Blog Flash: From Behind

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: From Behind

She grasped the end of the bed in shock. The pleasure was beyond anything she ever experienced. This was more than what she wanted or dreamed, yet she was the one that wanted it. She wanted it like all women for reasons never clear to anyone. I wanted it to, but with some irony, she wanted it more. The look in her face through that mirror told me that this was the most pleasurable moment in her life. The look told me that it felt far better than it did for me …

“Jack, you read about that new birth control pill we only need to take once right?” my sexy, brown eyed and haired wife asked almost casually.

“That really popular one, err, Analor?”

“Yeah … I keep reading about it, and I really wanna go through with it.”

“You know it’s permanent, right? I mean, I’m not saying no; you know it’ll change us both permanently, Laura.”

“I know, but it’s not like those old birth control pills,” she defended. “We can still have kids down the road …”

“It just makes the vagina more for procreation,” I interrupted.

“And the ass for sex!” she finished excitedly.

“You’re OK with that?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Yeah! I’m kinda tired of the traditional pill, you know that,” she explained. “Maybe I’m not really into anal, but it’s the only alternative. I can live with you fucking me up my ass, as long as it feels good!”

“All right!” I kissed her lovingly. “I just have to take it, too. I’d never do that if you weren’t sure, Laura.”

Analor may be a single dose, but it was very expensive. The insurance paid a very small percentage, it being new. What amazed me was how our doctor just gave us a prescription without even a second thought. All we had was a simple blood test after he wrote the prescription. He called us a couple day later to tell us out tests results were fine, and to take the pill whenever we were reader.

At first thought, all men wonder why they must take a dose, too. That is explained simply. The male penis is most evolved for the vagina, while the pill alters the penis to be more, well, ass friendly. This alteration includes a greater degree of precum for further lubrication. Technically, my ass will be better suited for a cock as well, but I seriously doubted I would ever test that!

For woman, their asses may or may not have visible changes. However, their asshole’s sensitivity is increased, as the vagina’s sensitivity is decreased almost to zero. Her lubricating juices will also be almost completely redirected into her ass. There were other specifics for both males and females, but it was rather complicated.

Well, long story short, we took our pills. The changes were to happen over the course of the week.

As the week went on, Laura clearly embraced what we were doing. She would tease me with and about her ass. She would talk about testing the sensitivity of her holes while sitting on my lap. I always did love her tight ass!

Remarkably, her tight ass enlarge subtly. It was hard to argue that it became a “bubble butt,” but the growth was noticeable. I actually loved the increased definition! It showed that she was becoming more physically able for anal sex than ever before.

Of course, I noticed subtle changes in my cock, in terms of roundness. However, I was never one to really obsess on penises!

Exactly one week later, I caught Laura leaning on the kitchen table with her tight ass showing proudly. Her blue jeans looked so tight that they were almost ready to burst.

“Laura?” I called breathlessly. My cock was ready to rip through my pants.

“I can’t wait any longer, Jack!” she said, while turning her head back with a seductive look. I need you to make love to me up my ass right now!”

I pulled down my pants, and then I savoringly pealed down hers. I worshiped her tight, silken ass, before lightly rubbing her dripping asshole. “How’s that feel?”

“Oh, wow!” she breathed. “That might feel better than my pussy.”

At that, I uncontrollably plowed my cock into her virgin ass. She tightly grasped the edge of the brown table, while she grunted loudly in pleasure. Through the door’s mirror, I could see in the way her face contorted that it was the best feeling she ever had in her life. I didn’t think my pleasure was as much as hers, but it was awesome!

“Oh, fuck … harder HARDER!” she screamed.

I obliged, and began to fuck her like a wild animal, while grunting inhumanly.

“Oh, my fuckin’ God … It does feel better than up my pussy!” she screamed in passion.

Thrust after mind numbingly pleasurable thrust we went. We lost all semblance of civility as heard through our loud grunts and coos. This was more than I could take! Laura soon screamed wildly in the most wild orgasm of her life, while I came during her intense clenching …

We fell onto the nearby carpeted floor, lightly kissing and touching each other in awe of was just happened. “Jack?” Laura breathlessly. “I want more!” That was the dirty secret of way Analor, now being learned by so many: the pleasure was made so much better up the ass that we may never think about her pussy ever again. On her back, I soon plunged my cock back into the only ass I would ever fuck …

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