Review: The Vampire’s Folly

The Vampire Hunter’s Folly (mind control, female-female sex, vampire) by Kallie
Lucinda, a vampire hunter, falls into the clutches of a deadly vampire who decides to take the one thing she values most: her intelligence.

Release Date: Nov. 3, 2018

It almost seems ironic that intelligence sapping and vampire themes basically never converge, especially when the depicted vampires have psionic abilities. It was a pleasant surprise to have an almost traditional gothic horror framing. Regardless, I often root for the vampire, because of how brainlessly black and white some of the “protagonists” can be. This story, more or less, went in that direction, embracing this strangely little used confluence of themes. It evolved into something simple and unique at the same time. I found myself not rooting for either hunter or vampire, per se. Instead, I found myself more interested on where this would lead. This did not disappoint. Indeed, I was partly wrong about the Countess, but I do not want to give the whole game away! Just read this and enjoy its familiar uniqueness.

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