Other Minds: Dark Seed

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: The following story has been updated, particularly the latter half of the story, since initial posting. This may be considered the Anonymous Cut.

Writer: Mr. Potestas

Concept and Outline: Anonymous

Dark Seed

One Drop:

Alexandria was happily walking down to her apartment after a few drinks with friends. Her best friend and roommate Claire left for their apartment not long before. Claire was the most sedate of the group. Alexandria, being bi, once had a serious crush on the super cute, little blonde Claire. Their apartment was only two blocks from the bar. Walking past an alley she past a thousand times, an odd shimmer caught her eye. She turned and walked to where she thought she saw it.

There was an odd stillness around her, like the world was no longer relevant. Before she could put serious thought into the distant world, she saw it through her thick glasses. Though, it didn’t look real: a female figure covered in some shiny black substance writhed and moaned in apparent shock and pleasure. Out of both genuine empathy and curiosity, she rushed toward the woman.

“Uh, I’m gonna call for help!” Alexandria said the to transforming figure.

Reaching for her phone with a shaking hand, Alexandria witnessed the woman become more muscular and voluptuous, like some kind of exaggerated comic-book character. At the same time, not all the flowing, latex-like liquid stayed amalgamated. Some of it splattered off in the woman’s sometimes wild motions, before dissolving off of the inorganic surfaces.

Cellphone now in hand, a tiny, viscous drop smashed onto Alexandria’s bare forearm. A burning flash of pleasure and power exploded into her, as the drop forced its way through her peach-white skin. Blackness suddenly surrounded her.

“Alex?” a distant voice suddenly called in the shiny black darkness. “Hey, what are you doing down there?”

Like forcing herself to awaken from a dream, the world slowly came back into focus. The “woman” was gone, as was any evidence of the dark liquid. She glanced at her arm in vain, remembering the seed seep into her. ‘Seed?’ she thought to herself, not knowing why that word came to her.

“Hey!” Claire, who was short even next to Alexandria’s five feet and five inches stature, called placing his hand lightly on her arm.

“Uh, hi, Claire,” she said awkward to her. “I think I drank too much …”

“Humph! I’m supposed to be the lightweight, Alex,” she smiled. “I’ll be neo-chivalrous, and walk with you back to your apartment.”

“OK, Neo!” she quipped.

Standing outside the apartment door, Alexandria snuck a quick smooch, and Claire slightly recoiled. Alexandria was drunk, but it was more than that. Maybe, Alexandria still had feelings for her.

Woah!” Claire breathed, lightly pushing back her friend.

“Sorry …” Alexandria said sheepishly, before excitedly unlocking her door.

Claire shrugged, knowing about her friend’s sexuality. There was also the fact that Claire was truly asexual. The woman never had sex with anyone, and never wanted sex. At the same time, Claire was not a prude. She was very accepting of others, especially her bisexual friend …

Alexandria fell into her bed naked. She just stripped her clothes away, overpowered by feelings of drunkenness and arousal. She was a somewhat plain, small-breasted, twenty-five year old brunette with dark blue eyes. The somewhat lanky physique often made her look taller than she was. She had a distinct air of “girl-next-door.”

The horny woman buried her hands between her small breasts and humid mound of twitching lust. She was hornier than she ever remembered, and could only follow the need. The first image in her mind was of Claire: the one that got away yet never left. Though very short, the body she often hid was of a full bodied porn star. She had hazel eyes, D-cup breasts, flat stomach, long legs, and size five feet.

Strangely, the image of Claire in Alexandra’s head was different right then. Her skin did not look like skin. Instead, it was a shimmering, flesh colored rubber. At the same time, her hair was a natural, deep purple, confirmed by the closely cropped hair over her pussy lips.

The revised image of Alexandra’s friend and crush made the horny woman go wild. She moaned and writhed, wanting the image to be real.

“I can be yours forever,” the image suddenly purred on its own accord. “You’ll soon know how, Alexandria.” She then moved toward the writhing, cooing woman, and placed her pussy lips on Alexandria’s. She then came and squirt harder and longer than she ever knew was possible

“FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, ALEX!” the image of Claire screamed in great want and pleasure, before Alexandria passed out …

Sprouting Seed:

Alexandria slowly awoke from a hot, wet dream she could not retain in memory, save for the vague impressions of it. Well, a dream that may or may not have continued her wild fantasy session before passing out! What quickly came to concern her was how her entire body felt off, no, extremely achey. She felt like she was exercising for several days straight. Indeed, her muscles felt incredibly tender. It made no sense!

