Review: The Goddess, the Stars, and Ice Cream

The Goddess, the Stars, and Ice Cream (mind control, female-female sex)  by Trixie Adara
Sandra’s new VR headset has a strange effect on Masy.

Date Released: Jan. 12, 2019

The theme of using a VR headset, which I think is awesome, is not necessarily new for mind control stories. I’m sure even the 80s film Brainstorm with Christopher Walken was not even the first, albeit without eroticism. Of course, typing “VR headset MC porn” just leads, well, to underwhelming VR porn. There is certainly irony in that. Anyway, why can’t VR be like this? You know, actually immersive! This was pretty fun from the start. At least I found myself visualizing the “real” world in tandem with the described “VR” world. Well, a glimpse of Sandra at one moment certainly helped! The best part was Masy’s reaction at the end. This is what we should be finding when looking for VR MC.

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