JIP: Alabaster

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Synopsis: Looking for her lost sister, Jennifer found herself on a dark journey of lustful depravity and implausible wish fulfillment … Enjoy!

eBook Edition


Sarah could not help but find herself amazed at what she was doing. Sure, this was the result of the most recentwish,” but she never dreamed it would ever come so far beyond far. The woman before her, the woman Sarah knew so well yet not at all, had a look of equal amazement. This was happening, there was no doubt about that. In the end, Sarahs amazement was more of how this was who she truly was all along. What happened to Sarah, where she was, was probably not really destiny, but there was perhaps no other way to be who she really was


* * * *

“As we both know, Jennifer, it has been 13 months since your sister first arrived here … I’m not sure you’ll like what I’m about to tell you,” the young private detective Jack Blake began. “Not sure I like it …”

“Tell me!” Jennifer called desperately.

“Your sister, Sarah … Well, the best way to frame this — and I really hate to be so roundabout — is that I hit a dead end. Don’t take that the wrong way, Jennifer. There are these … Silver Smiths not far from here …”

Jennifer felt a chill.

“Yes, those ones. As we all know they might not exist, or at least the ghost-place they’re supposed to live might not. Yet, within the last few years, somehow everything is rounding back to them … How I came to that dead end was through the fairly new and highly pricey street drug usually called ‘silver angel’ or ‘silver angel dust’ or some variant of that. Supposedly, it makes our wishes come true, or at least, make us think they do. The stories surrounding it are normally sexual in nature — a fantastically good one night stand and so forth, but other things as well like revealing our true selves.”
“True selves?”
“Yes …” he confirmed ponderously. “From users I have spoken to, the very sensation of wish fulfillment alone is addictive, while the more they use it, the more they wish, the more they might shed whatever fallacies they let grow on themselves.”

“Sounds like this magic dust comes from those Silver Smiths …?”

“According to a dealer I spoke with recently, yes, it does. Now, this is not something new for the police here. They’ve been going nuts trying to figure this drug out. While technically not illegal, it’s the source of a lot of local problems now. It has a major issue for study: short shelf-life that leads to almost immediate use. That, and at least one officer that successfully procured a fresh sample found herself in a not fully reported downward spiral of dust-fueled depravity that led to her disappearance. The rumor is that she joined the ‘nonexistent’ Silver SmithsNow, I bring up the AWOL police woman because her story is slowly becoming more common. Your sister appears to have followed it.”

“Does that mean she’s …”
“Dead? No, I don’t think so,” he forwarded ponderously. “I think these Silver Smiths are real, because there must be some kind of organization making the drug. I think they are a kind of unorthodox front for silver dust. Probably move around a bit, and whenever someone finds them or threatens them, they just shake some dust at the infractor, as it were. Quite brilliant, I think …”

“And there is the dead end …”

“Indeed, Jennifer. I’ve gone looking for these Silver Smiths for prior clients — and again for you, but never find them. They obviously never stay long in one place! I suppose I could purchase some dust to make a few wishes, but I admit to being too scared to follow that road.”

“Maybe I should …”

The detective deeply sighed. “I can’t stop you from doing anything. I had a feeling you would want to follow her after I reported it all to you. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell you all this, but maybe she wished for you to find her. I dunno … Probably would’ve learned most of that on your own anyway, just by being here. It’s as if this city’s being consumed …”

Jennifer walked to the nearby hotel in a daze. “Argent City Inn” barely registered walking under its gateway. She made her way to the quiet bar. A man and woman inaudibly chatted on the other end.
“I’m not sure if a stiff drink will be enough for you …” the middle aged bartender observed. His name-tag stated “Gregg — Assistant Manager.”

“Just give me something …” she growled.

He placed a glass of Irish Whisky, neat, before her. “Best shit we’ve got behind me.”

“Silver dust …” she said sarcastically, taking a large gulp. Never had that kind of strong whiskey before, but the sharp flow down her throat barely phased her.

“Yes, that stuff …” he sighed.

“Ever try it?” she asked, still sarcastic.

“Humph! Does it look like I have? From the looks of it, you haven’t either.”

“Why haven’t you tried it?” she asked somewhat more seriously.

“Me? I don’t really want anything! Yeah, sure, I like sex as much as anyone, but maybe I just like talking with people …” He deeply sighed. “When the silver first showed up, I thought it might actually bring this old city back to life. Its life blood was real silver up to about ten years ago.”

“The mine dried up?”

“Yeah, well, I’m actually not really sure. Argent Mining went out of business suddenly. It was assumed the mine dried up, and they didn’t bother to warn anyone. Even if it didn’t, there’s yet to be an overture from some other company to resume operation. The city’s entire economy nearly collapsed soon after. When that silver angel dust showed up a couple years ago, the city seemed to change for the better. It was a brief high, in that everyone just started to be happier, more sexually pleased. I guess that’s still the case, but the local economy’s still shit. Now, people are disappearing, supposedly sucked into that fantastical cabal of the Silver Smiths! Silver dust probably is coming from their home base, wherever it is.”

“So how is this hotel still going? A pragmatic wish?”

He shrugged. “Probably not pragmatic, but I’m pretty sure the owner made a wish to keep the place going while he just fucks men and women in his penthouse above.”

“That say it reveals our true colors!” she said in false enthusiasm, taking down the rest of her drink in a slow gulp.

He smiled, glancing over to another patron. “I think I should warn you, just clicking in my head now, I think I over heard her ‘wishing’ for something tonight over there. I’m sure I saw her dump a baggie of dust into her now empty drinks.”

“Great!” she laughed.

The bartender walked over to the couple, who were practically about to fuck each other right in front of everyone. Well, by “everyone,” the five people there.

Jennifer then noticed the single woman looked over to her almost slyly. She smiled back sarcastically, before she realized a surprising interest in her. The growing urge to sit with her slowly became overpowering. ‘I guess I can’t disappoint her!’ she thought to herself in amazement.

Walking over, Jennifer felt a surprising thrill. She did not really think anything was going to happen, but she she did welcome the distraction.

“Hello, I’m Jennifer, I hear you wished for me?” Jennifer said lightly.

“I’m Liza!” the lithe, sexy brunette smiled largely. She contrasted significantly from Jennifer’s appearance. Jennifer was subtly voluptuous and a bit athletic, while she had dirty blonde hair and light green eyes.

The two had an instant report to the point of Jennifer feeling like she would be fine if she had her first lesbian experience with this woman. Indeed, Jennifer was so distracted, that the already half-naked couple were leaving for a more comfortable location.

A familiar dance-pop song came on the speakers. “I fuckin’ love this song! Let’s dance.”

Jennifer and Liza found themselves sloppily dancing in an almost-tango. Neither were really good dancers, but were just having fun. They were all over each other, feeling the heat of their breath and bodies. It was fun, it was hot. Jennifer never felt another woman’s ass before, but found herself wondering why she never had. Liza’s was so gloriously firm!

The two found themselves glancing at each other’s fully lips. Jennifer’s had a light lip gloss, while Liza’s had a sexily glossy pink. In an almost primal motion, Jennifer slowly wet her lips, pulled Liza’s head to hers, and pressed her lips firmly on Liza’s. Jennifer’s dancing partner responded in kind to create a lustful kiss with just a hint of tongue.

“Holy shit!” Jennifer exclaimed in more arousal than she knew possible. “I don’t care if you wished for this, we are gonna fuck!”

Liza looked as joyous as she was aroused, and the horny women quickly left for a room, Liza’s being slightly closer.

The two were all over each other, groping kissing. Jennifer had never been with a woman before, but it all felt remarkably natural. She genuinely wondered if it really was that magical drug, because of how good and natural it felt.

Now naked on the big bed, Jennifer hungrily ate out Liza soft, moistening snatch. Liza moaned hungrily. It tasted so fucking good! On instinct she never knew she had, Jennifer began to consume more deeply, while fingering the cooing woman.

Jennifer then aggressively slid the surprised Liza to the floor, and straddled Liza’s face with her tingling crotch. Liza automatically started to consume.

“Fuck yeah!” Jennifer exclaimed in a slight growl. “Good girl. Yeah.”

“UMM! I got a double sided strap-on!”

“I want it in me!” she cooed honestly yet playfully.

Jennifer barely even knew such a thing existed, but there the black thing was, being handed to her by the lustful Liza. She took it from Liza, and inserted it as if she had done it a thousand times. It felt so good and right inside her that she nearly came when she adjusted the straps around her waist with implausible ease.

Liza automatically began to suck it off, the associated motions within Jennifer made her moan joyously. She then mounted the excited Jennifer, and humped on her knees.

“Oh, yeah, Liza! I love this!” Jennifer cooed, realizing a moment later that love had nothing to do with this!

Liza humped and wriggled wildly, occasionally fingering her own ass.

“Oh, yeah, that’s fuckin’ … babuh!” Jennifer cooed incoherently. “Get on your fuckin’ knees, I wanna fuck your face!”

Liza did as ordered. Her amazement toward Jennifer’s behavior suggested that Liza’s wish did not incorporate having Jennifer be so aggressive. The remarkable part was how Jennifer was never this aggressive before. It was as if the power of the dust freed her in unexpected ways.

