Blog Flash: A Love Out of Time

Author’s Note: This surprise Christmas special applies a time travel concept that is not necessarily new, but seems rarely used. I may write a larger story to expand this or the underlying concepts. The following narrative is based on a non-erotic dream I had, particularly the implications at the end of it. Enjoy!

A Love Out of Time

I did it. I actually did it! I changed my past. It was a long story that accidentally led me to to a means of time travel. I don’t understand all the intricacies that made such a ludicrous thing possible; all I know is what I did with it. No one said I was allowed  to do it, but I knew there was nothing to go back to anyway. There was no way to go back to that timeline now, even if I could. I would likely just find another version of myself doing whatever a couple years from now. Technically, that’s how it already is. All I planned to do was sign one piece of paperwork I missed, but I also found myself dodging a former boss and meeting myself.

My past self was a little different. It was a long two years. Physically, I was not that different. I, we were five feet and nine inches, and D-cup breasts, long legs, size eight feet, blue eyes. Her hair was straighter and a bit blonder, while mine was its natural and wavy light brown. I was a bit more athletic; I came back to the time when I started to develop that athletic physique. That’s not to say I wasn’t already sexy. In some ways, I never thought about how sexy, arousing I was until I got to see myself in the third person! Is that narcissistic or incestuous? We were practically sisters, but she was literally me.

I was going to meet myself at the casino she now practically ran. Originally, that paperwork problem allowed the original owner to kick me out. The board subsequently kicked him and the Chief Financial Officer out for embezzlement. The casino went bankrupt soon after. Now, he was still kicked out, but the properly signed paperwork kept me in the board’s mind. That paperwork ensured I, well, she was their chief accountant, and was promoted to CFO. To my surprise, they decided in the next board meeting to have her be the acting CEO. She was to retain the CFO position once they hired a new CEO. There was to be no mediocrity this time.

Anyway, I just had to see her. What the hell else was I going to do? I now existed on a quantum technicality! She was working up at the entrance to the casino, fixing some kind of issue. It was busy, so I slowly made my way through. She looked so beautiful in her teal blouse, black pants, and supportive flats.

“Oh, hey, Jan!” she said somewhat tiredly. That was her nickname for me; it certainly negating some confusion.

“How are you, Janice?”

“Should be asking the same of you!” She put on that sarcastic smirk that meant both a tease and truth. “I’m out about 500 bucks on that new health insurance, by that’s about it. Wanna help me with that, too?”

I put on the same face. “Sure.”

I walked onto the casino floor. Perhaps the biggest thing that separated me from Janice now was how I learned to the best ways to gamble without breaking any rules or counting cards. That kept me alive for a good year after I was kicked out by that embezzling CEO. I waited for someone to loose a few times in a slot machine, casually dropping some quarters. One near the front was then prime for that monetary goal. I fed the machine five bucks, and it vomited a 500 dollar voucher. They were experimenting with alternates to chips. It did not last long the first time around.

I cashed out, and walked back over to Janice. It always amused me that I looked different enough from myself in this time that others assumed I was just her long lost sister, if they were paying attention. I admittedly wondered for a while after everything, but she still made sure I had no issues.

“You knew I’d get that exact amount, didn’t you?” I asked slyly.

“We know each other so well.”

“When do you get off?”

“Here’s the key to my apartment. Be up there in half and hour. I wanna really thank you for what you did for me, Jan.”

I quietly lay on Janice’s comfy bed barefooted. Who knows what was about to happen, yet I knew what I wanted to happen. It was so strange, but everything in me knew it felt right.

“Hey, Jan, where are yah?” she called calmly. “Got some Irish whisky! Something tells me that’s your favorite.”

“In here!” I called back. “Excited and thirsty, Janice!”

She walked into the room with an almost fascinated smile, bottle and glasses in hand. “You’re not gonna turn into some weird perv on me, are you?”

“You first!”

We laughed. It was not like we were thinking the same thoughts at the same time, but we did already know each other intimately.

She filled the glasses, kicked off her shoes, and lay next to me.

I took a glass from her.

“You sacrificed everything for me,” she said lovingly.

“You would have done the same.”

“Well, things are different now.”

“All that matters is now.”

It was a natural thing, in perfect sync. We kissed deeply lovingly, holding each other tightly.

We finished our glasses almost at the same time, and said in near perfect sync, “I have been waiting all my life for you …”

I was sure we thought the same thing in that moment, how strange and right it felt.

“I’m in love with you …”

We slowly, lovingly removed our clothes, kissing our bodies at random intervals. It was almost like looking into a mirror, except we did not look exactly alike. There could not be any disappointment in our bodies: she was already making herself healthier, as I was already proud of how well I took care of myself. We were beautiful women who already loved ourselves long before we really understood it.

We both knew what we wanted in love making, so we did it. Our kissing became more energetic, as did our groping. Knowing she deserved to take the lead first, I lay back. She kissed her way down to my nipple and lower, while I cooed excitedly.

Beyond all thought, I suddenly sat up and grabbed her head to aggressively make out more. She then lay back for me to take the lead. I straddled my we crotch over her hungry mouth, as I leaned to her. We wildly ate ourselves out hungrily, joyously. I was sure she also flashed back to all the times we masturbated, and how we did not want to admit we liked it better than sex with others. Her pussy was just like mine, as mine was just like hers. We were finally having sex the way we always wanted, yet never understood.

Our moans and coos were loud and true, while we groped ourselves wildly. I then unmounted, and lay back to have her penetrate my pussy and ass. She got the idea, and with a big  smile, she bared down on my love holes with her fingers and mouth. With three fingers, she instantly found my G-spot, making me moan and coo louder than I thought possible. She licked and thrust into my ass and pussy, making me squirm in my coos. She then gave me a quick, wild peck before resuming her work below. I was basically orgasmic, but all I wanted was for us to make more love. I soon found myself groping and fingering her dripping pussy, making her yet more excited in her on me.

She then shifted to grind her pussy on mine. We stared into our identical blue eyes, cooing loud and true. With then finally came in the truest of orgasms. There was no past; there was no future. There was only us …

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