and bites Katie, she starts to develop a will of her own…

Date Released: March 23, 2019

This is the kind of story that can start off and whiny and annoying. Katie does go into detail about her negative feelings toward her roommate. Yet, it was surprisingly engaging. This was clearly building toward something. I also enjoyed the realism here. Never had such terrible roommates, but we all at least get annoyed by our roommates sometimes. They may snore, they may be messy, they may be noisy during sex. It often works out, but many definitely had those terrible roommates you’re just stuck with. Yet, I found myself kind of liking Lucy. She was very aware and proud of herself as the queen goth bitch. As such, it was very much understandable that she grew tired of the incredibly passive Katie, and decided to force the most dramatic personality change the only way Lucy knew how. My only complaint was that the “reveal” was given away in the synopsis. Revealing and confirming the vampirism naturally would have had a more dramatic effect. I really did enjoy this otherwise. Can’t wait for more!

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