Review: Bimbo-Midas

Bimbo-Midas (mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, transformation) by Doctor MC, Mad Scientist
A leprechaun gives Jimmy a ring that turns any woman whom Jimmy touches into a bimbo.

Release Date: Jan. 12, 2019

The Irish seem to have a big sense of humor, so I’m sure any reading this would not be a problem for them. Besides, us MC readers know what we’re getting into! 😛

Anyway, the writing style felt a bit stilted to me, but it was both consistent and engrossing once I was used to it. I do wonder if the leprechaun was testing Jimmy with the gold in the first chap. I mean, a big plot hole in leprechaun stories is how they always claim to be obsessed with their gold, but always seem to be loosing it to the greedy human. At the same time, Jimmy being honest with the gold he found — giving it back right away — honestly (ironically?) led to a path we never get to see in these stories. I may not have liked Jimmy that much — kinda a shallow guy with women, but he was genuinely honest and honorable. Maybe it was more than he deserved, but Jimmy deserved something for the honor he displayed. This was genuinely fun. It was reminiscent of the tongue-in-cheek (and everywhere else) plots in Golden Age porn, where those involved seemed to just be having fun in all the absurdity. I’ll keep an eye out for more!

Jan. 9, 2019 Update
3 new chaps

“He’s got the Midas touch, but he touched it too much! Hey, Goldmember! Hey, Goldmember …”

Now that I’m more than used to the fast pacing, I’m greatly enjoying this. I must admit Jimmy comes off as a bit slow witted, but that is certainly intentional. It makes this all just that much more amusing. Young shallow Jimmy showed that he has some honor in him, but has no idea how to handle how that honor karmically affected him. This is a well implemented ironic joke. But perhaps, the joke is not as ironic as it would seem. We might just all be kinda stupid in our own ways when we hit that university age. That’s why most go for that Bachelors, most aiming to overcome that latent stupidity toward the very things that interest us. That transformation out of stupidity mixes very well symbolically with the TF elements now coming into play. Delicious, hilarious fun thus far!

Jan. 26, 2019 Update
1 new chap

It must be said that Jimmy is not truly dimwitted. He’s smart yet unwise. Like anyone in an unexpected and fantastical situation, he had no idea how to process what was happening! That probably makes this story more realistic than half the MC pulp out there. Jimmy certainly starts to understand that something rather different is happening around him. As an observation and realization, I would argue that it technically did not take that long for him to realize things were happening, only taking the span of a week for changes to occur in maybe just three women (only really knew one). It only seemed longer because of weekly installments. So, this story might move a bit differently if “binge watched.” Anyway, this is a really fun story. I love the head-trip of reality bending, which became quite apparent in this installment. Jimmy kind of knew what was happening from the beginning, this chapter suggests, but like anyone, it might just be more fun to live in the fantasy at first.

Feb 2, 2019 Update
1 new chap

This is still a fun read. What is interesting is how it’s not really clicking yet. The gears are turning in Jimmy’s head, but the puzzle just has not yet come together completely. Instead of being a frustration, I’m feeling more ponderous. How long would it take for even a MC writer to figure out that they are somehow rewriting people mentally and physically? Unless we’re a real-life hypnotist, we might be just like Jimmy here. Something so fantastical could not possibly be happening, right? If it was, missing the obvious on the mechanisms might be likely. Technically, there is nothing normal about transforming someone physically and mentally like what is happening in this story! This is as fun as interesting.

Feb 9, 2019 Update
2 new chaps

Gosh golly, this is a fun story. I had my college fantasies — clunkily writing some out in my earliest MC stories, but they were not even close to this fun. If I was in Jimmy’s shoes, I might not even want to figure it all out! How many get the chance to be in a college orgy, let alone be the center of one? Jimmy is most certainly distracted. Plus, I just can’t get enough of the reality distortion. Makes this just that much more wild.

Feb 23, 2019 Update
2 new chaps (final)

The was a fun story. I had a high school teacher that liked to tell students when he ask a question that was technically answered already, “If all else fails, read the directions.” Of course, Jimmy did not get them for the better part of a month! What amused me — at least in my interpretation, was how rewarding the good behavior without presenting all details led to mindless behavior. This all seemed a meditation of if and how good behavior should be rewarded, especially in how the recipient of the reward might react. Oh, yes, young Jimmy was a smart one, but that college age can ensure sexual lust can be overpowering! Jimmy and Brogus were both right: Jimmy did not handle the power well, while Brogus and co. did not bother to give all the details. As an aside, intentional or no, I sensed a bit of a parody of how it is becoming more common in at least the US that 20-30-somethings live in an almost communal setting with multiple roommates. Indeed, I had some college friends that had the setup for several years after graduation. That can help organically explain why Jimmy was not given too many questions about having an apparent harem! Anyway, gosh golly, this was a fun ride with a happy ending.

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