Forcing her protesting muscles to move, she pealed herself away from the warm bed. She felt utterly exhausted, walking to the shower naked. She almost tripped over herself multiple times, but somehow sensed that was more than just improbable tiredness.

Under the hot stream of the shower, she began to realized impossible things. So impossible that she thought she was still dreaming! As her muscles felt worked to the extreme, they looked more prevalent then they ever were. Her once average physique now looked sexily athletic.

She then noticed how the shower spout was, well, closer, to her. It was as if she was a couple inches taller. But, how was that even possible? Perhaps that explains why she felt so clumsy, but a twenty-five year old just doesn’t have sudden growth spurts.

Her heart then skipped a beat! A black splotch was visible on the inside of her forearm exactly where she saw and felt latex-like drop melt into her. More shocking was how it looked like it was sprouting. Apparent, curvy tendrils extended out from it almost and inch all the way around. It looked like some irrational tattoo flat on her arm, but she could almost feel it growing inside her now that she was more used to the muscle pain. It fed on her for nutrients, while slowly excreting a transformative substance into her. She touched it. Goosebumps flew down her spine. The black splotch felt rubbery. Indeed, she quickly came to realize the rest of her skin felt like smooth rubber, albeit to a much lesser extent …

Claire was pouring himself some coffee she made for them both, when she heard her friend’s flip-flops echoing. She turned with a big smile, and said, “Made some coffee … Want me to make you something … Err.” Her slightly hungover, bleary eyes focused on what was supposed to be the plain Alexandria Haywell she knew for years, but was instead seeing a much more striking version of her in a kimono she had in college that was now too small. Claire may have been asexual, but knew her friend was somehow much sexier. Alexandria’s glasses did nothing to hide the enhanced beauty. Was she dreaming?

“Do I … look different to you, Claire?” she asked oddly.

“Uh … I dunno …” Claire breathed, honestly not sure how to answer that.

“Like taller …?”

“Umm,” she croaked. “Alex … Tell me I’m dreaming …” Claire reckoned Alexandria was at least two inches taller.

“I don’t think we are, Claire.” She took off her tight kimono, and presented herself, including the sprouting splotch.

“Shit …” Claire breathed. What was truly strange was how he wasn’t really shocked. How she felt for her overrode that, and how she felt for her as a lifelong friend was somewhat different now. It was friendship now tinged with devotion.

Claire’s reaction was a confirmation she did not want. Alexandria deeply sighed, and sat on the chair before her friend. “Last night,” she began quietly, “I was in that alley, because I saw something …”

“What?” she breathed, quickly sitting next to her.

“A woman, I think. She was completely smothered in what looked like liquid latex. It was … changing her. Some of the liquid splattered off, and a drop hit my arm right were you see that rubbery blemish … I still feel myself changing. I can feel new thoughts and desires just beyond reach, but sprinting toward me …”

“I feel different toward you, too,” Claire forced, not sure if she wanted to know, and placed his hand on hers. “I’m yours, Alexandria. I can’t explain it any other way.”

One of those new thoughts caught up to her, more than confirming Claire’s admission. She passively made Claire hers through how much secret love she had for her, and that she could actively do the same to others somehow. “You’re mine?” she asked scared, already knowing the answer.

Forever!” she exclaimed. In that moment she realized everything she was is now Alexandria’s.

A new concept then became clear to Alexandria: the need to embrace the changes. She thought deeply and logically about that revelation. There was no guarantee that what was happening to her was a good thing, even if she may come to think it was. The only way, she knew, to keep some objectivity was to have some kind of baseline. Claire was the only choice for that, even though she was already lost in her devotion.

“OK,” she sighed. “Claire, I need you to listen very carefully and follow everything I say right now.”

“Of course, Alex,” she said with total devotion.

“This first thing cannot change, no matter what I say later: be logical and rational toward these changes, and do not be afraid tell me exactly how I am now verses afterward. Question me, say no to me. You may and you need to keep your mind as your own. Do you understand, Claire?”

