Review: Vertigo

Vertigo (mind control) by Jukebox
A screen on the floor provides a dizzying illusion of endless descent for one hapless woman.

Date Released: Jan. 5, 2019

Whether I find the story truly erotic or not, Jukebox usually makes the story so vivid that I love it anyway. That is Vertigo from the start. It was not that it was obvious what was happening to the woman, because we wanted to know everything that was happening to her. I remember watching a stage hypnotist years ago that said something rather profound: the people that think they can’t be hypnotized — or think they are fully resistant — might just be easier to put under. Those comments suggested that our assumed resistance can be used against us, and my interpretation is that we are thus thinking so actively that our subconscious is fully unprotected. The apparent victim in Vertigo certainly attempted resistance to her hypnotic situation. Right from the start, however, it was impossible to tell if she was  thinking she was resisting or if she was told to think she was resisting. Such disorientation is integral to any hypnotic scene, especially when told in the third person. Now, to be honest, I tend to find mind control to be erotic when it is merely the catalyst to erotic things. However, pleasure was not necessarily the point of the story here. Well, maybe there was no way to know for sure … 😉

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