Jennifer playfully, aggressively slapped Liza’s face with the dildo, the motions pleasuring Jennifer’s G-spot. “You want it? Tell me you want it!”

“I want it!” Liza cried, opening her mouth wide, tongue out.

Jennifer playfully slapped with dildo on Liza’s tongue a few times, before shoving it down her throat. She grabbed Liza’s head, and began to hump wildly, droll and gagging were as plentiful their moans of pleasure.

Liza then found herself all but thrown onto her hands and knees. “You want it? You want this dick?” Jennifer asked, caring little about the answer.

“Oh, fuck, yeah! Give it to me!” Liza cooed.

Jennifer pulled apart the firm asscheeks, and shoved the member down Liza’s slick pussy. She humped wildly, an apparent savant at hip thrusting. The moaned and cooed even more wildly. Jennifer then practically thrust all her weight into the mad thrusts of lust, on her knees above.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Jennifer growled. “Isn’t this what you wished for?”

“Oh, gah …” were the only tangible words the overwhelmed Liza could muster.

“This is what you wished for, huh?”

Jennifer then moved Liza to her side, and resumed fucking her from there. She was practically dancing.

“Oh, my Gawd!” Liza cooed. “Feels so fucking good”

Jennifer unmounted, slapped Liza’s ass hard, and ordered, “Suck my dick, drool all over it!”

Liza hungrily did as ordered, as Jennifer humped her face. She soon found herself on her elbows and knees, with Jennifer humping crazily from behind.

“Oh, you like this!” Jennifer cooed.

“Oh, my … holy shit, yes!”

“God, I never knew how much fun humping a woman was!” Jennifer exclaimed.

Liza then found herself flipped onto her back, legs up and back. Jennifer joyously humped while standing, occasionally with her leg up.

“Shit!” Liza cooed.

Jennifer quickly dove down to drink up delicious pussy juice to quench a thirst she never had before, and then resumed her thrusting. It really was all the best pleasure Jennifer ever had!

“Oh, yes! Please, more!” Liza cooed.

“Oh, we’re in perfect agreement!” Jennifer cooed loudly, before humping faster and more lustfully. “You want tah cum, Liza? You wanna cum on this hard dick? Is this what you wished for?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!”

The pleasure grew and grew far beyond either ever dreamed. And soon, they both exploded in the hardest, wettest orgasm they ever had … 

* * * *

Sarah found herself in a bit of a funk on this business trip. She was not even sure why her boss had her go to this dying city, Argent, in Colorado. It was seen as hopeless by most of big business not long after their mine ceased operation, while drugs were seen as an epidemic by local health and law officials. Sarah had no intention of even staying the night in such a place. She was a beautiful woman with hazelgreen eyes, olive colored skin, and black hair. Pretty girls arent supposed to deal with this shit, she thought to herself.

After a largely successful meeting with the owner of the Argent City Inn, Sarah was casually checking her email on her phone. Suddenly, her eyes caught a small paper bag in the far corner. Shrugging at the random distraction she yearned for, she picked it up, and mindlessly reached inside. It was cold and grainy, whatever it was.

Examining her hand she said to herself, “Dust?” She sniffed it, unintentionally inhaling a small amount of the slightly substance. Coughing, she stated unhappily, “I really wish to see and be more than all this shit …”

Feeling a bit dizzy, she dropped the bag, and shook her head. “Great, I just inhaled PCP or something!”

Sarahs phone suddenly buzzed: it was her boss.
arah? Howd the meeting go?”

‘You already know you fuckinprick. You wouldnt have called!’ she thought. “It went fine Bob. He should have already signed the investment deal. No intention of selling, though.”

“Well, one step at a time, Sarah!”

She rolled her eyes, absolutely hating it when he used such silly cliches.

“You know what, Sarah?” he said excitedly. “Stick around for a week, my dime. Make another meeting. Maybe we can sweeten the deal a bit with this guy. Maybe he just wont sell, but every dollar counts!”

That offer caught Sarah off guard. Bob normally was not only a prick, but also kind of lazy. Once he got any deal, he normally would just run away with it, and only occasionally screwed over somebody when he finally felt like it. His out of character plan probably would work, too. Sarah put on a pretty damn good mask when making deals, and normally would succeed to some degree. It was not just her attractiveness; not every business person was a man or lesbian. She was just that damn good, when she felt like it. And in Argent Shitty, Sarah did not really fell like it. Yet, saying no directly was never an option with Bob. “OK, I’ll see what I can do, Bob.”

“Great! Cant wait to hear what extra you get, Sarah.” He hung up.

Sarah deeply sighed. Could she find the energy to do what her boss asked? She sat on the couch in the hotels reception area, thinking. There were a few people on the other end of the reception area, but paid little attention to them. She just wanted to go home, and pretend to be happy, as always

“Did you know that the most wonderful thing about silver angel dust is that it does not really create coincidence?”

“What!?” Sarah jumped to her feet. She had no idea where the casually dressed man came from.

The very light skinned man laughed quietly. “My name is Bergman. Its no coincidence I am here. I’ve worked with and sold the dust long enough to know its machinations. You made a wish, and I sit next to you on induced instinct, for lack of better words. Most people use it for sex or some kind of selfsatisfaction. It can be genuinely amusing to see how dust makes those around them do things like it was all normal.”

Sarah slowly calmed herself down, reading the mans mannerisms when he spoke. There was no mask or obvious ulterior motive, per se. He honestly presented himself as a businessman disinterested in personally making anyone do anything. Indeed, he was blatantly attracted to her, but he seemed disinterested in that at the moment.

Smirking in her fascination with honesty she was not accustomed to, Sarah casually sat next to him. “The bag in the elevator …” she said quietly.

He put on his own air of fascination. “I suppose you made a wish without knowing it could be made true. Such acts are the most primal and honest, which helps explain some things. I’m a bit up the chain, lets say, I largely manage the dealers of the dust. Then again, we are not a large organization. There are not many above me. Of course, where I am from, most do not directly work for us.”

Sarah was surprised at how cryptic he became in spite of the lack of observed mask. Yet, in her experience, such cryptic language often meant a strong business opportunity. “My name is Sarah Summers.” They shook firmly. “Tell me of your organization, Mr. Bergman.”

“We have been called the Silver Smiths, but we aim to be so undertheradar that there is no official name. We produce and sell what has been calledsilver angel dustby the locals. It is not illegal, nor truly a narcotic. Yet, it is certainly a mindaltering substance.”

“My business has traditionally been in real estate, Mr. Bergman, notpharmaceuticals.”

“Ah, but we are not a pharmaceutical company, Ms Summers,” she joked dryly. “Our product has limitations. It cant really cure cancer, and it wont necessarily make you do or become something that was not already truth.”

“Are there more limitations.”

“Yes,” he began unhappily. “Limited shelflife. We have yet to figure out a way to make it last more than 48 hours outside of its origin point postsynthesizing. As such, we have been unable to expand distribution past this city effectively, as the market is now saturated in this city.”

There was her opening. “So, Mr. Bergman, your organization is interested in some kind of investment for further research into your product?”

He shrugged in a subtle, almost nonchalant way. “Perhaps, Ms Summers. Would you be interested in considering some kind of investment?”

Like it was the most normal and correct thing she has ever done, Sarah answered, “Before I make any considerationsthis being a rather foreign business field for me, there are stipulations before I make any decisions.”

“Name them!”

“First I want to see the drug in action. I know I might have already made a wish, but I want to see if it will do something I would expect.”


“If I like what I see, then I would like to see the operation for myself, learn more about how the stuff is made and how it works. Then, we may talk further.”


They firmly shook.

“Well,” he took out a small baggie of dust from his inner pocket. “You might be the first to receive a free sample of our product that wasnt dropped by someone.”

Sarah took the baggy. “So, how does this work?”

“You ingest it. Its tasteless. Sounds like you technically snorted it earlier, but it does not really matter.”

Sarah opened the baggie. There could not have been much more in there than what she inhaled not long before. She thought about what she was doing, what was happening. Was she really about take some unknown narcoticagain? The answer that instantly came to her was yes! This was completely bizarre. She had taken addictive substances beforenever liking them much, but this did not feel like that. It was more like having morning coffee, and having another in the evening to not pass out while driving. Except, even that was not really a great comparison. Whatever this was, the only way that felt best to understand all this was to use the substance again.

“OK …” Deciding on something otherwise completely random yet obvious, she pored the tasteless dust into her mouth, swallowing. “I … wish an attractive guy would come up to me, and offer me not only nameless casual sex, but also his services as a foot fetishist.”

“Well,” Bergman began, “heres my card, have fun, and look forward to hearing back from you later.” He left.

“Humph!” she mumbled to herself. This was all completely ridiculous to her, but there seemed to be a legitimate business opportunity here. Even if this drug was more a placebo, millions could be made from such a thing. She knowingly had that mentality of not really caring about the people themselves, while only caring about the money they had available.

“Hi there!” an attractive, pale skinned man approached her.

“Uh, hi?”

“I dont know how to say this, but I saw you sitting there.”


