Blog Unbound Friday, etc!

Friday the 29th will finally see the next Blog Unbound!

Title: The Taste of Passion
Mythos: Supernatural
Tags: Mind control, transformation, wraith, demonic, incest, lesbian sex, male-female sex
Synopsis: Hunters Ron and Jessica are called for aid on a case involving transformatively demonic music.

As may have been gathered, my free time has shrunk dramatically. My goal is to have at least one post per month, whether that be an Unbound, Flash, or even review. Reviews, when I have the time, will follow the same rating system as before, but only MC Archive may have the prior standard of the three reviews at the same time. Movies, ebooks, TV series, etc, will be reviewed on its own.

One Blog Unbound, the First Supernatural Cycle is nearly complete. After The Taste of Passion, there are two further stories: The Hard Path and finally A Distant Shadow. Lust may be of truth, but Hell is of deception …

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