Next Story!

The next story posted here will be a fan fiction! It is called Star Trek: Naavar. The story follows, in the Prime Universe not long after the end of war with the Dominion, an female Orion Starfleet officer set on a mission requiring her unique skills of seduction. Inspiration comes from the Enterprise episode Bound and the recent Trek films in the new quantum universe that shows Orion Woman happily in Starfleet. The two parter will be posted Monday 3/30 and Friday 4/3.

As may have been gathered, I’ve been busy lately working on projects in my very nonfiction career. While that work won’t be done until late summer at the earliest, I still have plenty of fiction stories to post up here and Smashwords. First on that checklist is to finish the Blog Flash Compendium 4 ebook to toss up on Smashwords. Then a Blog Unbound and the start of Compendium 5! Perhaps by late summer, the finally complete Tome of Passions (Books 1-8 and an expansive appendix). The ebook will be available on Smashwords and Amazon. Base price $9.99, with launch price probably half off. The time of half-truths in the Passions Multiverse will finally end.

Stay Mesmerized!

Mr P

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