Blog Flash: Taken by Her

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly taboo, sexual, and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Taken by Her

Linda again found herself calling for a licensed escort. It was a growing, expensive addiction, she knew. However, she was rather, well, excitable for her age. She was still gorgeous, too, and looked younger than she was. She had jet black hair, blue eyes, light skin, and athletic physique. She was a hell of a masturbator, especially after she divorced her foolish husband, but that only went so far. Nevada’s remarkably now legal escorts provided a satisfaction the sapphic side of her always desired.

Her usual escort Sapphire (professional name) was unavailable, so they sent out a different girl of similar requirements: light brown hair, slim physique, strong demeanor. The woman went by Juliana professionally.

About half an hour later, after about half a bottle of wine, Jackie’s doorbell rang. Her heart skipped a beat when she say who it was! The woman before her was her nineteen year old daughter Jackie.


“Hey, mom!” She let herself in, and sat casually on the couch. She wore an easy to take off yet almost unassuming red dress.

Linda sat next to her daughter confused and anxious. “I didn’t expect you tonight, Jackie …”

“Are you expecting someone, mom?” she asked, brushing a bang from her mother’s forehead.

“I, I, uh, I am. I don’t know when she’ll be here … Why did you stop by?”

“Well, mom, I guess it’s a good a time as any to tell you,” she stated almost laughing. “Mom, I started working for Mona Lisa’s about six months ago.” She handed over her escort licensee.

Linda’s jaw dropped. The professional name on the card said she was “Julianna.” It was in that moment, too, that she realized that Jackie fit the requirements quite well.

“Yeah, mommy, I’m you escort for the night!” she laughed.

“Did you know who you were coming to see?” she asked in her shock. However, she already knew the answer to that.

“Come on, mom! This is your house.”

“I’m really embarrassed … Why didn’t you switch with someone?”

“Don’t be embarrassed! It can be very difficult to switch. There aren’t many escorts in the area. I actually was going to be your escort a while back, but you remember I came down with the flu. So, Sapphire covered for me luckily. You two hit it off, from what I’m told!”

“ … I don’t know …” she shook her head. “What do we do now?”

“Well, mom, they charged your card already. You already paid for me, minus the tip. Whatever you wanna do! Gotta make you happy. It’s my job.”

“What I think you’re suggesting, Jackie … That’s incest! I’ve had too much wine …”

“You haven’t had enough!” she teased. Jackie was willing to have sex with her mother. It was strange and wrong by most standards, but strange and wrong was one of the reasons why she was willing to become a legal prostitute. Plus, everything was made anonymous under normal circumstances, and all her boss really cared about is if she continued to have paying clients.

“Do you really want to have sex … with your mother?”

“Well, I mean, you already paid. Whatever you want!”

“Whatever I want?” She was definitely still horny, but wasn’t sure if she really wanted to satisfy that with her own daughter.

“What did you do with Sapphire? We like to keep these things confidential.”

“Well, sometimes I’d ask her if she wanted to be dominant or submissive. We’d go from there.”

“Interesting, mom! Ask me, then. Play along.”

Her daughter was always a very disarming person, and that was a major asset to her as an escort. “All right, Jackie, err, Julianna, dom or sub tonight?”

“Dom.” Jackie smirked. She always did want to order her mother around.

“I guess I’m gonna do whatever you say!”

“OK, mom! You will say nothing but ‘yes’ to me unless appropriate otherwise. Do you understand?” Her voice gained a distinct sternness that caught her mother off guard. All that charm was suddenly gone.

“Yes,” she answered amazed.

“Take off your pants, mother,” she ordered.


“Mother, you said you would do whatever I would fucking say. Now, take off those mother fucking pants!” she growled.

“Yes, all right …” Linda was naturally submissive, and only pretend to be dominant whenever Sapphire chose to be submissive. She really couldn’t say no to the order. Her pants fell to the wood floor, revealing her black panties and stockings.

“Sexy legs, mother,” she complimented sternly. “Now, lay yourself across my lap, face down.”

“Yes …” She did as ordered ponderously.

Jackie lightly touched her mother’s ass with a devious smile, loving how she was wearing a black thong. She was remarkably growing excited, as her pussy was growing warm.

“Honey, what are you doing?” she breathed.

“Shut the fuck up! You were not allowed to speak, mother. But as to your question, I am going to spank you. You have been very naughty. First by having sex with prostitutes, and then by speaking more than allowed.”

