Review: Dolly Syrup

Dolly Syrup (mind control, transformation, male-female sex, fetish) by baubleheadz
A woman gets a new costume in the mail, which she can’t wait to try on.

Date Released: March 16, 2019

This got right to it, and I honestly prefer that sometimes. I’ve certainly fallen prey to this — it can be far too easy to throw too much exposition up at the start to get it over with! Anyway, I really liked how this was part of an ongoing thing, giving this a day-in-the-life feel, especially in how it was certainly a rather special day. It is not always easy to go through the details of a transformation without droning on, but this story just barely made it work. There was no way to know precisely all the details behind this doll TF, but in the realms of MC erotica, such things are probably inevitable.

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