Blog Flash: Interview With a Demoniac Succubus

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This story was a long time coming. It was meant to be a companion piece to A New Friend, but it just took a little longer than I expected to get back to Interview.

Blog Flash: Interview with a Demoniac Succubus

“What are you?” I asked confused. Though she looked Human, I believed her when she said she was a Succubus. As a freelance reporter, I was never one to take anyone at their word.

“I am what I am,” the very tall, voluptuous, utterly gorgeous redhead stated. “You’re looking for a story, my pretty thing. I’ll give one to you, but no one will see it as real!”

“Try me,” I offered breathlessly, clicking on my voice recorder.

“As I see you believe, I am a Succubus … but not exactly the kind of myth. None of my kind are born this way. We’re not exactly demons either. I’m sure we inspired those demon myths, though!” she laughed, her bright white teeth mesmerizing.

“How did you become a Succubus? How do any of you become a Succubus?”

“Being the overall gray of the world.”

“What does that mean?”

She smiled with both lust and love. “I lived a life of both love and lust all those years ago. It’s rare that you find someone so neutral as me, and even rarer that I found one of those special caves. I made love to my lover, and fucked the shit out of others for the mere pleasure. I now screw men and women for the betterment of this world. My job now is both punishment and reward for my actions as a Human.”

“You weren’t truly neutral, were you?”

“Perhaps not,” she said ponderously, “but I can say with some certainty that I am now.”

“So, about how you became … you?”

“Yes,” she subtly smirked. “I found the cave traveling to see some family. Was lost a bit. While the driver was finding his bearings, something called to me. I felt it in a way I didn’t understand then. I followed that pull, and walked into the cave. It was dark, but only at first. The deeper I went, the more alive the stone was around me. It glowed green. I walked in further, and the green colored world around me developed a thick, viscous liquid. It moved like it was alive, as it was. I was utterly mesmerized …”

I was utterly captivated by her story. No one would believe any of this, but I at least was given the gift of knowing it.

“Then, I saw it!”


“What I was meant to find, I suppose … A semitransparent green blob. It was enough to engulf me if I crawled in on my hands and knees. That was what I did. It felt warm and like home in the blob. I wanted to stay in it forever,” she said in ecstasy.

She continued happily, “Suddenly, the liquid thickened into tentacles before my mouth, ass, and vagina. I opened everything wide to accept the viscous blob into me. The large tentacles forced their way into my holes so hard it hurt at first. They plowed through me until the three ends met deep inside, and began to pleasurably pump the goo into me. I felt the days, weeks, months as they were, as much as I felt them as passing moments. I was transforming! My eyes became yellow and catlike. My skin became silken and deep red, while it became like latex in appearance. My nails grew sharp, long and black. And I grew! My muscles strengthened, as the became far more efficient than any Human. My body gained height to the point of being seven feet tall. My senses enhanced, while my ears pointed. And, the rest …”

“Yes?” I breathed.

“A long, thick tail grew outward to a distinct triangular point, while large horns grew out from my head! Powerful, glorious wings grew out from between my shoulder blades like icing on the cake.”

“Why do you look Human to me? Where are those horns, that tail?” I asked confused.

“Power over the mind was also given to me, as all my sisters. I know, because are connected subconsciously,” she stated. “You see what I want you to see, but I will show you my true form.”

“Can I see it now?” I asked amazed and fascinated.

“I only show my true for to Humans during feeding.”


“Feeding is ultimately our purpose. As a means of keeping an underlying peace on this world, we eat the souls of sin, while we make love with souls of love.”

“There’s still plenty of war …”

“There aren’t very many of us. Then again, you haven’t blown yourselves into oblivion, have you?”

She took my hand in hers. “What are you doing?”

“I suppose, true neutral is a lie we tell ourselves and others, if only to explain why feeding on lustful flesh is just as good as the taste of loving pleasure. We all feed in our own way. For those of sin, some like to rip out the throats first, and hear the quiet gurgles of pain while they are lustfully consumed down to the soul. I prefer to hear the powerfully true screams of pain while the flesh of sin falls down my throat.”

My heart raced while she stuck my fingers in her humid mouth. She slowly pulled them back out while scraping them past her sharp teeth. Her tongue clearly took in the flavor.

“For those of sin, I start at the extremities: the toes, the fingers,” she drooled, while illustrating with her silken hands. “Then move on to the hands, the feet; the arms, the legs …”

I was becoming lost in her sensual touch. My pussy grew warm beneath my skirt.

“I can hear the screams of the sinners, as I shoved the limbs down my throat countless times!”

The Succubus passionately rubbed my warming pussy to better illustrate her own pleasure. My mind was turning to mush.

“Are you ready to know your true nature, Human? Are you ready to see my true form?” she asked powerfully.

“Yes, PLEASE!” I exclaimed.

The powerful being stood before me on her suddenly bare toes, clearly far taller in appearance than she appeared when this madness began. Her clothes disappeared, if they were ever really there. She was like an amazon goddess! Her skin then turned red and shiny like polished rubber; her nails became talons; her wings and tail faded into reality.

“I am yours,” I breathed. An amazon sized succubus stood before me in all her demoniac glory. What else could anyone proclaim?

She blinked her catlike jewels, and proclaimed deeply, “You are of love, my dear. We shall now make love, and your essence will truly become you.”

The red, winged goddess tenderly yet strongly placed me onto the gushy carpet. My clothes were already gone, as if they were never there. She slit open her tongue on her sharp canine, and kissed me deeply. Her sweet, salty trickled down my throat, leaving a part of her within me forever.

Suddenly, her heavenly pussy ground against mine. I moaned and cooed in utter orgasm. Yet, the orgasmic grinds was but the road to the ultimate eruption of pleasure. I tightly grabbed hold of her sleek, rubbery skin in the mind destroying waves of love. It was breaking me down, destroying whatever masks I wore in the outside world. I could feel the very essence of my soul climbing to the surface, all barriers destroyed. Looking deep into demoniac jewels, we screamed in a massive explosion of super-orgasmic love!

After a time of mindless afterglow, the freeing Succubus kissed me on the lips tenderly, lovingly. “You are truly wonderful,” she whispered softly in my ear. “Now go back to the world as your true self.”

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