Night and Day Trilogy!

There will be three interconnected stories coming soon to the blog. The first will be posted Aug 18. It is a Blog Unbound called The Demon. That Friday will see the Blog Flash The Dawn, which will serve as the narrative bridge to the third story. The third of which will be a Blog Unbound called The Anna Drake, coming Aug 25.

Trilogy synopsis: How far will an actor go for their role? How far should they go?

The Demon
Tags: Mind control, demonic, succubus transformation, lesbian sex, male/female sex, lust, film industry

Synopsis: The fairly well known Ava Mendez lands a good yet very dark role in an upcoming miniseries with her as a Demonic Succubus. She studies extensively for her role.

The Dawn
Tags: Mind control, foot fetish, lesbian sex, lust, transformation

Synopsis: An up and coming filmmaker looks back at recent events with an actor one early morning

The Anna Drake
Tags: Mind control, succubus, transformation, lesbian sex, male/female sex, love, lust, passion, film industry

Synopsis: The fairly unknown Jessie Crane lands the role of a lifetime as the Succubus Anna Drake, who is the antihero of the popular book series being adapted to film. Using her training as a method actor, already a big fan of the books, Jessie works to bring Anna Drake to life.

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