An almost refreshing clarity flowed through her. Alexandria allowed her mind to function, while she did not even realize it was hers to give back. “Yes … Yes, Alex. Thank you. We do need to figure this out. This is completely insane … I think I could have killed for you! Still might …”

“Yeah …” Claire breathed. “This is gonna get weird …”

“It’s not already?” Alexandria asked with an amazed laugh.

“We need to learn what’s happening, I guess, Claire. New concepts are becoming clear to me. I want to explore them, and I’m not sure if that’s me or whatever I’m becoming.”

“Well, what is it you want to explore, Alex?”

“… I want to make you do things …”

“Well …” Claire thought about it for a moment. “OK. I guess any control of something comes from understanding. We’ll just leave it at just the once for now to at least get a sense of this urge.”

An odd shrill of excitement flew down her spine. “Stand before me, Claire”

She did so.

“Strip for me, Claire,” she ordered.

At first, it seemed like an odd thing to ask her asexual friend, but while she was thinking about it, Claire found herself stripping, untying her gushy white robe’s belt.

“Slowly, seductively.”

Claire didn’t even know how to be seductive, yet her motions were. She slowly, teasingly finished undid the knot.

Alexandria found herself passionately rubbing her juicy pussy.

Claire twisted around, and opened her robe. She then flipped the top down, revealing her upper back.

Good …” Alexandria drooled, as her pussy dripped.

Claire closed her robe with the top still folded down, and twisted herself back around. Her ample cleavage showed teasingly above where the robe covered. She then slowly, one arm at a time, peeled away the robe, like an orange peel. The robed peeled downward so slowly it was as if it floated.

Seeing Claire’s body slowly be revealed to her, Alexandria felt both disappointment and ambition. The latter she did not yet fully understand, but the former was because she wanted Claire to have that shimmering, rubbery skin.

Claire slowly stepped away from the robe at her feet toward Alexandria.

“Finish me, Claire,” she ordered. “Eat out my pussy!”

Claire finally, almost refused. She never did anything so sexual with another, and still did not want to so. On her own will, she followed the command, so that they may both have a better understanding of what was happening.

She looked down to Alexandria’s wet lower lips, with were ready for the most sexual kiss of all. Claire went to her knees between Alexandria’s now ample thighs, wet her lips, and began to make out with the wanting pussy. She pulled back a moment later. “You taste kinda rubbery, Alex.”

“Just fuckin’ finish me off, Claire …” she ordered with mixed feelings. She wanted to finish this session, but at the same time all her experience to her that this was was the wrong way to have a crush give her pleasure.

Like a hungry slut, Claire went back down on the subtly rubber tasting pussy. Tongue swirling, lips rubbing, Claire had no idea where such motions came. Almost at the same time, the two realized it was all Alexandria, who was passively making Claire do exactly what she wanted. Alexandria then realized she could do so actively, but refused to do so. Instead, Alexandria just lay back, and let herself enjoy receiving pleasure from a woman she always secretly loved, wrapping her strong legs around the little woman.

“Oh, fuck,” Alexandria breathed. “Oh, God, I’m SO close, Claire. Don’t fuckin’ stop … That is! Yes … Yeah … OH FUCK ME, YEAAAAAAHH!”

Claire felt Alexandria’s legs unwrap themselves, and she climbed onto the chair, feeling an odd exhaustion, which she figured was the lack of total submission on her part.

“Are you OK, Claire?” she asked scared.

“I … yeah … I didn’t know I was capable of anything like that …”

“I’m loosing myself, Claire. I’m loosing my humanity. I shouldn’t have done that. Whatever this is, it’s much stronger inside me now …”

“But, do you understand it better?” she quietly asked.

“Yeah …” she answered honestly.

“Then maybe, it was worth it …”

Taken Root

The rest of the day was strange and uncomfortable for them both. Alexandria’s body was still transforming, and not pleasurably. Indeed, she proportionally grew at least an another half inch by the afternoon, as what was the black seed now smothering almost half of her visibly with the tendrils almost everywhere else. She knew fucking Claire or others would ease her mental and physical discomfort, but she also knew that it would hasten the transformation. She had to stay ahead of it, at least mentally, even though she sensed that was futile.