Linda’s ass was suddenly slapped hard by her daughter’s firm hand. Her entire body spasmed, while she screamed, “OHH-AHHH!” It was a flash of pain, but she actually liked it! That slap was followed by an almost endless onslaught of further slaps of equal or more strength. She grunted and moaned, while her rear nerves slowly deadened. Jackie pulled down Linda’s thong, and resumed spanking even harder, causing Linda to scream and grunt gutturally. The pain slowly turned to pleasure, as it slowly broke her.

“Ho … ERGAH … OHHH-ah,” Linda cooed loudly. What little brain power she could muster went to actively not saying any words as instructed. The thought process was almost primal, instinctual. “Oh-ah, OHHHH!” Her hands grabbed at the arm rest, her toes curled, her breathing was deep and erratic. Her mind melted completely, while drool started to leak from her mouth. “Uhh …” Her ass was glowing bright red.

The slapping soon ceased. “Well, mother, have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes …” she said truly, barely. Linda now utterly needed to do whatever her daughter asked of her, and if that meant incestuous sex, then so be it.

“Mother, follow me to your bedroom,” she ordered, standing.

“Yes,” she nodded. All other words all but lay dormant in her mind.

They walked into the bedroom. Jackie was honestly amazed at how excited she was finding herself. Yes, she loved being in control sexually, but she never expected to being sexually in control of her own mother! “Lay on the bed, mother.”

“Yes.” She did so, carefully trying not to put too much weight on her honestly sore ass.

“Do you have some toys, mother?”


“You may tell me where they are, mother.”

Quietly, submissively, she answered, “Bottom dresser drawer …”

“Remove your clothes as I look, mother.”

Her mother did accordingly. Darkly smiling at her mother’s collection of dildos and vibrators, Jackie removed a large strap-on dildo. She quickly removed her clothes, and strapped the toy onto herself. She turned around, and proclaimed, “Mother, you are so hot! You may thank me for the compliment.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jackie crawled on top of her passive mother, and began to lustfully make out with her. Admittedly, it was a little strange for them both at first, but the were over it quickly. She then kissed down to her mother’s ample breasts, squeezing and sucking on them. “OOOO, mommy, too bad you still don’t have milk in these awesome jugs!”

“Ohhh, yes,” she cooed in both pleasure and agreement.

After roughly nibbling at her mother’s erect nipples, Jackie kissed her way back up to make out with her with great want. “You want to make love with your own daughter, mother?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

Jackie straddled her mother’s mouth with the dildo, and started to fuck it. “Lube it up, mother!”

Linda tried and failed to say yes with the dildo down her throat. She always loved that rubbery taste!

Jackie pulled out, and moved herself down. She then roughly thrust the dildo into her mother’s humid snatch. Linda grunted with amazement and pleasure. Like with the spanking, Jackie did not hold back with her thrusts. She was as rough as any man, if not rougher!

“Errr, OHH-Ahh, YES!” It was too rough at first, but Linda quickly grew to like it. She had no other choice.

“You like your daughter fucking you, mother?”

YES!” Linda cooed wildly. She never realized her daughter was so athletic. Perhaps it ran in the family!

Jackie picked up her mother’s grabbing hands, and had them grab at her breasts. She loved how her mother was putty in her hands, as much as she loved her mother’s hands on her. They moved in glorious motions, wanting the coming orgasm. Her mother finally screamed in utter passion, making Jackie explode moments after her mother started …

“That was great, mom! … All right, here’s the deal,” she exclaimed too excitedly. This was a fantasy come true, albeit twisted in unexpectedly incestuous ways. “I have always wanted to have a lover to be in total control of, and I admit to always wanting to call the shots between the two of us. I admit, too, that I never saw how us fucking could be wrong. We are going to be true lovers, as we already are. I’ll get a better job so I will soon only fuck you, make love to you. I know you don’t really like my job, but you’re not the one in control. I just happen to love you. Do you understand, mother?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

“Great! Oh, and you can speak to me normally when we’re not making love. But either way, you will never say no to me.”

“Yes, I never wanted to say no to you, Jackie. This is going to be unlike anything I ever dreamed!”

“That’s good, mother. However, I never said we were done fucking!” Jackie looked excited and domineering at the same time.

Linda was in utter shock for disobeying her daughter, no matter how accidental.

“I know that was an accident, mother, but I can’t let it slide,” she said with true anger. “… Come, lay on my lap.” Ultimately, there was more excitement to punishing her mother than anger.

The bashful Linda understood, and did as ordered. Her body convulsed with the powerful slaps from her daughter …

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