This month’s main post!

OK, time is back on our side again, more or less!

This month will see the final installment of The Latex Machines Blog Flash series. Coming Monday the 27th!

Title: The Latex Machines — Reinvention
Synopsis: In the not too distant future, the research of deceased Dr. Noah finds it way into a nearby science history museum. The research soon reveals its seductive nature, as it oozes back into the world.
Tags: Mind control, latex, tranformation

This means, one, the current Blog Flash run is ending, and two, ebooks. The current series of Flashes will be updated into Blog Flash Compendium: Volume V, a free ebook via Smashwords. Perhaps more significantly, the installments of the Latex Machines will be reedited and significantly expanded into a Sci-Fi Unbound (standalone tale). It might also be released as a paperback. Release dates are TBD, but expect an update next month.

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