Claire searched the internet and made some discrete calls, Alexandria obviously not the only one in this improbable situation. At first, they came up with nothing, but Alexandria’s growing understanding of the situation led them to conspiratorial, almost cryptic news reports. Though the bloggers read crazily, Alexandria knew that they were at least onto the truth, whatever it was. Alexandria filtering, they deciphered that there was a central alien presence on the Earth, and probably arrived very recently. It was transforming people into female humanoid latex creatures, and those creatures were transforming others, actively or no. It all did nothing to quell their shared sense of dread …

Alexandria stood in front of the tall mirror in her bedroom naked, examining herself wearily. She did not feel Human anymore, and her appearance did little to counter that. She was now taller with a highly athletic physique. Her whole right side from neck to toes was now shiny black, and felt more of rubber than skin. Everywhere else, save for her head, now had visible tendrils. Her actively non-sexual activities since the morning ensured the transformation was incremental and not exponential.

Still, she could feel the tendrils’ growth and blackness behind when she concentrated on it. Though they were not visible outwardly, the rubbery tendrils were now tightly wrapped around her brainstem, and moments away from moving into her brain, where they would directly spew their transformative juice. She was no longer sure if she did not want that, to transform into some semi-alien creature. It was too late the moment the dark seed burrowed into her. How can anyone fight the inevitable. How …

FUCK!” she growled in pain with a deep, resonating voice she no longer recognized. The tendrils had now finally penetrated her brain. They grew into it far faster than she expected! It felt as if her head was about to split open, and maybe it was …

“Alexandria!” Claire called running into the room after hearing her growl of pain. “Are you OK?”

Through the splitting pain, Alexandria met with her own darkening eyes in the mirror, tendrils now just barely visible on the right side of her face. “It is wrapping around my brain now …” her deep voice resonated. “There’s a power … I see it now. Humanity. What was that life? I’ll tell you, Claire: it was mediocrity, nothingness. I can control any Human, bend them to my will, transform them into something so much more!”

“Listen to yourself Alexandria!” she pleaded.

Alexandria spun around, looking down on the little Human. “It was a mistake to give you your mind back, Claire. I should rip it from you, fuck you for sustenance, and maybe, maybe, make you something close to what I am about to become.”

“Alex, if there’s anything left of your love for me, listen to me,” she forced, grabbing her subversively dense upper arms. “You knew you might start to loose yourself, how you feel toward me. That is why you let me think for myself: to save yourself! Even if you can’t love me anymore, I can love enough for the both of us …” She hugged her tightly.

She looked deep into Claire’s hazel green eyes. “It’s … too late for me,” she said quietly. “There’s no humanity left, Claire … I now want your mind.”

Looking into the black eyes in terror, Claire could feel her mind slipping away through that very devotion connecting them. She soon couldn’t think, she couldn’t move. She looked and all but felt blank.

“Onto the bed,” Alexandria ordered. “Remove your clothes, and lay back. You have few precious moments of virginity left.”

Claire did so, the commands filling her with purpose.

Alexandria opened the little woman’s sexy legs so hard and fast that her hymen split wide open, and held one leg up. She then mounted her shimmering pussy onto her mate’s. Yes, that was the word for what they were becoming: “mates.” Alexandria then mounted Claire’s now opened pussy with her own, and began to thrust wildly. “Feel our pleasure, my love!” she ordered almost orgasmically.

They both began to moan and coo in perfect time. The sharing of pleasure was beyond anything either ever knew. She thrust like a wild woman, wanting to give Claire her gift more than the experience of the coming orgasm. They soon exploded in mind destroying orgasm, Alexandria quite literally. Black, latex-like goo spewed out of her and into Claire, filling the woman’s insides. It was similar to cum, yet so much more. It was forcing her to ovulate, while transforming her reproductive organs.

Clarity finally hit Alexandria through the epic orgasm. She may not have felt Human, but that did not mean she had lost whatever it was that made her Alexandria. What had she just done to Claire? A moment later, Alexandria could feel her transformation begin its final phase.

“Claire, I’m so fucking sorry! Think for yourself again, my love. Move … away from me …!”

