Review: Slave to Love

Slave to Love (contemporary drama, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal sex) directed by Alex DeRenzy
A hairdresser, later followed by her friend, go on a journey into decadence through an apparent orgiastic club run by wealthy men.

Release Date: 1993

The 1990s was almost a kind of transition period. The supposed Golden Age of Porn was yesterday, and cable and VHS now dominated the market. Softcore, too, was already finding itself growing more comfortable in the middle class home with “Skinemax,” while elements of softcore were becoming more common in more mainstream made-for-TV (premium) films, for good or ill. Slave to Love tries almost too hard to stand out in this post Golden Age conundrum. Its frame story of a Catholic Priest coming to care too much about a woman journeying into decadence forces too much drama, ironically taking away from that journey. We all know why we are watching this film, and when to use fast forward (same online today!). Still, the woman’s journey, which also sucks her sexy friend in, was a lot of fun. The wealthy man was technically pulling the strings, but he never forced anyone into anything. He complained a little when she wanted to do something differently, but went with it. He did not want her to go her own way at the end, but did not force her to stay. An interesting aside here is how an arguable plot hole led to the suggestion that her friend stayed with the wealthy orgy club. Regardless, the frame story notwithstanding, the overall plot was quite interesting, while the acting was not bad at all. Again, though, the decadently well done erotic scenes were why this film was purchased in the 1990s.

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