Review: Friends Indeed

Friends Indeed (mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, incest) by Daphne
A group of friends have an inexplicable passion for oral sex amongst themselves.

Release Date: Dec. 27 1998

In some ways, this starts as “uneventful,” while the flow of the writing kept things more than enticing. An usual event just happens almost like it was nothing (a blowjob), giving a distinct air of mystery. I am not necessarily into stories specifically surrounding oral sex, but this was successfully written in a way that aimed to suck everyone in, so to speak. The whole thing moved like a lucid dream. Plus, the concept of mutual adultery, for lack of better description, is always an interesting plot element. What was truly interesting was how the certain mind control element was never explicitly revealed. It makes one wonder if most were as aware of how different and sudden the oral fixations were. Regardless, the narrator came to accept this revised reality without question. How this all came to be might not even matter. Everyone was mutually enjoying themselves too much to care. This was a very hot story!

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