Claire quickly moved to the other side of the room, watching in fascination in horror. Yet, there was also comfort. Whatever this was, all mystery of it will likely be gone. At the same time, she felt her currently flat stomach. For all Alexandria had done to her, she felt total love toward her now. Claire now had a sexuality, and it was Alexandria. Feeling her uterus change and ovulate and be fertilized, she was truly happy to be having Alexandria’s children. It was fucked up, but it was true. Her mind was her own.

Alexandria then started to cough up black, latex-like goo, as her pores began to excrete the same substance. It was already within her, but now overflowing to the surface. It quickly began to gel along her entire body, encasing her. She writhed wildly now in what could only be described as pleasure. A drop of escaped black goo landed right on Claire’s bare foot, quickly seeping through the skin. Claire did not even notice, enthralled by her transforming lover.

Alexandria’s exterior was now experiencing the final reshaping. She grew to a full five feet and ten inches, as her body came to look like some some exaggerated yet very sexy superheroine or supervillainess. Her hair began to look like the very black tendrils that took root in her, while could soon be used to transform others at will. A carapace-like formation formed around her waist, as distinct spikes formed along her spine. Black claws formed on her fingers and toes. It all accentuated her now very alien beauty, as she also looked equally as deadly.

On the inside, the dark, latex-like goo dissolved and replaced everything, save for her brain, with which it merely fused. While her default shape was coming to fruition, she will have the power to alter it at will. In the end, her mind became something quite different than the dark seed expected. She passively outwitted those plans through the very power it granted, preventing eternal enslavement to rubbery megalomania. Her humanity was retained, or at least a touch of it. She knew everything, and knew whatever was to come next was to be her own choice …

Claire lay next to her transformed love, who slept soundly. She kissed her sleeping lover on the lips, and said, “A Dark Seed is in me. I’m gonna be just like you, my love …” She lightly brushed her lover’s rubbery hair. “Maybe, it’s better that way. We’re going to have quite the litter! I already sense my transformation will be different, though. It will be much slower, thanks to the mating. There won’t be a final phase like you had; just a slow transition into whatever this is … I love you … I …”

Claire suddenly heard a noise. Someone was at the front door! She had changed just barely enough to know it was the alien Hive coming for them. The unstated question all along was where that woman in the ally went. She must have been taken away before Claire showed up, while Alexandria was feeling the seed take burrow without hinderance.

She shook Alexandria almost violently. “Alex, wake the fuck up! They’re here!”

Alexandria slowly came to consciousness. There was relief in the first moment on how she was, more or less, still Alexandria, and not the dark Queen they wanted her to be. The urgency of the situation hit her in the next moment, also sensing the Hive coming for her. Normally, she sensed, Claire would not be taken until fully transformed, but they successfully mated. They both sensed that was not supposed to happen, at least not yet. Their love changed everything.

“Claire,” Alexandria forced through the drowsiness, her deep resonating voice sounding surprisingly like the former Human version. “Go … I’ll distract them. I don’t think they know about you.”

“The dark seed is in me, too, Alex,” she informed.

“I know … We’re connected. You just can’t feel it yet … Go! You’ll find me, I know you will.”

Claire nodded, and quickly slipped on a dress and flip-flips from the closet, and made her way out the fire escape. With a touch of luck — them not knowing Claire’s impregnation and coming transformation, Claire slipped away undetected.

Two women and a man with shimmering, rubbery skin walked into the room.

“You were right,” the woman with apparently natural yellow blonde hair stated to the dark haired man. “She is powerful.”

Alexandria now knew her somewhat inhuman appearance made her among the special converts. She was reborn as a leader, not that she really wanted that.

“Rise, new Queen,” the man requested.

She slipped out of the bed, not quite sure what was going to happen. They were a “Hive,” but they did not truly share a hive mind.

While less than subtly bowing like the others, the chestnut haired women with natural blonde highlights observed, “It was reported you had a roommate, my Quee n: a Claire Woods …?”

“Yes,” Alexandria answered, “She is not here.”

“Did she receive a Seed while in your Liquid Phase?” the man asked curiously.

“I … did not see,” Alexandria answered cautiously. “She was gone when you woke me up by forcing your way in here. We may not be Human anymore, but some … prudence is not unwise.”

