Blog Flash: Yoga Pants

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Yoga Pants

‘I married a mad scientist,’ Jessica thought to herself. ‘The good kind … The kind that that has no interest in conquering the world, but probably could.’

“What do ya think, Jess?”

She felt the black fabric in her hands. It looked and felt much like “normal” yoga pants, but it was definitely very different. It was based on his “Smart Nylon” invention, which brought in plenty of money from the athletic pants craze. The ultimate product, “SuperFits,” used a form of nanotechnology to enhance physical activity. It kept the body cooler, prevented muscle cramps, and somehow worked the muscles. It was also the one thing that actually was “one size fits all,” because it resized itself. She didn’t fully understand how it worked, but it worked! Like many customers, she wore it all the time, wearing a pink shirt and pants of the stuff right now.

“Feels like it’ll be comfortable …” She smirked, knowing what this side project really was: sexual enhancement. He never sold or patented such side projects; they were just their fun. “So, what do these do?”

He smirked with a fake deviousness. “They’ll work the muscles just like the regular stuff, but these will also allow you to fuck for longer and harder.”

“Do I wanna know how?”

“Try’em on, and find out!”

She shrugged. Sure, it was a little weird at first whenever she humored him on one of these sexual escapades, but she learned quickly how good the sex often was. There was that one time it didn’t work out as intended, but it at least led to a big laugh. They had yet to surpass the one they often used that somehow connected them physically, allowing them to share their sensations! The sensory explosion made it so they could not do that more than once a month.

She slipped off her SuperFits top and bottom, revealing her quite toned physique, and pulled up the yoga pants. At first they felt as cool and comforting as was it replaced. Then, something changed. “I … feel a little strange …” she breathed.

“That’s the fabric synching with your metabolism. Smart Nylon does it passively — no noticeable sensation; Sex Nylon does it actively! This stuff is basically a mix of our favorite sex toy and Smart Nylon! There’s more, you’re about to feel.”

“Oh, fuck …” she breathed in pleasure and amazement. “It’s … IT’S INSIDE ME!” She let herself slowly fall onto the floor, moaning and writhing in pleasure. Her ass and crotch exploded in orgasm after orgasm, while simply feeling the fabric on her legs was orgasmic.

“Wow …  It’s learning your extremes of pleasure and stamina,” he said amazed. “A little more affective than I thought …”

“I love it …” she blurted though the organic extreme. “It’s … changing me …”

“In what ways?” he asked concerned. This was not at all what he expected, which was just for them to make love in a new and enhanced way.

“It knows … ERGUH … I want it!” she growled toward him. “It’s already so deep … UMPHUH … I hear it, it hears ERRR–me … I’m telling it to go all the way! It feels too good not to.”

“All the way?” he breathed, finally aware at how aroused he was at the sight of his dark haired love in utter ecstasy.

“You don’t even know how amazing your invention is,” she said, apparently stabilizing, “but you will.”

“OK …”

Suddenly, the fabric started to expand, but the color was her lightly tanned tone, while the original portion remained the same. She looked toward her lover with a dark and hungry look, the fabric growing around her face. Soon, her entire body was covered by the very special yoga pants. Her skin was now soft like the fabric that merged with it, yet still looked an acted like skin. She stood, and walked to the amazed scientist.

All he could do was kiss the soft woman. Yet, it wasn’t like any kiss they ever shared. It was something beyond the device that allowed them to share their sensations. They felt so much more than just sensation; they felt each other, their minds. He suddenly pulled back, lest experience a sensory overload.

“I could feel you. I was in your mind.”

“As I was in yours, you dirty nerd!” she teased. “Let’s fuck like we’ve never fucked before …”

He quickly slipped out of his clothes, and began to aggressively make out with his transformed lover. Their minds overlapped and meshed, while both found themselves embracing more and more primal thoughts. Instinctually, his dick found its way into her very soft and wet pussy. They both knew the fabric yielded to him. At the same time, it encased her entire pleasure cavity, as it encased his entire member. Their pleasure blasted through them like lightning.

That blast of pleasure almost destroyed their minds, leading to more aggressive humping. While the nylon encased them both, they let their sense of identity fade away, for the more they became one consciousness, the greater the pleasure grew. They both humped wildly, as they both lay passively. At the point of final orgasm for the merged being, nothing was left of what they once were …

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