Review: Emilia’s Exorcism

Emilia’s Exorcism (mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, masturbation, bondage, exhibition)  by malsagulo
A cranky young librarian gains access to a whole new world of pleasure when a deal with a witch lets her tap into the mind of an absolutely insatiable slut.

Date Released: February 9, 2019

Reddit link

This looked pretty wild and kind of unique. I can’t say I’ve read many MC stories that focussed on a librarian! Anyway, this gets right to it, and I respect that. The visuals, erotic or no, were vivid and engrossing. The Lovecraft reference with Miskatonic University being “defunct” but for its archives was wonderful! This was fun and darkly comedic. The perspective shifts were well done. My only complaint was how I was unable to find u/soft-n-slow under r/gonewild, but I don’t normally find myself on Reddit 😦 [The Reddit link is now above] Hopefully they will be more of this interesting story at some point!

Feb. 23, 2019 Update
2 new chaps

First let me just say that I love library special collections. They might just be a bunch of old genealogy books and manuscripts, but there is always this almost unintentional air of mystery toward that normally locked room. There almost is no need to add a Lovecraftian level of mystery. Yet, that is more confirming than redundant. The story is deepened by that Lovecraft connection, as we fall deeper into whatever the apparent witch might be planning.

As an aside, I find myself reminded of the film Being John Malkovich. There is always a surreal kind fo thrill in the possibility being someone else. It could be John Malkovich, it could be some apparent prostitute; the person does not really matter. It is a kind of mask that may reveal who we really are inside. That possibility instantly makes one wonder if Emilia is really sex crazed deep down rather than being given some kind of addictive experience. This story is amazing!

Mar. 2, 2019 Update
1 new chap

Katya is quite an interesting character. Clearly a nymphomaniac, but also a woman of principal! Making sure to use a whole pack of condoms to get their money’s worth and to see if she could has that much sex was quite the line. This all continue to contrast perfectly with the bland Emilia. In some ways, things are done quite ironically here. Emilia seems a shell of a woman, yet she is the one magically inhabiting the mysterious yet full of life Katya. It all means something. That is one of the mysteries that effortlessly helps move this narrative along. Plus, though technically unsurprising, the twist at the end of this chap made this story just that much more captivating.

Mar. 9, 2019 Update
2 new chaps Conclusion

Things have shifted quite dramatically here. From Being John Malkovich to Jekyll & Hyde. Of course, both have the same underlying theme: a mask can reveal our true selves. Many clues of the truth were already there, especially in how Emilia loved being Katya. Even if they were truly separate people, Katya was who Emilia wanted to be. Katya was that comfortable cloak that was more than just a guilty pleasure for Emilia. In the end, there is no spoon, because there was only ever yourself.

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