Here’s some general updates

Tumblr will officially be blocking all NSFW content by Dec 17, 2018, and has been removing NSFW blogs there. So far, my page has been unaffected, and assuming it stays up, much if not most of the content there will likely disappear. I currently plan to continue having WordPress post SFW previews there, but again, my tumblr realm will have much less posted.

This development has prompted me to reestablish my Facebook presence. That page is being updated, and may soon feature the kind of NSFW content once prominent on tumbr, to some degree. There had been some issues in the past with posting previews there via WordPress. However, the set up there has changed a lot.

I’ll probably set up a Twitter account as well to also feature NSFW content. I have been planning on making one for some time.

Upcoming Dates:
Dec 24 — JIP: Threshold Technologies — TypewriterOS
Dec 25 — Blog Flash Surprise!
Jan TBD — Threshold Technologies (Paperback)

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P

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