Blog Flash: Sensations

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This story is designed to be experimental. Normally, I may not even complete a story let alone make it public if I can’t think of an ending. I decided to make this one without an ending, and see what happens. As such, this is thus far the shortest Flash. Enjoy!


Luna stood before the ancient artifact like any other. Her job was to find a place for it in their vast archive. She dressed somewhat conservatively in her pale red dress. That attire did little to hide her striking appearance. She was tall, and subtly voluptuous with her full ass and chest. Her skin was a light chocolate, almost olive color, while she had long curly brown hair and strikingly blue eyes. She often passively boasted her mixed heritage.

For the first time in months, Luna forgot to slap on some disposable gloves, and picked up emerald amulet with its gold chain dangling. She felt a rush of sensation flow through her. Inexplicably, it was not from the amulet, but from deep inside her. Amulet held tight, she fell onto the chair behind her. The mind numbingly orgasmic sensations melted her mind, while they gave clarity. The amulet was revealing her true self. She was a woman passionate about sensation, and all that may be derived from it. The world passively forced her to lock her true nature away.

YES!” Luna screamed, embracing her true self.

In that embrace, the amulet began to twist her out of her released desire for sensation. At the genetic level, it twisted her to require sensation, wherever it she could find it: food, sex, etc. Providing great sensation, inflicting orgasm, the amulet ripped away her humanity. Her eyes rolled back into her head, their color shifting to an emerald green.

The Sensations …” Lana barely whispered …

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