Other Minds: Encounter (Full Story)

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Writer: Mr. Potestas

Concept and Outline: Anonymous


It was a favor for a friend, I convinced myself. Yet, I indeed wanted something more in life, and Sally was always my most unusual friend. She never pushed me into anything unorthodox, but was always there to open the door. And there it was …

Domina’s: a place for the unorthodox. The night club was like some kind of underground, according to Sally, where serious judgments were left at the door. Looking at the sign above the gruff bouncer, I wondered if this was to be my new reality. I did not know in that moment. Being a guest of the apparent regular Sally, we were casually ushered inside.

It was fairly dark, with occasionally flashing lights above. Everything was quite clear about this other world, though. It was a world of latex and leather, a world I never fully understood yet accepted. Was this their reality? It certainly was in secret! Indeed, Sally opened up her thin black coat to reveal her shimmering latex top and stockings. They were all free here to express themselves in vast and diverse ways, and that was an endearing feeling.

Sally and I sat at the bar.

“She yours?” the bartender asked my friend with a sarcastic smile.

Sally smiled. “A curious friend, Jack!” she said excitedly. She ordered us a couple beers.

Shyly sipping at the dark nectar, I saw her in the distance.

“Ah, our Domina makes an appearance!” Sally said lightly.

I barely heard my somewhat sarcastic friend. This Domina was mesmerizing me, and I could not understand why. She was smothered with shimmering black rubber from top to bottom. Not a single patch of skin showed. Was I aroused by the site? I didn’t think so. Was I fascinated? Maybe. She glided through the crowed, with them moving aside on more than impulse. She was somehow something more, somehow bleeding power not all could clearly see. Without catching my eyes, she brushed up against my bare upper arm. The feel of her sleek, warm rubber gave me goosebumps. Then, she disappeared into her crowed.

“I gotta learn how to make entrances like that, Jack!”  Sally laughed happily, turing toward me. “You OK, Brandy?”

I slowly turned my head to my friend. “I, I guess … I don’t know …”

Sally looked at me empathetically, and placed her hand on my shoulder. “If this is too much for you, we can go somewhere else.”

I deeply sighed, the strange feeling only growing stronger. “Yeah, umm … I think I just wanna go home …”

I quietly lay on the couch alone, feeling stranger than before. My eyes suddenly caught a curious black splotch on my arm. Was that where that rubbery woman brushed me? I wasn’t sure. I touched it. The glossy, rubbery texture sent a thrill along my spine. What is this new dankness growing out of me. Should I call for help? I somehow did not want to do so. A shimmering darkness soon washed over me …

I eventually found the strength to force open my eyes. I felt even stranger, and more different than before. My eyes suddenly caught that darkness on my arm. It had grown! What was happening? I wanted this. But why did I want this? I did not yet know. The shimmering darkness was consuming the whole of my arm, making it firmer, sexier. I lay frozen, feeling powerless to stop the … transformation? Perhaps that was the only terrifying way to describe it. The rubbery darkness now worked to consume my shoulder and neck, remaking it in the image of strength and sexuality. I felt strange and different and beyond all questioning. The more the strangeness grew, the more true it felt.

The consuming continued across to my other arm. I came to feel it seeping into my flesh, my muscles to enhance me. Flowing like the river, the new rubber flesh began to excite me, pleasure me. It wanted to become me, as I wanted to become it. It flowed down and into my chest and torso, improving me yet further. It flowed into my ass and pussy, inflicting devastating orgasms beyond Human comprehension.

My voice was growing deeper, more inhuman by each orgasmic burst of ecstasy. As it flowed into me, it flowed down my legs and around my feet. Further reshaping me into the more shapely, erotic, powerful, it slowly moved upward around my head. My hair rubberized into flowing tentacles that tasted the air, as liquid flowed forward. The darkness slowly moved around my face and into every opening, growing into my mind, making me it. My very being was transforming … And finally …

I was rubber, I was pleasure …

The pull back toward that night club was undeniable. My transformation may have taken hours or days; I could not have cared less. Under the blackest of skies, the area was empty, abandoned, yet the door was wide open as if waiting for me. I walked inside …

There she was, my Domina, a joyously inhuman being that just remade me as her mate. We embraced with the whole of our bodies, our beings. Our otherwise strong as iron skin, melted into the other’s. We flowed together as one in our glorious mating, yet it was she in total control. My mind, my soul melted into hers, as we became one to make many. And soon, I was hers, I was the life mate for my Domina!

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