Blog Unbound Mythos

With underpinnings of the cheap pulp stories of the last century, the Blog Unbound Mythos is split between two related mythologies, while a third may be considered canonical to both. Supernatural Unbound: Often dark in nature, the contemporary stories typically contain supernatural elements and humanity's dealings with them Escorts Unbound: Often light in nature, these contemporary dramas … Continue reading Blog Unbound Mythos

Blog Unbound: Wraith of Lust

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental. Author's Note: This story is an indirect sequel … Continue reading Blog Unbound: Wraith of Lust