“Well, dont take this the wrong way, but I could swipe right on the phone all night and not find anyone better!”

“Really? Do you normally find people to have casual sex with?”

“Not really. I dont even bother with dust!”

“Interesting …” She looked the man over. He appeared to be exactly what she wished for. Indeed, there was nothing off about him that would suggest some kind of danger. Was this really working? “What special services do you have to offer?”

“Oh …” he said sheepishly. “Foot fetish stuff. Dont normally jump in with it, but if youre interested …”

“Yes. You have a room?” Sarah was as excited as fascinated.

Before she knew it, Sarah was making out in the hotel room of some nameless stranger! It felt good and dirty. She had no idea somethingdirty” could be so fun.

Sarah sat on the bed, legs cross. “Well, I’m very curious about what you can do with my feet.”

His eyes went wide, looking down to Sarahs black, scrappy heels. Before she knew it, her shoes were pealed away, and the man was passionately worshiping them with his hands and mouth.

“Oh, my God, that feels good!” Sarah exclaimed, feeling up and down her chest and stomach. She quickly unzipped her pants, and plowed her hand down her moistening pussy. The attention to her feet sent such powerful shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body that she almost did not need to rub herself so passionately. Yet, she wanted it all!

The man was already passionately stroking himself, before he stood and clamped Sarahs spitlubed feet around the mans throbbing member. He thrust at first, but Sarah quickly found herself doing the stroking.

Sarah went wide eyed. She had been vaguely aware of such a sexual act, but never experienced it before. It was dirty, it was extravagant, it was fun! Tightly stroking a dick between her arches felt almost as good and fun as having it in her crotch.

“Oh, just fuckincome down here!” she ordered. “You can finish yourself off between my tingling feet after you make me cum!”

The man happily crawled on top of her, and with some slight feeling around, put his respectable member inside her. His thrusts told her he was not that experienced, but was giving it his all. Still, she hated being on the bottom. With a surprised look on the mans face, she flipped him to his back. On her knees, she took total control. Now this was becoming some great sex! Even the somewhat inexperienced man found himself on a good groove, suggesting he might just outlast her.

Leaning back a bit, Sarah began to indulge in the pleasure all that much more. She thrust nimbly joyously, using her naturally athletic physique. ‘Dust is awesome!’ she thought to herself. She thrust into him, beginning to feel her growing orgasm, doing what she could to hasten it for herself, wanting to feel someone blow a load between her arches. She soon came hard and fast, teeth clenched.

Sarah could see the breathless man was not much more than a thrust away from cuming. She slowly unmounted him, seeing his cock ready to burst. She lay back, and began to stroke his cock between her sole like a savant. Her feet tingled pleasurably, as he spewed massive amounts of thick cum all over her legs, feet, and bed. Much more fun than that one handjob she gave in college. They lay back on the verge of passing out.

“Now clean me up,” she ordered presenting her cum covered legs and feet.


“Look at it this way, you get to worship my feet more!”

At first, he looked shocked to be eating his own cum, but seemed to enjoy the worshiping as he went along. He really did go for every drop, examining and licking happily

“In the old silver mine?” Sarah asked Bergman, looking into the dark, dead mine entrance.

“Yes, Sarah. Follow me, and you will understand.” He ate a small amount of dust, and stated, “Home.”

There were odd twists and turns in the darkness, but Bergman seemed to know where he was going. Well, the dust was practically guiding him. He eventually opened what sounded like a thick, creaky metal door. The world beyond was dim, as if it was night. Yet it was only three in the afternoon.

“Are we still in the cave?” she asked bewildered.

“No,” he said almost darkly.

It was like some kind a dark city. Everyone was working in some way. Massive crates were everywhere. Large crates were coming from what looked like another mine entrance, and brought to an ancient looking building of gray stone. Crates of a darker color left the stone building, and brought to what looked like an old warehouse. Individuals not unlike Bergman left the warehouse to what looked like yet another entrance. They moved in an artificially dronelike way that almost made it surprising for Sarah not to see whips and chains.

“Like maple syrup, it takes gallons of raw dust to make even small bags worth of genuine silver,” he said deeply.

Sarah felt bewildered by it all. It felt as if she was no longer even on Earth. “Where am I, Bergman?” she asked breathlessly. When she turned to her guide, Sarahs heart skipped a beat.

Bergmans appearance changed dramatically. Wearing the same businesscasual attire, his complexion was now alabaster and sickly mottled. He seemed distinctly larger and more imposing, his once unnoticeable hair was now like a wild red fire, face filled with teeth as sharp as white, and wild, yellowed eyes surrounded by black shadow, bisected by a dark shard. He was like some kind of alien clown, filled with the darkest of humor. “Perhaps you are exactly where you wished to be,” he said in a now deep, resonating voice.

Instead of fear, Sarah felt utter excitement and even implausible arousal. She leapt onto the man that was no man, making out with great hunger

* * * *

Jennifer woke up the next morning next to the first woman what ever had sex with. It being the best sex of her life was not really because it it with a woman; it was because it was the most freeing. They just simply fucked each other. The pleasure was was so absolutely perfect.

Her one time lover, Liza, slowly rolled over with a smile. “Morning, Jen,” she said with a slight laugh. “I know that look! Clearly your first dust experience.”

“Yeah …” she confirmed. “It was really great. Never dreamed of sex quite like that!”

“You’re pretty wild,” Liza stated with a happy tiredness. “Dust is very good at bringing out our true selves.”

“Do you … have any more?” Jennifer asked with subtle awkwardness. This was not out of some burgeoning addiction, but thought it might be perceived as such.

Liza smiled. “Fresh out, Jennifer! Pricy stuff. If you really wanna buy your own ride, my distributor likes to hang out in the lobby regularly.” She glanced at the clock on the end table. “Probably down there now. Her name’s Liona, dark skin, eyes, and hair. Likes to give off an air of mystery. Sometimes she’s with an odd light skinned guy, Bergman. I think that’s her boss. Anyway, you can’t miss her …”

Jennifer quickly showered and dressed herself, before making her way to the lobby. Scanning the area, a part of her screamed how crazy this was: She was prepared to buy some street drug to find her sister. Playing detective did not even cross her mind then; she already paid someone else to do that. Still, Jennifer did feel that this apparent drug could lead her to her lost sister, assuming it was the road her sister followed.

A dark woman in a deep red dress was casually talking with the person behind the desk. Jennifer figured that had to be the mysterious Liona. A quick observation suggested to her that Liona was more putting on an act to amuse herself, which was a likelihood that brought concern to Jennifer. This might just be a person that did not care about anyone.

“Uh, hi,” Jennifer awkwardly leaned in to the dark woman.

“Yes?” the woman forwarded with a knowing smirk.

“Are you Liona?”

“That’s what my driver’s license says,” she said dryly, impatiently.

“I don’t really know how to go about this …”

“You’re lucky what I have to sell is not really illegal, or I would actually care if you were a cop.” She put on a toothy smile. “Cops are my best customers.” She motioned Jennifer to follow her.

Jennifer found herself looking this woman over. Liona was a truly sexy woman, especially the way she subtly swayed her full, firm ass. Jennifer’s arousal was not necessarily toward Liona’s body, though. What Jennifer really liked, she now realized, was the same that made her have so much pleasurable fun with Liza: the possibility of pleasure.

“So you’re new to silver angel dust?” Liona asked, subtly turning her head back.

“Yes … I didn’t make the wish, but it was a hell of a ride!”

“Sexual, I presume.  Those can be quite remarkable with dust leading the way.”

“Yeah … I guess I wanna try it for myself. Maybe not even something sexual.”

“No one said using dust had to be sexual.”

Jennifer soon found herself in some darkly lit, back office of the hotel, with Liona casually sitting behind the spartan desk. “Do you work for the hotel?”

“No … not directly.”

Jennifer sat in front of the desk.

“Prices are non-negotiable,” Liona explained. “Prefer cash, but you would be surprised how little PayPal cares about the transactions they mediate.”

Jennifer took out her wallet.

Liona smiled almost evilly. “$100 per ounce. One ounce is good for a simple wish, like a mind-blowing one night stand. It can take at lease five ounces for anything more elaborate. I recommend at least fifteen ounces for anything truly elaborate elaborate or unlikely like winning the lottery. The fine print is that you can not only compound small wishes over time, while the amount that is affective can vary by the individual.”

“But … how is that even possible. How can a drug manipulate chance?”

Liona looked over Jennifer with a pleased look. “Silver angel dust is not really a drug as you know it. From my understanding, we are all connected in elaborate metaphysical ways. One choice can reverberate into another and another’s. It is possible for you to choose to buy a candy bar, a man stands behind you in line at the store, the man becomes aroused, the man goes home to have sex with his wife, and so forth. In that case, dust can alter that chain by making you do things differently at a subconscious level. You choose a different candy bar, you have the urge to see who is staring at your ass, the man is embarrassed and thinks of his wife, the man primally thinks of a threesome, the man and his wife were both individually looking for a way to transform their relationship, and long story short, you find yourself with two new friends.”

“It doesn’t just manipulate chance does it?”

