Blog Flash: The Latex Machines — Reinvention

Author's Note: This is the final part of the Blog Flash latex series and conclusion of Compendium 5. Links to Unbound Story: paperback ebook. The Latex Machines -- Reinvention I was walking down into the dim basement of a musty old house. This was a rare occurrence, and I felt an odd unease. The Chesterton Museum … Continue reading Blog Flash: The Latex Machines — Reinvention

This month’s main post!

OK, time is back on our side again, more or less! This month will see the final installment of The Latex Machines Blog Flash series. Coming Monday the 27th! Title: The Latex Machines -- Reinvention Synopsis: In the not too distant future, the research of deceased Dr. Noah finds it way into a nearby science history museum. The research … Continue reading This month’s main post!