The Tome of Passions: An Anthology of Weird Erotica

The complete Tome is planned to be available Monday, September 28th. It should be available for preorder by the end of August at the earliest. There will be a simultaneous Smashwords and Amazon release.

At this time, I will be leaving the free Tome ebooks just on Smashwords. Just don’t feel like going through the extra motions to have them free over there.

Keep watching out for the free and alternative Tome covers!

The next Blog Unbound

The next Unbound Tale will be Wraith of Lust

It is a loose sequel to The Fresh Scent, and set within the main Unbound Mythos

Synopsis: Monster Hunters Brandon and Ron call on their folklorist friend Jessica for aid in a series of unexplained murders that appear sexual in nature. As is the nature of their work, nothing goes as expected.

Tags: Transformation, mind control, mystery-suspense, male-female sex, lesbian sex, wraiths

Coming Monday, July 6th!

Stay Mesmerized
Mr P

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