“No, it does not,” she said airily. “You ingest it, after all. As such, it can help you awaken dormant and primal desires. It can indeed help you find who you really are.”

Jennifer thought for a moment about how much she might need to find her sister, assuming it even could make finding her happen. It did not feel like a small wish. Yet, it could be as simple as turning in the right direction. Jennifer thumbed through the cash in her wallet. She did not normally carry much cash with her, but had a lot in this unusual circumstance. “I would like to purchase fifteen ounces. I can give you $800 in cash right now, and get the rest from the ATM in the lobby.”

“Sounds like it will be a bold wish!” she said deeply.

A half an hour later, Jennifer found herself with fifteen ounces worth of a drug claimed not to be a drug. Liona said it did not matter how she ingested it, while she did not need to take it all at ounce. Of course, Jennifer had only one wish.

She picked up the clear bag holding the silver-gray substance. Nearly a pound of something she did not fully understand. She thought of her implausible night with Liza; she thought of her sister. This seemed the only way to create a door at a solid dead end.

Before loosing her nerve, Jennifer began to pour the smooth dust down her throat. It moved almost like a tasteless liquid. It was as if it wanted to go inside of her. It was almost too easy to eat it all.

Jennifer felt a little strange, but she did just eat nearly a pound worth of something!

“OK,” she breathed deeply. “I wish to find my sister, Sarah Summers …”

Jennifer felt dizzy for a moment. The world around her felt off and grainy. It was as if all her senses were heightened at once, and her mind did not yet know how to process all the further information.

Her spinning head fell into her just as sensitive hands for some undetermined time. Slowly, her mind began to settle. A distinct urge began to overwhelm her. It was almost exactly like what drew her to Liza.

With determination to go find a place she did not yet know, Jennifer started her car …

* * * *

Sarah was not really sure how long she was living in this city if the Silver Smiths. Was it months, years? Time seemed to move differently here, and it was not just the expansive barrage of sexual pleasure (often dust induced). She had a grasp of time now, but again, such things were vague. Days were dim, while nights were black. She assumed she was still on Earth, but this city somehow existed separate from it. It was like a kind of bubble universe moving in tandem with the Earth. Other things were different, too, like how dust was often more affective here, and lasted twice as long. Not everyone here was Human either, while at least some of those supposedly started as Human. She wondered how Human she was at times. Dust was practically currency, and much needed to be sacrificed to stay ahead.

Yes, she practically ran the research side of the operation now, but it took all her natural skills in uncaring business practice to not fall to the level of the lowly Harvesters. It was not just her business savvy, though, that kept her out of the mine. She and Bergman had grown rather close in their open relationship. They have fucked others, but the two of them were of like minds. Neither really cared about anyone, as both the dust and Bergman helped Sarah to embrace more strongly. They technically made an exception for each other, even though neither were really capable of true empathy. They came to need each other. Bergman needed Sarah for the likeminded companionship he never knew he desired and her business skills; Sarah needed Bergman for syphoning off his status into her. It was all quite selfish and selfcentered. They both relished in that truth amongst themselves. There were no lies between them. Was it love? Neither really cared.

Still, being with Bergman was unlike any relationship she ever had. He was not Human, as Sarah now understood that all like him probably never were. They were often described as Alabasters (“clownspejoratively), due to their killer clown appearance. The local folklore stated that they were born of the caves, and many think they somehow came from the unrefined dust. Their distinct lack of pride made them care little about their mysterious origins. Still, it added to the district fear others felt toward them. The Alabasters were stronger than the average Human, while they were all but indestructible. Some of the more cartoonish of them play games of bashing each other without abandon. That competition was never of much interest to Bergman, but he had her watch some of these absurd matches to better understand what she was fucking

Bergman suddenly plopped Sarah onto the counter, and were hungrily making out and groping. His body was certainly humanoid, but his pale skin and district muscles were quite different from any Human she ever fucked. His muscles were quite bulbous at some spots, and more numerous: more sets of muscles thannormal”. The feel of his skin was only reminiscent of the silver dusts texture: smooth and flowing. Sarah came to love how different he was long ago. Of course, what took a lot of getting used to was his massive foot long dick, coupled with his propensity for uncaringly rough sex.

They groped each other possessively, while Sarah teased his sharp teeth with her sultry tongue. Bergman pulled off her shirt to inhale her tit, before unzipping her pants. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, while he less than subtly humped her through his pants. He then effortlessly flipped her onto her stomach, feet on the floor. He pulled her pants down, spanking and consuming her holes. She moaned, gasped joyously at the aggressive attention. He even bit her ass, leaving distinct marks with his sharp teeth. Her ass was turning quite red already. Verbalized waves of pleasure flowed through her.

“Spread your ass,” Bergman ordered.

She did so.

He teased with his massive member for a few moments, before almost casually thrusting it into her. The thrusts were hard, perhaps harder than usual (he technically needed to hold back a little not to break the Human).

“Oh, my Gahyes!”

“Want it a little harder, Sarah?” he asked darkly.

“Fuck yeah!” she cooed.

Holding her body tightly, he thrust just that much harder. It might have been too hard, but she wanted it.

“Spank me, spank me hard, you fucking clown!” Sarah ordered.

He did so with loud thwacks.

“HARDER!” she screamed in her lustful enjoyment.

He obliged, sending shockwaves throughout her body. She moaned and cooed loudly, practically screaming. Bergman growled almost demonically along with her.

Suddenly, Bergman flipped her around to have her lie on the table, quickly resuming his quite rough thrusts. He then thrust and held, pulling her up by the throat for a deep, hungry kiss. He eventually held her from behind the head, and resumed his wild thrusts, but this time occasionally alternating his rhythm. They kissed at random intervals, Sarah always biting his lip (it always stretched implausibly far before it slipped out of her teeth). Soon, her leg was draped over his, all but humming her on her side.

Sarah then wanted to take a more dominant position, always the natural alpha in bed. She nudged him off of her through a kiss, and guided the large Alabaster onto his back. She quickly mounted him to ride his anaconda, provocatively holding him at the side of his neck. Bergman liked to spank her hard, while she playfully consumed his dick with her pussy.

“Oh, my fuck … Ohhh …” Sarah cooed.

“GRR … Yeah …” Bergman growled.

Bergman suddenly lifted himself up, grabbed hold of her, and plopped her back onto the table. Holding up her legs, he forcibly thrust into her. He then slid her down to the floor, onto her knees.

Sarah never found Human dicks and balls all that enticing. Sure, she liked them inside her, but they were always odd in some way. There was just something great about Bergmans monstrosity to her. Light and streamlined in color, minus any extreme veins, and covered with that Alabaster skin, it was the dick she always wanted but never knew. So, she happy sucked the smooth balls, and took the full length down her throat. Bergman did like to fuck her face, but the way she played with his dick felt better in some ways.

Suddenly, Bergman flopped her onto the floor, held her legs up, and began to thrust for an endgame.

“I’m gonna fuckinfill you to the brim tonight!” he screamed.

“Oh, God, YES FILL ME ‘TILL I SPIT YOUR CUM!” Sarah screamed in primal orgasm, grabbing at her ankles.

Bergman roared loudly, pumping what felt like gallons into Sarah, who came again during the onslaught. Cum leaked from her pussy, literally overflowing from her body.

The two soon lay next to each other, feeling great satisfaction. Sarah felt a bit sore, but it was worth it.

“You gotta be more careful with me, Sarah!” he stated. “You might make get too rough.”

“Oh, you do care!” Sarah taunted sarcastically.

He growled. “Youre my favorite fuck. I’ve never been with a Human like you. If I break you, I might never have so much fun again.”

Something finally clicked in her head. “What if I became like you?”

hat if I wished to be Alabaster? How much dust would it take to make that happen?”

Bergman was shocked in the most bewildering of ways. There has not really ever been anew” Alabaster, Sarah knew. They were all there since the beginning he did not remember well. Though, their numbers have slowly declined, them not being completely invulnerable.

“I’m not sure that would be a good idea,” he said ponderously.

“How did you come to be?”

“I … wasnt here, and then I was …”

“I have a mountains of dust saved up, maybe I’ll use it …”

Though the main project was to increase their products shelflife with some success, Sarah also oversaw a related side project involving vaporizing. It didnt really increase the shelf life, but the system could be used to inhale several pounds of the dust in a single sitting. Of course, the smaller vapepen was the main goal, but some eccentric rich person might want to do something as crazy as consume massive amounts of dust in a single sitting.

All this seemed a little too convenient. She somehow had the tools at her disposal to make the crazy wish she wanted to do possible. Then she remembered the first wish to be more, and how she once learned how wishes could be compounded over time to create something greater for oneself. That, and finding ones true self through the dust. All the fucking and wishes were leading to this: what she truly wanted, but never understood until now.

Smiling diabolically, Sarah put about five pounds worth of dust into the prototype vaporizer. She put the mask over her mouth and nose, wishing to be become Alabaster on every breath. The machine groaned and hissed, processing at its maximum setting. It felt strange, almost hypnotic to do what she was doing. It was rare for people to ingest more than five ounces worth. No one really knew what to wish for, at least not at first.