“We apologize, my Queen …” they said defensively in unison.

They could sense how different she was. To Alexandria’s tentative relief, they interpreted that as being more powerful than other Queens, and perhaps that was true. The terror she hid well was them learning why that was. The mating did link her mentally and physically to Claire, who will soon be able to reciprocate that connection thanks to the Seed. Claire still being mostly Human allowed her love and humanity to be shared with Alexandria, who still had just enough of herself deep down when they mated to accept all that was Claire.

Now, Alexandria felt the chance to stop what was happening, especially with Claire free. There was no changing back, but some good must come out of what happened to them.

“Well, lead on!”

Shades of Purple Lust

The next few days were strange for Claire. She kept on the move, while she could sense Alexandria doing all she could to help without revealing the truth. The only big risk was taking out a lot of cash at an ATM. Obviously, that was a very loud bell to ring, but the Hive was not yet everywhere. With Alexandria’s quiet help, Claire stayed ahead even then. Indeed, Alexandria had a good idea where Claire was all along.

Claire did not really want to transform further, she came to realize. At first, she did not feel all that different. She still felt, more or less, like she always did, and wanted to keep it that way. There was already so much change within her from the mating. She felt a distinct tingle, though. She felt it deep inside her thought processes, making her pussy twitch.

Claire was horny.

No matter how much slower and smoother her transformation was, that arousal was not surprising, having seen it in her love. Her body wanted to transform through pleasure, even if her mind did not. Seeing and feeling her body slowly change into a rubbery thing, the arousal quickly became devastating. The once asexual woman had no learned means of controlling it. She had to fuck someone, anyone. It was what she had to do, she barely reasoned, to keep herself sane for her love.

At a rest stop, she found herself coming on to some random guy. Alexandria’s syphoned power made the seduction very easy. She had to feel the guy’s dick inside her, to take away any question of virginity. The very thought of feeling hot cum inside her made her spine tingle, as did the thought that her insides were no longer receptive to Human cum.

The excited man took Claire to his large commercial truck, complete with a bed behind the front seats. Soon, they were naked, and Claire aggressively threw the amazed man onto his bed. Claire mounted, and thrust her hips around the solid member. A flash of epic pleasure exploded through her, the pussy stretching like the rubber it was becoming.

The man certainly noticed the subtly rubber feel of the pussy, but was too mesmerized to care. Claire thrust like a wild Amazon, feeling her body scream in glorious confirmation, as it prepared to hasten the transformation. She was in a continuous state of utter orgasm. The man suddenly exploded into her, enhancing her orgasmic state beyond what she thought was possible.

Claire collapsed on top of the drowsy man, feeling her transformation push forward through inhuman grunts. Her skin became somewhat shinier, more rubbery, while her hair slightly shifted toward the deep shade of purple like Alexandria dreamed. She grew at least an inch, while her body became firmer, more athletic. She was very strong now, stronger than she looked. She even realized she could will the unborn within her to pause their development, and did so. The pleasure normalized her mind.

She looked down on the barely aware man. The sex was too much for him, and was too worn out to freak out over what he witnessed. “Nothing strange happened here,” Claire said somewhat awkwardly to the mesmerized man. “Thanks, I guess … Might as well have been a virgin …”

Claire’s transformation was all but complete over those few days after the sexual encounter. She masturbated herself to completion in a poor attempt control the transformation. Even if she didn’t want to fully transform there was no stopping it. She could at least barely control the rate. Her hair was now long, rubbery, deep purple strands, as her flesh toned skin looked and felt of rubber. All that was left was to find a way to help Alexandria, and their connection was growing strong enough to make that possible …

‘Can you hear me now, Claire?’ she eventually heard in her mind. It was somewhat distant, but finally clear.

‘Yes, Alex … Are you OK? I sense a lot of anxiety.’

‘I sense it you, too! We both lost our minds through lust for a moment … They know I’m different, Claire, and they’re starting to suspect why. It’s only a matter of time before they realize we’re mates. Mating was supposed to be much later, and long after indoctrination into the Hive.”

‘I … I know where you are, Alex … How can I help you. I need to help you.’

