Review: Nightmare — The VHS Boardgame

My old review system has gone from unofficially retired to officially retired. Reviews, when time allows, will now be on a story by story basis, and discussed more casually. Most reviews of stories on the EMCSA are also posted on the MC Forum.

Nightmare: The VHS Boardgame (mind control, female-female sex) by HypnoticHarlequin
When Kaylee and her friends decide to play an old VHS boardgame, they find that the vampire isn’t just a cheap actress. In fact, she plans to make the game much more interesting.

Release Date: Oct. 27, 2018

I’ve always liked a good playful vampire story, so this looked fun from the get go. This was indeed fun from the start. I definitely enjoyed how well executed the writing was overall. This brought back memories of the one VHS game I played in the 90s(:-). Still did not leave much of an impression, as I can’t seem to remember what it was even called! Anyway, the story moved forward quite well and hypnotically. I might not be as enticed by master-slave (“vampire”-“pigs”) themes as some, but that did not really take away from the engrossing story. Even though everything seemed overly familiar at first, the plot shifted in unexpected ways. Who knows how real any of their experience was, but it definitely made them hungry … :D

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