The machine suddenly stopped, breaking her chain of thought. She felt strange, the world around her in a dust fog. She caught her reflection on a stainless tray. Her lips and nose seemed to be developing an odd redness, while her eyes had what looked like darkening eye shadow around them. She would have noted her paleness, except that this city was not great at darkening complexions. Confusion soon washed over her, and she started to wonder with a purpose not her own.

It was the black night now, and no one was around. Well, no one was around that she could tell through her thick haze. Eventually, she found herself at the entrance to the mine, and walked into the true darkness. There certainly was a light switch at the entrance, but had no urge to touch it. She found herself walking into a thick mass of what must have been unrefined, raw dust. It began to surround her, consume her. It felt cool and strange, yet there was no urge to stop it. The mass forced its way into every hole, every pore. In her minds eyes, she could see tentacles of all sizes finding their way into her body, becoming cocooned in the vary substance she was researching. It was inside her, making her more …

Darkness …

* * * *

As if she was floating through a dense fog, Jennifer soon found herself at the entrance of the old silver mine. She walked into the artificial cave feeling she knew exactly where to go. It was not clear how long Jennifer wondered through the dark, nameless corridors. Time did not seem to matter in the living, still darkness. She finally found herself at what felt like a heavy metal door. It opened on her touch with a piercing creek.

Past the secret doorway stood a city shrouded in utter darkness. No stars were visible above, yet Jennifer felt as if she was outside. From what little she could see, the city seemed implausibly old, on the level of centuries. The Colorado Mineral Belt was not settled until the 1850s by Americans. Indigenous populations certainly settled long before, but were never known to build cityscapes like this …

“Ohay! English?” someone called, walking up to her, florescent blue lantern in hand.

“Yes …?” she answered nervously.

“You work for Bergman, Alaro, Fiano’ric?” the blue shrouded woman queried. The woman’s accent was difficult to place. It seemed stilted and staccato. She clearly was fluent in English, but possibly had a first language that was unlikely to be European in origin.

“No … The dust brought me here … I’m looking for someone.”

“Aren’t we all,” she stated flatly. “My name is Alora. I am of the Night Watch. Come with me, if you please.”

Jennifer was led to a nearby building. The inside was oddly modern, albeit perhaps out of date by a decade. Large halogen lamps lined the ceiling, while the paint of the plastered walls was pealing noticeably.

Alora handed Jennifer off to a somewhat imposing man dressed in a light gray police-like uniform, which was similar to Alora’s deep gray attire.

“I am Watch Commander Lawrence. You are lucky to not be a lowly Harvester at the moment. They are severely punished for being out after blackness falls.” He spoke with the somewhat generic midwestern tones, suggesting he might be from other side of the cave. Of course, that assumed Alora was herself a city “local.”

“Umm … Sir, I am Jennifer Summers. I’m looking for my sister, Sarah. The dust brought me here. I guess this it the place of the Silver Smiths …”

“Indeed,” he said with a hint of sarcasm. “Whatever you like to call them, they run this city. The first order of business, before we discuss why you are here. As a new arrival, the law and custom allows one chance to leave on your own accord. There will be no questions. If you return, the option to permanently leave will not be available. However, status obtained here can lead to allowances, including leaving this city for a time. Do you understand.”

“Yes … I’m here to find my sister. If that means not taking my chance to leave forever, then so be it.”

“OK, then. Welcome to the city. May your indoctrination be made pleasant by the dust,” he said cryptically. “As to your sister, there may not be much I can do. Dust has led many here since it was first refined, including me. I will give you this, Ms Summers, I do think I know who your are talking about … She came here with an Alabaster, high status assholes that sometimes don’t even care about their status. That was over a year ago, I think. She gained considerable status right away through him, Bergman. It seems she disappeared recently. Bergman seems to care about her, much to anyone’s amazement. Finding out what happed to her is an actual priority. I know that may sound contradicting.”

“Can I do anything to help?” she asked desperately.

“No, unfortunately. Because you stated your intent to stay — unconnected with anyone, your status must start low. If you’re savvy, you can develop your status. I have only lived here for a year … probably … Dust changed everything here, it would seem. Use what little dust they allow you as a Harvester wisely, dynamically. If you’re anything like your sister, you should be all right …”

It seemed no one was “unemployed” in this place. If someone did not have work elsewhere in the city, they were made a harvester. From what Jennifer could gather through the next few days worth of grueling work, was that this city was on the verge of collapse until the discovery of the fungus-like substance later refined as silver angel dust. Yet, that had nothing to do with the forgotten city, the inhabitants of which long knew of the substance, if not what can be done with it. It was all rather anecdotal, but it seemed that the old mining company came across it, deciding to study and experiment with it. They created the first silver angel dust. They then found the dying city. Jennifer surmised that at least some on top of the city’s revised economic chain are now from the defunct mining company. In some ways, the Silver Smiths were always the Silver Smiths, and the city was merely changed because of them.

It all made some sense, from a business standpoint. However, this city itself made no sense. It really should not exist, but it was clearly around for many thousands of years. Yet, there was no time here. There were no stars or moon. Days and nights all but rolled into each other. She was assured by other Harvesters that she would adapt to that after a while, but this lack of time was unlike anything she ever experienced.

What made things more difficult, in terms of finding her sister, was that sex was something one could almost tell time on. She simply found herself having sex with at least two people every day. The dust made it all consensual (to her luck), while she quickly learned to use the dust to her advantage for both her goals and for sex. Since everyone had at least a small amount of dust on them at all times — practically currency, the playing field was somewhat leveled. Not to mention the fact of how the raw material harvested seemed to do absolutely nothing. What surprised her was not only how the carnal culture was there long before, but also how the dust colored and regimented that culture.

Moving through the “days” and “nights,” Jennifer slowly came to learn more of her sister’s time in the city. She was almost legendary in her sexual exploits, while it was unheard of that she did not really start at the bottom. Her relationship with Bergman was described as both physical and business. As such, she was treated like any of the high status Alabasters, who seemed to care very little about others at best.

Jennifer always suspected that her sister completely lacked empathy, and was probably some form of psychopath. Sarah was practically a genius, and was always a master at excelling at almost anything. So, business appealed to her more than anything, gaining a MBA in merely five years. That was not all to say that Sarah was ever bad to Jennifer. Though, Sarah tended to treat her sister like some kind of generic basis for how people are supposed to act around other. Growing up, Sarah would often ask Jennifer if something was right or wrong, if she should feel something toward a clearly horrific event. Jennifer practically taught her sister how to act empathetic. That aid certainly made Sarah a better person. Jennifer cared about her sister deeply, practically caring for the both of them.

All that made Sarah’s time in the city unsurprising to Jennifer. At the same time, Jennifer needed to act a least a little like her sister to move forward in the city. She fucked her boss regularly, chugged her cum until she had Jennifer promoted to her assistant. Her boss, Caroline, was built like some sexy Amazon. She was at least five feet and ten inches tall, had light brown hair, blue eyes, flawless skin, sexily muscles, small breasts, and surprisingly delicious size ten feet. Jennifer was practically addicted to feet after they came with their feet in their mouths and pussy’s. Beyond that, though, Jennifer was quickly becoming well known for her sexual prowess — perhaps more so than Sarah, and wondered if it had to do with the fact that Jennifer could experience true empathy.

… That was how easy it was to become sidetracked in this city via sex and poor wish management. It was an open secret that the harvesting relied upon those that lacked the wit to rise above that lowest station.

“You want to talk with Bergman?” the naked Caroline said with an amazed laugh.

“Yeah, he and my sister were in a close relationship, right? He would know where she was last, what she liked to do here besides him.” It was beyond frustrating for Jennifer that her sister was missing here, too. No one took missing persons that seriously here, ironically. That seemed related to most “missing” persons probably having been killed by an untouchable Alabaster or who knows what. The greatest irony was that people besides Jennifer were looking for Sarah without any success.

She sighed, “You are not your sister, Jennifer. Bergman’s become, well, far more disagreeable since Sarah disappeared, before you arrived. You might assume he killed her, but they were surprisingly close …”

“That’s why I saved up some dust! He’s the only thing left that can point me anywhere …”

Jennifer made her wish to receive whatever information Bergman had on her sister. She was a little nervous afterwards, being out of dust, because she did not specify the how. The dust could be like the preverbal Monkey’s Paw if the wish was not well worded or lacked thought out intent. Yet, sometimes the wish worked better if not too specific. At the same time, is was beyond clear that her initial wish to find her sister was long in play.

It was just before the black night when she knocked on Bergman’s door. His house, if one could call it that, seemed similar to the structures at the oldest corners of the city. The gray and lifeless exterior had an almost cyclopean quality. While the house seemed to stand on right angles, the whole building’s shape seemed irregular.

The large Alabaster “man” opened the door with a look as confused as unamused. “Who are you …?”
“I am Jennifer, Mr. Bergman. I came here looking for my sister, Sarah.”

“Sarah …” he said in a way that seemed to a hide a remorse he did not want or understand. “You look like her, but I think you can actually feel …”

With a deep sigh, he ushered Jennifer inside. His place was rather dim, while surprisingly not unlike the common Human’s bachelor pad. Scents of unchanged sheets and bathrooms overdue for a good wash subtly permeated the interior.

