Review: Discovery

Discovery (mind control, female-female sex) by softi
Anne discovers her sexuality at a very special library.

Date released: Nov. 17, 2018

This story read smoothly from the start, with early details that made me smirk, assuming dramatic shifts toward MC eroticism. “Library of Erotic Learning” did come off as rather fantastical, though, but fine, presumably it was not really connected with the college. Still, it did remind me the of the history behind my undergrad university’s campus, which was once owned by a sea captain and a brothel. Not normally a history shown on the brochures! I was also reminded of a layered Monty Python sketch involving, among other things, a speakeasy-style porno magazine shop. Anyway, the eroticism was quite well written, even though my lack of strongly religious upbringing made me rather unreceptive to the religion-fueled taboo. This was ultimately an interesting story left open to an interesting degree of interpretation. In many ways this was an attack on the unnecessary chains religion may put on people, making some do things they probably should not otherwise. Sexuality was never a religiously evil taboo for me growing up, so I never became interested in strip clubs seriously or feared typing “foot fetish” into Google secretly. I grew up learning that religion may be good and bad, while it does not necessarily explain who we are. In Anne’s rebellion against the extremes of her clear upbringing, she might have gone too far. Anne became almost the complete opposite of what she was, leaping past arguably better paths beyond her religious chains.

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