Review: Ashley

Ashley (mind control, masturbation) by Blue Collar Girl
Ashley discovers a pile of goo in her home.

Date Released: Dec. 1, 2018

Goo, in the context of TF and MC, has always been something that excited me. Whether that be latex-based or something wholly unknowable, it has been something I love to read and see. I honestly do not know why this is, but I don’t really know why feet represent my primary fetish. But, the largely harmless nature of these fetishes makes their origins far less important than their effect. Anyway, Ashley reminded me a bit of Discovery, which also utilized the sense of religious chaining, but the chains here were more attached to honor. That gave this a much more universal sense, at least for those truly interested in dramatic underpinnings. However, that drama was a bit less important as the story went on, and I may keep an eye out if there’s more. Fun, quick, and most importantly, gooey.

Dec. 29, 2018 Update (2 chaps)

In some ways, these new chapters moved this story forward in stranger directions. That was more than a good thing. Can’t say I’ve ever really been into bondage, but I must admit, I’ve warmed to it is subtle ways of late. It’s all context. The goo-cocoon context makes it more than OK, while I’m sure it would blow away the minds of others. Then again, I do love a good story with goo! So, this came pretty close to blowing my mind away. OK, I did feel bad for what probably happened to the cat. I really do love animals. Anyway, this overall story may be a bit dark at heart, but that makes sense here. We are going somewhere. Almost can’t wait to find out where!

Sept. 14, 2019 Update

It’s been more than a while, but am more than happy to see this story continue. Ashley has changed quite a bit since chap 1, and it’s interesting to see the conflict from a more or less objective point of view. Her mind is being adjusted on the fly, but we are aware she is not fully aware. Well, maybe this segment ran kinda slowly, if I may have at least one nitpick. It is still interesting to see her outlook shifting beyond her control.

Sept 21, 2019 Update

I must admit this is becoming reminiscent of the recently completed head trip of a show Legion, which discussed the issues of memory alteration and point of view. Ashley is changing little by little, but the apparent parasite is controlling her awareness of that. We are already at the point where it is starting to become difficult to discern between what the parasite is making her and who she technically is. Again, highly reminiscent of Legion, the hero and villain practically neither at the end from how they actively affected either other. I doubt this will end the same way, but things are moving alone in enticing ways.

Oct 5, 2019 Update

Beyond the increased sensitivity, I really like how she is physically changing. It’s a real testament to the mental changes that she is both aware but certainly not as concerned as she should be. Wonderfully hot exhibitionist scene here. The “goo” really does have something in mind. I am more than fascinated to see where its molding will lead.

May 16, 2020 Update

Nice to see this story going after another hiatus! Still a hot TF story, with an interesting level of self awareness. She knows something is happening, but clearly has little to no control. She does seem to enjoy being lost in lust, though. At first, I found myself disappointed in this chapter, but that was the point. That made what happened at the end here amazing! Can’t wait for the next installment …

June 27, 2020 Update

In some ways, this has almost become a kind of succubus story. Ashley is definitely feeding off the sex now, while Jimmy might get more than cum sucked out of him in the long run. The sex between them is fantastic! What I am still enjoying is both the awareness and futility if it all. She is transforming, but into what?

Oct 3, 2020 Update

We finally got a clear peak behind the veil, more or less. Sure, Ashley was changing and intermittently confused about changing for most of the two installments, but that was practically par the course for many MC stories. She gets taken advantaged of, but she seems to want that now. She needed sex for sustenance after all, or so it seemed. Oh, and that sex was truly remarkable.

It looks like this was finally the end. I must admit, this had a somewhat more conventional ending than what I expected. Still weird and unique enough, if only just. Good journey overall.

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