Review: Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers (Transformation, Sci-fi, comedy, horror) Directed by Jay Lee
In alternate early 21st century, the government actively creates distractions from a crumbling economy and dictatorial government. One of these distractions “accidentally” finds its way to an illegal strip club, where the strippers become zombies.

Date Released: 2008

This was definitely akin to those early 1990s made for TV films that tried and failed to walk the line between softcore porn and silly B movie. The difference here is that Strippers can be a lot of fun when not taken seriously. It actively attacked the US government of the 2000s, while arguably laughing at the viewer for being as aroused by hungry zombie strippers as the drunken frat boys. And yes, the whole set up can be quite arousing for those that love female TF stories. The film did not hide the fact that these were genuinely beautiful women — some real-life pornstars, who practically just embraced the nihilism of their world. If they went all the way by actually having the zombie strippers also casually fucking, instead of just stripping and biting, this might have been much more fun, but it was what it was.

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