“There’s nothing I can do to help you,” he growled. “She just wondered off …”


“She wished to be more, and later realized she wanted to be Alabaster.”

“I don’t understand. You can just become an Alabaster?”

“I don’t know!” he exclaimed, waving his hands dismissively. “We were always here. Our numbers don’t increase; have no females to fuck. Besides I’ve pumped loads of my cum into Humans!”

An odd question then popped into her mind, one lingering since she arrived. “Where are we exactly?”

He gave her a long look, and became rather ponderous. “I guess this is Earth, in a multidimensional sense. A bubble of … something else.”

“We’re in some kind of bubble universe!?”

“I guess,” he shrugged. “I dunno how even I began, but we rarely even seemed connected with, err, your world until the Silver Smiths showed up.”

Jennifer signed, and flopped on the large, subtly musty couch, aware of how many naked bodies have probably touched it. “So my sister wanted to become something she could not, and just disappeared. Is that … normal?”

“I dunno!” he mumbled with a shrug. He then gave her a long look that turned to clear hunger. His thin dress pants blatantly tented.

Jennifer looked at the crotch wide eyed.

“Looks like you’ll be spending the night here. Might as well just fuck while I pretend you are your sister.”

“That’s borderline incestuous! Sex has been so regular here … Let’s do this, Bergman! Where do you want me?”

Bergman grabbed her arm, and all but dragged her to his brown paneled bedroom. He flopped her onto his bed. “Strip and finger yourself … Sarah.”

Jennifer did so almost casually, not minding the man’s otherworldly appearance. She was, however, more than a little nervous about his monstrous member.

The naked Bergman sat next to her on the bed, and guided her to his throbbing thing. She licked it playfully, and began to slowly take it into her mouth. It was too slow for Bergman, who pushed her head down quickly. It took all her effort not to gag with the thing halfway down her throat! Surprisingly tasty pre-cum dripped down her throat, while she bobbed up and down.

Bergman then picked her up, and expertly flopped her down, having his dick plunge into her pussy. She gasped and cried loudly, having nothing of the size inside her before. Yet, she kind of liked it, assuming her sister probably enjoyed the insanity of it on the first plunge.

Jennifer leaned back slightly, and began to thrust her hips. The feel of the monstrosity moving through her made the both moan and growl in the growing pleasure. She happily played with her erect nipples, before leaning back further. “God, you’re so fucking big! You must’ve satisfied Sarah in ways she always dreamed … erguah …”

“I never met a woman that wanted it so bad!” he growled in confirmation.

Bergman then unmounted her, and repositioned them with him on top. He thrust aggressively into her, Jennifer wrapping her legs around his waist. The pale monster thrust so hard and deep that he was practically impaling her. Jennifer could not believe how much she was coming to enjoy this, though. It was brutal and primal. She and her boss fucked roughly at times, but it was not even close to this. Bergman was after his own pleasure. At first she thought he cared little about her pleasure, but she slowly came to realize there was a distinct yearning in his thrusts. His eyes were closed, teeth clenched. Bergman might genuinely miss Sarah more than she did.

Their primal pleasure than grew to overwhelm all thoughts. He began to thrust harder, with great want. Bergman then roared, pumping massive amounts of think cream into Jennifer, who found herself in the most mind numbing orgasm of her life. Their cum overflowed out onto the bed …

* * * *

In the timeless darkness, Sarah could not move or even breath. She could feel every hole being penetrated. It was painful at first, with the trillion tentacles pumping unknowable, tasteless juices into her writhing body. Slowly, though, the pain began to dull. While it slowly dulled, it slowly began to feelgood. By the time there was no pain and only good sensations, it began to feelpleasurable. Every hole, big and small, began to fell like sensitive pussies. Before she even knew it, her entire body was alive in growing pleasure! The pleasure slowly grew to orgasmic levels, but it didnt stop. She soon found herself in a continuous state of what felt like the most powerful orgasm of her life. The orgasmic pleasure grew to torturous levels. Sarah was powerless to do anything but experience the epic of levels of orgasmic pleasure.

Maybe if she could let out a primal scream. Yes, she needed to let out a primal orgasmic scream before she lost all that she was through the painfully powerful orgasmic pleasure. Why cant she scream? SHE NEEDED TO SCREAM!


The maddening pleasure slowly subsided, as she felt the trillion tentacles pull themselves out of her. She suddenly fell on the floor of the sightless cavern. Her heart raced, as she breathed deeply out of control. Her mind slowly came back to her, synapses slowly realigning. She felt as much the same as she felt different. Like how a child might feel if they suddenly awoke an adult. The world felt like it was hers, as she was so much more than all of it. Yet, her long present psychopathic nature ensured she did not care about how that world felt about her rise to what she wished for.

Yes, she felt it now. This was the culmination of her first, true wish. It was almost impossible to become what she truly wanted, so the road was long and filled with so many more wishes. She had transformed into an Alabaster!

The upgraded Sarah walked out of caverns into what passed for dawn in this small bubble universe. It was a little strange at first at how she naturally knew this was basically some other dimension budding off Earths like some cosmic pimple, but found the knowledge uninteresting.

She felt so infinitely good and happy, feeling herself teaming with great energy. Eventually, she walked into a kinky clothing shop. The plain yet attractive woman behind the counter looked surprised and a little scared that an apparent Alabaster walked in, naked. Sarah now knew that she was the first female alabaster, and felt rather proud about that.

“Five finger discount?” Sarah asked casually.

“Of course,” she said quietly.

Sarah smiled hungrily and darkly at the shuddering woman.

She casually grabbed some things off the racks and shelves, finding herself more curious about how she looked now than the clothes.

The tall mirror in the dressing room yielded an interesting image. Like how she felt, Sarah looked as different as she looked the same. Her body shape and measurements seemed,  more or less the same, yet she certainly looked just that much more muscular. Those muscles, however, could certainly throw a Human across the room now. Her skin was most certainly “Alabaster,” but it looked far less mottled than her male compatriots. Her nipples and areolae were now very subtly pink. She had no body hair, as if she never did. Her hair was now mostly emerald green with oddhighlightsof silver. The black, clawlike nails almost jumped out of her powdery skin.

Her face was what really surprised her, though. It was not uncommon for Alabasters to have features, she observed, making Bergman kind of plain in this way, but it was still striking. Her still green eyes had become piercingly jewellike, while there were also perplexing hints of yellow. Dark, blood red shadows erratically surrounded her eyes. Her lips were now blood red and shimmering, with subtle streaks to the sides, like a flat Glasgow smile. The end of her nose was similarly blood red. It almost looked like she just ate someone messily, which was not something she was opposed to.

Sarah smiled largely at her upgraded self, noticing a distinct sharpness to her blindingly white teeth. She found herself hungry for sex and more. But first, a new outfit!

She laughed at the too small shirt she grabbed, stretching over herself. It barely made it below her breasts. The nipples were blatant through the shirt. A black latex waist clincher fit perfectly, skintight, with hooks below begging to be used. Sarah obliged by forcibly rolling and pulling on shimmering back latex stockings. After clipping on the stockings, she slipped on some red panties and a black jeans skirt.

Sarah smiled, feeling her pussy tingle at the sight of her erotic new look. “I’d fuck me.”

She walked out to the main store area. Deciding on some sexily scrappy heals, she looked over to the nervous sales person.

“Whats your name?”

“Lucy,” she answered quickly.

Looking for her shoe size she then said without turning back, “You can make a wish if you want. I dont give a fuck. We are gonna fuck … Right after I find my shoes …”

“Oh fuck …” she breathed.

“Indeed!” Sarah laughed.

“I wish the sex with this Alabaster will make me cum …”

“No imagination,” Sarah growled through her sharp teeth.

Sarah casually put on her new scrappy heals. She always liked the look of two inch heels, but always found them too uncomfortable to ever wear. Now, they felt great on her!

“OK! Lock the door, Lucy. I dont mind onlookers, but we will not be interrupted.”

Lucy did so, trembling at what was about to happen.

Suddenly, Sarah picked up the woman and threw her to the soft floor like she weighed nothing. She began to aggressively make out with the hapless clerk, holding the woman at the neck and under the chin. She then kissed down her cheek and neck, quite literally tasting her meal with tongue and sharp teeth, and gave her a hard smack.

To Sarah surprise, Lucy smiled from the hit. “Oh, you like that?”

“I work at a fuckinkinky clothes shop!”

Pleasantly surprised, Sarah suddenly grabbed her tightly at the neck, and pulled her in for a deep, hungry kiss.

Lucy was starting to enjoy getting fucked by a kinky Alabaster, probably related to her wish. Indeed, Lucys legs were now provocatively straddled around Sarah.

Now making out slightly up on her knees, Sarahs prey moved along with her. Sarah again grabbed her tightly at the neck, feeling how feeble it was in her palm, before smacking her hard.

“Oh, wow,” Lucy exclaimed.

They fell back down onto the floor, with Sarah forcibly thrusting her moist crotch onto Lucys. Lucy lustfully grabbed Sarahs firm ass.

