Review: Red Blooded American Girl

Red Blooded American Girl (Vampire, transformation, male-female sex) Directed by David Blyth
A young woman and independent minded scientist are sucked into a plot with accidental vampires trying to save themselves.

Date Released: 1990

This is one of the many films from the 1990s that tried and failed to trail that line between softcore and B movie. Still, it had some very interesting elements. The vampires accidentally created themselves quite recently, while their very need for blood was slowly killing them (“artificial vampires” have certainly appeared in my own works thanks to films like this). Christopher Plummer was quite amazing in this, applying the perfect amount of camp to a vampire character that merely seemed like an antagonist. Heather Thomas was especially fun and hot in her vampiric scenes, especially her transformation sequence. This film represents a rare B movie instance, if not in sex, where they go all the way with the vampiric elements. Not to be taken seriously, the film is a worthy diversion in the overcrowded vampire genre.

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