Review: Infiltration

Infiltration (mind control, female-female sex, Sci-fi)  by nadiencendia
When Jasmine meets her new roommate, Celeste, she just sees a typical Barbie girl; but she will soon discover that she is in fact something very different.

Date released: Feb. 2, 2019

This was one of the authors that brought me into MC erotica. Even if I did not like all this author’s offerings in the long run, they are always well written. Certainly intentional, this starts like nothing special, but quickly pulls the reader into the story. Before I even knew it, this became a surreal cross between Lovecraft and the distinct possibility of walking in on a roommate at an inopportune time. Especially when you don’t really know your roommate yet, college or elsewhere, you could walk in on them watching porn, casually drying off from a shower, or who knows what! Can’t say I’ve read all of this author’s work, but this felt like a departure in some ways. The less than normal themes meshed quite well with the general weirdness of it all. Hopefully, we will get parts 2 and 3!

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