Sarah moved down toward Lucys crotch. Lucy sat up and began to pull off her shirt.

“Nah, uh!” Sarah playfully stated, grabbing Lucys arms. “You dont do anything until I tell you to. Youre mine.”

Sarah, less than subtly pulling Lucys hair, sat herself onto the floor.

“I love your shoes!”

“Good, ‘cause youre gonna take them off with your teeth!”

“OK!” Almost subversively, Lucy removed her top and bra, the last act Sarah would allow.

Showing she had actually done this before, Lucy skillfully undid the buckles.

“Careful not to make any bite marks, theyre growing on me.”

She did so.

“Now get naked.”

Lucy quickly did so, while Sarah pulled off her top and panties. Sarah decided to leave on the rest.

Sarah then gabbed Lucy, and flopped her onto her back. She pulled her raised legs to the sides, and all but consumed her stomach with deep kiss. With a hard slap, she moved up Lucys body to grind their crotches and make out. She then passionately groped and sucked Lucys tits, making Lucy moan loudly. Sarah moved back up to kiss and pet her from cheek to neck.

“You know, I like manhandling humans!” Sarah exclaimed.

Sarah grabbed Lucy by the waist, and thrust her into the exact position Sarah wanted. Lucy naturally sat up slightly, while Sarah manipulated her legs.

“Lay the fuck back, human!”

She did so.

Sarah then lightly pet Lucys twitching pussy, and let loose a massive blob of spit into it. She then began to rub the pussy, making Lucy gasp in pleasure.

“Oh, gah! AHH fuck …”

“Was that too much for you?” Sarah asked sarcastically, smacking Lucys pussy on either side.

“Feels good …” she breathed honestly.

Sarah bared down, and began to consume the womans wet pussy. It tasted absolutely delicious! Sarah almost did not want to stop sucking and drinking the pussy juices.

“Oh, the yeah …” Lucy cooed. “Can I get something for you?”

“Oh, sure!”

Lucy rolled overcooing at the wild slap on her ass, and grabbed a large strapon. “I think you should try this on.”

“Well, I think I came to the right place!”

Sarah happy began to affix the member to her crotch. “My, my, my …” The dildo suddenly extended itself back into Sarahs accepting yet surprised pussy. It literally plugged itself into her. Stroking the member, Sarah was truly pleased at how she might as well had a real, sensitive dick now. “Oh, my … This fits perfectly!”

“And it looks great on you!”

“How much, Lucy?”

“No charge for my best customer!”

“Well then, all thats left is to try it out!”

Sarah went to her knees, and playfully rubbed the tip along Lucys slit. They both moaned in lustful pleasure. She then pushed the thick foot long into the pussy, sending waves of pleasure through out their bodies.

“Oh, my fuck!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah!”

Feeling how intensely tight Lucys pussy wasand the look of painful pleasure, Sarah could tell that this was the biggest thing she ever had inside her. Lucys leg over her shoulder, Sarah effortlessly thrust into the writhing woman.

“Oh my God!” Lucy screamed. “Its so fuckinbig! … so good …”

“Oh yeah! So fucking tight!”

Sarah positioned Lucys legs to the side, essentially tightening the womans already overstretched pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Lucy cooed.

After a few passionate yet forceful thrusts, Sarah thrust her hip wildly. Lucy screamed in pleasure, as Sarah growled wildly in her own.

As a painful tease, she pulled out and had Lucy suck her off. “Yeah, suck your juices off.”

She did so without hesitation, giving great head.

“Like the way your pussy tastes on my rubber cock?”


“Stick you tongue out.”

She did so, Sarah playfully licking Lucys tongue.

Sarah then gave Lucy her breasts to suck on and play with. “Yeah, suckem. Stuck onem like I’m your mama!” Sarah forcibly groped Lucys neck, while she enjoyed to attention to her tits. “Yeah! … Turn around and get on your knees.”

She did so. Before she knew it, Sarah was practically attacking her pussy from behind with the massive member. “OH GOD. OH FUCK.”

“OH, YEAH!” Sarah loudly growled in pleasure.

The thrusts were brutal and without care. All Sarah cared about right them was exploring her new strength and dominance over a Human. Lucy suddenly came in the hardest, loudest, most painful orgasm of her life, collapsing onto the floor.

“WHO TOLD YOU TO FUCKING CUM!” Sarah yelled loudly in genuine anger. She figured it was Lucys wish, but that did not make her any less angry. “Were not fucking done yet.”

Sarah lay on the floor, and ordered Lucy to sit on her dick. On her knees, Lucy felt herself impaled by every hard thrust. Looking into Sarahs uncaring eyes, Lucy again began to feel fear, especially after the choking started to feel tighter than before. She instinctually took Sarahs wrist, not that there was anything that could be down about the hand clenching her throat.

“Harder?” Sarah requested falsely. “Harder.” She smacked Lucy hard. “Yeah, take that fucking shit!”

Lucy leaned forward, apparently succeeding in naturally having the Alabaster release her tightening grip. With a quick deep kiss, Lucy felt safe, even through Lucy suddenly found herself passively on her back again.

Sarah spin on her hand, and happily stroked her dick. She then resumed a wild onslaught into her, alternating between a hand at the throat and hard smacks.

Sarah leaned down and asked, “Wanna taste an Alabaster pussy?

She nodded.

Sarah detached the strapon, and straddled the Humans mouth, which automatically began to consume.

“Oh, yeah, good girl,” Sarah breathed deeply.

Sarah pressed her hips tightly onto Lucys mouth, while she consumed.

“Who needs a fucking cock?” Sarah unmounted, and lay on her back. “Dont stop eating me!”

Lucy bared down onto the pale, dripping pussy, while Sarah held her down by her hair. “Youre so good at eating pussy!”

Sarah moaned and cooed joyously, groping and feeling her own tits. Such consumed the pussy like her life depended on it!

“Put your fingers inside me!” Sarah ordered.

Lucy began to do so, quickly locating the G-spot. She was genuinely relived she could find such a thing in a the only female Alabaster she ever knew existed. Sarah rubbing her pussy above and Lucy fingering below, Sarah began to moan excitedly.

“I’m gonna cum right in your fucking mouth, Human! You like the way I taste?”
hhum!” she confirmed honestly, mouth full. Lucy excitedly continued to finger and suck the dripping pussy.

Sarah could finally feel her first orgasm as an Alabaster, assuming her transformation experience did not count. The pleasure finally grew and grew until she squirt massive amounts of thick cum all over Lucy, literally covering her. Sarah took her preys hand slowly sucked off the fingers. “You taste so fucking good,” Sarah said honestly, darkly. “I am going to eat you …”

* * * *

Jennifer slowly awoke to Bergman’s shuffling the next morning. He was anxious about something, yet he seemed to be hiding a joy he did not know how to express.

“Good morning?” she asked curiously.

“Err …” he breathed. Instead of saying anything, he just grabbed Jennifer’s arm, and brought her to the living room.

Jennifer’s jaw dropped. Anxiousness and joy were perhaps the only way to express the moment.


She smirked provocatively. “Yup! Guess you wished to find me, Jen.”

“You’re an Alabaster now?”

“Obviously!” she laughed. “Its funny how Bergman reacted the same way you did. He’s madly in love with me, you know.” She walked over to the surprisingly overjoyed Bergman, and gave him a long, teasing kiss. “We’ll fuck later. You got a job to do, Bergie.”

He nodded. Sarah was one of the few people he wanted to get orders from, he now knew. He left.

“Is that … blood?” Jennifer asked awkwardly, pointing to her sister’s cheek.

She casually wiped the blood drop up with her finger, and licked it up. “Yummy shopkeeper!”

Jennifer gave a shocked look toward her sister.

“Fuck off, Sarah!” she stabbed. “I don’t need to know or care if my lack of empathy is apparent anymore.”

“Uh … Sorry …” This was her sister, but as an Alabaster, Sarah could now literally rip her to shreds.

“Don’t worry about it, sis,” she said honestly, playing with her sister’s slightly matted hair. “Love does not have to have anything to do with empathy. I do still love you, and me and Bergman are definitely in love. Besides, you try not eating the first thing you see after being in a transformative cocoon for who knows how long!” Sarah provocatively then felt down her sister’s supple body, reaching into her pocket (was only wearing pants right then).

“Wha … What are you doing, Sarah …?”

She deepened her toothy smile, taking a small baggie of dust from Jennifer’s pocket. “Who doesn’t have dust up their asses here?”

Jennifer laughed nervously.

“I owe you, Jennifer. All my life, you helped me function back on Earth. Things would have been so much harder for me without your help. Probably couldn’t have ended up here. I know I scared you more than a little, as I do now. The fact that you still want to be my good sister is admirable … You have nothing to fear from me. I am going to give you something, something almost no one gets here. I will give you the status of being with an Alabaster.”

“Bergman?” she breathed.

“No … well, by-proxy.” She opened the baggie, and sniffed it all up. “I wish for my sister and I to be together in sexual bliss filled with love and lust.”