‘I really am more powerful than all of them, and together I think we can do something. We have to do something about the other Queens. Together, we may be more powerful than all of them. Then we’ll be free. I know now that this is the invasion force. There’s no interstellar hierarchy. Not really. Once a world is consumed and transformed by the Dark Seeds, that world sends out Dark Seeds to transform other worlds. Evolution can be stranger than Humans yet know … I’m sure ours will be one of many worlds that refused total transformation.’

‘As long as I’m with you, Alex, I ready for whatever is to come …’

The Dark Queens

Now that Claire was fully transformed, it was as safe as it would ever be to join with Alexandria, who forced herself to the top of the hierarchy of the area. If another Queen or even a questioning subordinate found Claire beforehand, they would have been kept apart, bound by the more power hungry Queens.

Alexandria hated it, being a Queen, but effectively used it to her advantage. The real problem was that the loyalty her subordinates had was not truly unquestioning. Sure, they followed her orders, but that did not mean they could not question or seek advice from other Queens. The fact that she was not pushing transformation at all was something that did not go unnoticed. It was only a matter of time before the other Queens learned the truth, and Alexandria planned to reveal that truth herself.

“A disciple by the name of Claire Woods will be arriving soon, ahead of the other Queens,” Alexandria said over the phone to the disciple guard. “Lead her directly to me.”

Claire was almost shaking in her nervousness, and more than half of that was transferred to her from her mate. Whether the rubbery guard with blue-black hair noticed or not, he silently brought her straight to Alexandria.

“Back to your duties, disciple,” Alexandria said, eyes not leaving the loving Claire. He silently walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

They immediately smashed themselves together, feeling each other as if for the first time. They partially melted into each other, experiencing powerful waves of orgasmic pleasure. If they had not successfully mated several days before, they would have completely melted into a singular orgasmic pool of living latex. When they pulled out of each other, Claire’s skin had mostly shifted to the shiny black of her lover. At the same time, isolated flesh toned swirls were apparent on each. This was their first step to becoming a single being, as that was the fate of mates in their race.

Their minds now in perfect sync, physically being together, they both knew what was to come next. It was simple, beyond the devastating level of devotion Alexandria inflicted: Claire and Alexandria were mates. Their rubbery race was all about procreation, and with them the only ones truly mated, there would be no denying them. The difference was that they planned to save humanity rather than transform it.

“The five Queens are here, Queen Alexandria,” a woman said through the intercom. There were a few others, but those five were the vast majority. They were enough for the simple plan.

“Can’t wait to see their faces, Alex!” Claire chimed.

“My Queen?” the intercom chirped.

“Send them up, disciple,” Alexandria ordered.

“Of course, my Queen.”

The five striking, imposing, shiny black women walked into the room. It was fairly easy to tell them apart, but they still looked very similar. Indeed, their look of shock and confusion was identical.

“What is this!” the tallest one resonated.

“Claire and I are mates, Queen Amelia,” she said with a big smile, rubbing Claire’s flat tummy.

“It’s … too soon …” the short haired one observed confused.

“This cannot be!” the one with the spiked tail growled.

“But it is, great Queens. As a Mated Queen, you all know I am undeniable,” Alexandria stated.

“What is it you want, Queen Alexandria?” the shortest asked concerned, starting to feel the powerful devotion the two were inflicting on them.

“Queen Laura, it’s time to just be us. The transformation of humanity stops now.”

Alexandria and Claire joined and melted their hands together. A black liquid wave pleasurably flew through their joined hands to Claire’s free one. In unison, the two walked forward, and touched the resistant yet frozen Queens. A new Seed took root in them; a Seed of Alexandria-Claire’s design. By default, Alexandria-Claire represented the highest authority. While not mandating the dismantling of the already present hierarchy, the command of being their own race was paramount. No Human was to be transformed unless it was by consent. Beyond all of that was the humanity Alexandria and Claire shared.

They became two again, and Alexandria dictated, “You five will lead now. Go out and spread my Seed to the rest of our race, especially to the Queens not present.”

“What will you do now, Great Queen?” Queen Amelia said almost softly.

Claire and Alexandria looked at each other, feeling the love and humanity they shared, before Alexandria answered, “You’ll know where to find us if you really need us … I have a love to explore, as you may find a love to explore. Good luck …”

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