Other Minds: Encounter

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Writer: Mr. Potestas

Concept and Outline: Anonymous


Favors for friends,

Is that my reality?

Of course not!

There was always more,

I wanted more, she opened the door,

The fetishes were not mine, but theirs,

It was another world,

A world of latex and leather,

A world I never understood yet accepted,

Was this to be my new reality?

I did not know in that moment,

The fetishistic pub was vast and diverse,

Was this their reality?

It was in secret,

And there the Domina was

In all her dark, rubbery glory,

Not a patch of skin showing,

Was I aroused?


Was I fascinated?


She glided through the crowd,

Others stood aside on more than impulse,

The woman bled power, somehow something more,

The Domina brushed passed me, the only one she touched,

I soon felt odd, and used that as an excuse to leave,

Alone in my home, I lay quietly on my couch,

A curious black splotch shown on my upper arm,

Was that where the Domina touched?

I wasn’t sure,

It felt glossy, rubbery,

What is this darkness? I asked myself,

There was no way to know,

Should I call for help?

I did not want to,

A sleep of glossy darkness washed over me,

I forced my eyes open a time later,

I looked back at my arm’s shimmering darkness,

It had grown!

What was happening?

I wanted this,

Why did I want this?

I did not yet know,

The shimmering darkness was consuming the whole of my arm,

I lay frozen, feeling powerless to stop the transformation,


Perhaps that was the only terrifying way to describe it,

The rubbery darkness now worked to consume my shoulder and neck,

I felt strange and different and beyond questioning,

The consuming continued across to my other arm,

Flowing like the river,

The new rubber skin began to excite me, pleasure me,

It wanted to become me,

It flowed down my chest and torso, improving me,

It fell into my ass and pussy, inflicting devastating orgasms,

My voice was growing deeper, inhuman,

As it flowed into me, it flowed down my legs and around my feet,

It was reshaping me into the more shapely, erotic,

It slowly moved upward around my head,

My hair rubberized into flowing tentacles,

It slowly moved around my face and into every opening,

It grew into my mind, making me it,

My very being was transforming,

And finally

I was rubber, I was pleasure,

I was hers, I was the life mate for my Domina!

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