Jennifer’s eyes went wide. She felt total amazement at what her sister just stated. Indeed, Sarah had a look of total amazement toward it all, too. It was clear to Jennifer that Sarah probably did not expect this to go so far beyond far: become and Alabaster, and wish to fuck her own sister. This was happening, there was no doubt about that. In the end, they were now what they truly were all along, while that just meant a bit more for Sarah, who was not really Human anymore. This was not really destiny, but dust did have a way of making things real in the most unexpected of ways.

Sarah happily took her sister’s arm, and guided her to the couch. “So … I hear my own sister turned herself into a slut.”

“Isn’t that what you did? But so greedy that you turned yourself into an inhuman clown?”

“Well, I get so much pleasure from it!” Sarah growled, teasing with almost-kisses while grasping the back of Jennifer’s head.

Jennifer playfully pushed her sister onto her back. “Is this even incest?” she pondered out loud. “We’re not even the same species anymore!”

Sarah now also tightly grasped her sister’s sides with her legs. “Don’t fuckin’ spoil the earthly taboo!” she growled through her sharp teeth.

Breathily, excitedly, Jennifer advanced toward a deep, hungry kiss were teasingly thwarted by her sister’s grip, which lightened slightly on every attempt. Eventually, they found themselves almost desperately making out, playfully twisting their tongues. “I can’t believe I’m fucking my sister!”

Sarah laughed almost darkly. “And a sister you can’t possibly hurt!” She put her sister’s hands around her porcelain throat. “Let out that rage I know you’ve harbored toward me all these years! Sacrificing everything for your psychopathic sister, sacrificing your entire life just to find me. I didn’t even want you to find me.”

Sarah was right. She gave up everything for a sister that never seemed to care about much. Was it all worth it? She could not answer, but the deeply impacted rage toward Sarah was somehow bubbling up to the surface. Sarah’ found her grip tightening, manifesting all she harbored against her uncaring, manipulative, murderous sister.

“That’s it!” Sarah darkly cooed in triumph. “That’s the sister I wanted to release. Show me how much you can feel!”


Before Jennifer realized it, they were again making out, but this time with an angry passion, which Sarah loved feeding off of. In a way, Sarah always fed off her when learning how to emulate even a hint of empathy. At the same time, Jennifer realized Sarah was freeing her from all that deep-seated rage she ignored all her life. Sarah did not wish for there to be rage in their burgeoning new life together. There was no empathy in this act of course. She already told Jennifer how she really “felt.” This was an act of love fueled by the indebtedness she had toward Jennifer.

In that moment they embraced each other just that much more tightly, excitedly.  Jennifer felt down her sister’s glorious body, taking a few extra moments to grope her breasts and ass. They thrust into each other with a deep passion and energy, breathing wildly. Jennifer then quickly, teasingly played with her sister’s boob, before moving back to her mouth.

“Lay down,” Sarah ordered.

“Lay down?” Jennifer teasingly mocked.

“You think you can tease an Alabaster?”

“I think I just did!”

Sarah quickly removed her tight shirt and panties, again opting to leave on her latex.

The moment Jennifer saw her sister’s healthy breasts, she grasped the nipples, and pulled back hard.

Sarah gasped loudly.

“That hurt?” Jennifer asked through her teeth.

With a devious smile, Sarah pushed her sister onto her back, and lightly smacked her cheek. “That hurt?”

“No!” she teased.

Sarah smacked her harder with real force, letting her hand provocatively rest at the throat. “That hurt?”

Jennifer just smacked her back with a playful smile only partly fueled by real anger.

Sarah then grabbed her sister’s wrists, and leaned down to sloppily kiss and lustfully grind their crotches. Jennifer automatically wrapped her legs around her sister, as she felt down her back and ass. Sarah ground her writhing sister for a few moments in a kind of controlled chaos.

Sarah then crawled downward to peel off Jennifer’s pants.

“Oh, my God!” Jennifer gasped, feeling Sarah masterfully, aggressively begin to consume her pussy. Thrusting her hips, she grasped Sarah’s head to keep her doing the most pleasurable thing she ever felt in her life up to that point. Jennifer moaned and cooed breathlessly, as Sarah hungrily cooed with her mouth full. Pussy juices flowed freely down her throat. Sarah’s motions were wild, primal, and more than just experience.

In clear tease and want, Sarah then exclaimed, “I wanna play with your fuckin’ titties!”

Jennifer pulled herself upward, and enjoyed the attention to the whole of her breasts by super-super-strong hands. Her sister’s mostly white tits eye level, she suddenly gained a surprising upper hand by hungrily inhaling her sister’s tit. Sarah grasped the back of her head in encouragement. Jennifer never sucked off a whole tit before, but she seemed to be a hungry savant!

Their eyes suddenly met, and Sarah proclaimed, “I see the fire inside you, Jen! I want it all. Let it out!”

Sarah pushed her sister back down with a forceful kiss, and began to rub her sister’s clit at speeds faster than a vibrator. Jennifer let out coos and gasps in quick succession, barely of mind to start groping her sister’s own clit. Their eyes locked in the growing, almost inhuman pleasure.

“You are a fucking slut!” Sarah cooed and teased. She then almost leapt onto her sister’s mouth, which automatically began to consume.

Jennifer could not fully emulate the near impossible motions of her sister earlier, but clearly learned enough to make her sister more than happy!

“Oh, good girl! Clearly I’m a good teacher,” Sarah cooed. She twisted herself slightly in her slithering motions, to rub her sister’s clit. However, Sarah found herself quite impressed with Jennifer’s personal attention, opting to just give Jennifer’s tits some rough, playful slaps. She then simply slithered over her sister’s consuming mouth.

“UMMMM! Dirty, fucked up slut,” Sarah taunted. “Your own sister’s pussy tastes great, huh?”

Sarah then leaned back onto her sister’s risen knees, while Jennifer grasped her sister’s hips.

“Oh, you’re such a fucked up slut! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!” Sarah taunted honestly, humping her sister’s mouth. She then guided her sister’s motions by practically just pulling her hair.

Sarah finally unmounted, and presented her ass to Jennifer, who just knew what to do. Jennifer playfully, unabashedly smacked the firm ass, before she wildly groped the dripping pussy.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Jen. There is it! I’m gonna cum all over your fuckin’ fingers.”

“Oh, yeah, bitch!”

“That’s what you want? Tell me that what fuckin’ want?”


“Yeah, yeah, fucking faster, if you want me to cum. YEAH. Do it!”

Jennifer’s motions were so hard and fast that she felt her whole arm was on the verge of spasming.

“That’s it,” Sarah cooed through sharp teeth. “There you go! … ah … ERRR … OHHHHH yeah …” she came, snacking her own tit so hard and loud a human would have been thrown across the room.

Thick Alabaster cum spewed all over Jennifer’s fingers, while she found herself lapping up the sweet goo.

“You like the taste of you sister’s cum?” Sarah teased. “Yeah, lap it all up you sick slu …”

Jennifer suddenly shoved her fingers into Sarah’s mouth. “Shut the fuck up, Sarah.” Jennifer then groped up and down her inhumanly light skinned sister, who clearly loved the taste of her own cum.

“Bit my neck,” Sarah requested, breathlessly, moving her green hair away

Jennifer did so hard. So hard that it would have broken the skin if she was still Human.

Sarah was obviously showing off her near indestructibility, but she did genuinely like that kinky shit now. “Uh, yes …. err … don’t fucking stop!”

Jennifer bit down as hard as she could, groping Sarah’s neck and tits. She then moved to the other side, and teased, “This side, too, sis?”

“Yeah! Yeah!” she cooed, writhing in clear pleasure.

Jennifer bit down full force, making her sister coo loudly and lean into the bite.

Sarah then effortlessly repositioned her sister onto all four. “Plow your ass into me, Jen!”

She did so, squirming happily, while groping her own pussy at the same time.

Sarah had her sister lay her shoulders down to fully present her rear. There were some playful spanks, too. Sarah decided to just indulge in her sister’s body, groping every inch she saw.

Jennifer suddenly found herself on her back, with her sister making out with her abdomen and tits. She then moved down her leg, and slowly came to her feet. On her knees, she hungrily sucked off her sister’s toes, while groping her leg.

“Fuck yeah! Suck my fucking toes, Sarah!”

Satisfied, Sarah slithered down between her sister’s smooth legs, and began to grind their pussy almost harder than Jennifer could physically handle.

“Yeah! You like that!” Sarah yelled.

Jennifer held her legs up and wide to feel as much of the onslaught as she could. Her toes curled in the rough pleasure. Both cooed and going loudly. She soon found herself upright, and literally humping her sister’s abdomen. It felt surprisingly good! Whenever their eyes were not interlocked, Sarah groped, kiss, and bit.

“Eat my fuckin’ pussy now, Sarah!” Jennifer ordered.

With a hungry smile, Sarah moved down to her sister’s wet crotch. Jennifer absolutely loved the hungry animal her sister was at her crotch. It was unlike anything she ever experienced. Jennifer soon exploded hard into her sister, clamping her hard between her thighs. It was the wettest most powerful orgasm of her life, and Sarah happily drank it all down.

Sarah moved back up her heaving sister’s body. They kissed passionately, and locked eyes in a swirling love and lust …


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