Review: Subliminal Seduction

Subliminal Seduction (Mind control, male-female sex, sci-fi) Directed by Karen Kelly
A video game programmer and his psychologist wife are sucked into a nefarious mind control scheme.

Date Released: 1996

For good or ill, made for TV and direct to video had taken hold by the 1990s. Related to the direct to video pornos of the time, the B movie videos often were softcore-like. Subliminal Seduction combined elements of softcore and techno-thriller, but not very well. Movies like this just did not seem to know what they wanted to be. Indeed, it was hard to even decipher the point of the MC software, beyond raping test subjects, making Stepford Wives, and making people like crappy video games. However, Katherine Kelly Lang was pretty damn good in spite of all that. On top of the acting, she had some good softcore scenes here, as well as a pretty hot scene where she is mesmerized by some BDSM porno. My Threshold Technologies trilogy took inspiration from this. The movie itself was too timid to go all the way by remaking her into some domineering sexpot, but she made the minimal price of admission worth it.

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