Blog Flash: The Latex Machines (Alpha Test)

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: The Latex Machines (Alpha Test)

I walked into the job like any other. Another bland job for the bland temp girl. It paid the bills, and I was a good administrative assistant. There was something a little strange about this job, though. It was a research firm run by a bunch of a white-coated scientists. Though most wore some variant of T-shirt and jeans under the coat, the whole operation gave off a subtle Bond Movie vibe, with myself haplessly working for Doctor Number One! It amused me, mostly because other temps at my agency described working for socially awkward scientists in a similar way. At the same time, they were all very pleasant and helpful coworkers.

After lunch, I gathered some paperwork for Dr. Noah. He was one of the research leaders there, and according to his coworkers, a self-described workaholic. As I had yet to meet this scientist, this had been my first time traversing this part of the building. Like the rest of it, the halls had a very sterile feel. Yet, there were also far more bland and blinding white. Workaholics and blandness went hand and hand, I assumed. The layout was a bit different, too. While other parts of the building had doors labeled with “Research Area run by Dr. …” or “Office of … ,” the doors here had a series of numbers. The first number was clearly the regular room number, and I assumed the rest had to do with the room itself. Not really surprising, considering the paperwork I was delivering had the number: 15-56342. So, I was looking for room fifteen.

I eventually found the room, which was fairly deep into the mind numbingly boring area. There being no holders for anything outside, I knocked. The apparently unlatched door opened slightly from my act. Pushing it open further, I called, “Dr. Noah? I have some papers here for you … Hello?”

The darkened room was empty. A light switch was not visible, and if there were sensors for lights, they weren’t working. It wasn’t that dark, though. It was just a deep blue hue … which was coming from some kind of machine on the far end? A laptop lay open next to it, possibly Noah’s or one of his assistant’s. It looked like some software running, given the running lines of code. Information completely lost on me! I placed the manila folder next to the laptop.

I then noticed there was an odd hum coming from the oblong machine. With my eyes better adjusted, the glowing machine had a very unfinished look. Wires of various colors wrapped around what I now realized was a glossy cylinder. Blue LEDs randomly peaked out from the wires …

“That hum …” I whispered toward it. The machine’s hum was doing something to me. While it never grew louder, I don’t think, the hum was starting to resonate in my head, my body. It felt … good. My breathing slowly increased, as the humming took me further. It was a glorious pleasure throughout my body I could not deny. Was something wrong here? I’m not sure if I cared beyond the questioning thought.

With a curious resistance, I slowly walked toward the singing machine. It wanted me closer, not that I knew why. The closer I came, the more the humming pleasured me. My crotch felt hot and soaked in my near orgasmic state. My movements were no longer my own, but I already did not care. Arms outstretched, she floated herself around the pleasuring machine, in a wanting embrace, hand and forearms submerged by the wires. She pressed herself tightly on the vibrating machine.

“Oh, gah … What’s happening? Oh, my …” I grunted in orgasmic pleasure. Something was happening to me, but my mind was no longer able to function beyond that awareness.

“Well, this is interesting!” a voice behind me cooed.

All I could do was writhe in pleasure. In an explicable awareness, I could feel my body transforming.

“I’m Dr. Noah,” the man behind me greeted happily. “Tell me, Norah, how do you feel?”

“I … OOOOO … Can’t stop cumming,” I breathed. “Muscles tightening …”

“Excellent, Norah. Clearly the nano-machines have successfully integrated with your brain. Please continue.”

“I FEEL MY WHOLE BODY TRANSFORMING!” I exclaimed in yet another orgasm. How I was able to answer the scientist through the mind destroying pleasure was beyond me. Rubbery stretching noises became audible. “Breasts growing, waist pulling inward … FUCK! … Hips flaring! Ass tight, full!” I growled in the epic pleasure. I loved FEELING my once boring body become something better. “OH … wow …” My whole head began to change. “Lips erotically full! Cheek bones sexy!”

“Very good, Norah!”

“My skin!” I orgasmed. “The tingling overwhelming!”

“The final phase of your latexification, Norah. Please, continue.”

“It’s … OH FUCK YES!” On that orgasm, I suddenly began to feel under my skin. It was as if I was wearing some tight, uncomfortable leather suit from head to toes. Out of control, I pulled away from the machine, and ripped off my now ill fitting clothes. But, that wasn’t enough. I still felt that tightening feeling, as if … Yes! This was no longer my skin!

With now shimmering, sharp black nails, I gripped my forehead, and pulled outward. The old skin gave away. Underneath revealed itself as a shiny rubber of a pale pink not unlike what covered it. The feel of air touching the new skin was more than orgasmic. Like an addict, I violently ripped away the old flesh around my head, old dyed hair along with it. For a moment, my pure, latexified head shimmered in its hairlessness. In a glorious orgasm beyond the pleasure of the kissing air, new hair grew outward from the top of my head, my eyebrows, and eyelashes. It was completely different from what was there before! It was platinum blonde, but only appeared like it was soft and shimmering. Instead, there were like ultra-slim bands of rubber.

Feeling the pleasure of my head and displeasure of the remaining old skin, I forcibly and easily ripped it away from the neck down. Through the drooling pleasure, I saw variations in tone of the new rubber flesh. From my ass to chest was a glorious electric blue, while above and along my arms was a metallic gray. My hands, save for the black nails, were the same flesh tone as my face.

The pleasure of the air kissing my new flesh almost made my legs buckle, but when I finally pealed all the old flesh away from my glorious, metallic gray legs and pale pink feet, they did. I writhed on the floor in the epic pleasure of the new flesh and new body for what almost felt like an eternity …

The pleasure slowly subsided, and my, well, renovated mind solidified. I slowly stood in total undeniable understanding. I now had total control over my external appearance, as I had of my own pleasure. My external appearance was now a default partially derived from my old mind. I was something new; I was something powerful.

Dr. Noah stood joyously before me. I realized I no longer had sexual attraction in the Human sense. I was now attracted to pleasure itself. At the same time, the scientist was not my master, not directly. The machine that infested me with those nanites, now an integral part of me, was, and anyone could control the now Alpha Tested machine. I could be that anyone.

“So, what’s next, doctor?” I asked slyly, sarcastically. Whether it mattered or not, I wanted to show he was not really in direct control of me.

“Well, a new, full time position is available, Norah. It involves overseeing of final testing and eventual distribution of our product. Since you survived the transformation, you now understand the technology better than anyone, and I am sure you want the world experience it!”

I smiled deviously. “A latex Queen … Perhaps that title is too much, doctor …” I thought out loud. “We’ll come up with something better for me. Now, let’s transform the world!”

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