Blog Flash: About the Other Night

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: Though this follows very closely to a dream I had, this one is a bit different from much of my regular scribblings. As the title suggests, it is about a prior incident in the lives of the portrayed characters.

About the Other Night

“Oh, hi, Jackie …” I said uncomfortably on my cell phone.

“Is this a bad time, Bob?” she asked apologetically.

“No … I got a few minutes before I gotta leave for work.” We hadn’t spoken for the last couple days, since, well, what happened. We were only dating for the past six months. Our young relationship may not have been strong enough to handle the mistake of the other night.

“Look, Bob … I know you really didn’t enjoy yourself. Not completely. I really didn’t either … I really hate being defensive and apologetic, but it’s true. I’m really sorry that, err, party wasn’t our thing. I thought it might be, based on some of your alternate tastes …”

“Their not THAT alternate,” I interrupted.

“Yeah … Well, mine aren’t either. Look, can we meet for lunch. This call, the other night; this just isn’t how we should leave things.”

“All right. Tomorrow. I’ll call you later. I gotta go, Jackie.”

The first few hours at the desk job were pretty standard. As a clerk at the company’s accounting department, standard was a good thing. We were often the ones to see bad news first, and that was my case at the last job, which was crushed when the economy bottomed out after 2008.

My small office’s phone suddenly rang. “Hello?”

“Hi, Bob, it’s Janice.” Janice was my manager.

“Oh, hi, what’s up?”

“Um, can you come to my office right away, Bob? I need to speak with you.” She sounded deathly serious.

“Sure, see you in a minute!” She often acted overly serious, so I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. I liked her a lot as a boss, but her buzzkill demeanor was grating at times …

“Hi, Bob, please have a seat,” she motioned to her small conference table. A manila folder was in her soft hand. Janice’s blue eyes were very attractive, albeit very businesslike. She was slim and athletic, while she currently had her blonde hair in a tight bun. She was the same age as me: twenty-nine. Her seniority was more out of a longer history with the company, but she deserved it. Like I said, she was a fine manager.

She sighed. “First, Bob, let me say that don’t personally see this as a problem. At least, I don’t see it as a problem when it comes to your work …”

“What’s the problem, Janice?” This was not her normal behavior. Normally, she was very upfront and solid.

She sighed again. “A worker here anonymously pointed something out to me and Human Resources.” Janice opened the folder.

My heart skipped a beat! They were pictures of Jackie, myself, and several others from the night before! They were clearly printed from the internet: One of the pictures clearly showed me with a leather collar, chaps, and fishnet shirt. I was on all fours looking very confused and uncomfortable, which was the case. “Wha … How? …” I was completely overwhelmed. “I didn’t even know that was recorded! My girlfriend and I didn’t really even like it that much …”

“Yeah … This is obviously a private matter, but someone here decided it was a problem on the professional level. I don’t know why! Hell, I don’t get it! I mean that it all possible ways, Bob.”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand, Janice … So, what does this mean?” My heart was racing. That was the first time I did anything like that. Sure, I love tight clothes on a woman (stockings, latex, leather), but the night those pictures represented was really not me!

“I’m not really sure, Bob.” She shook her head. “I mean, I guess you can ask that site to take that video down, but here … Whoever brought this to Human Resources attention was an utter dick! I’m not sure what HR will do, but I don’t think they’ll do anything, Bob …”

I leaned back on the pleather chair, and let out a long grunt. Janice’s office phone suddenly rang. She walked over to her desk to answer it. “Janice Fielding … Oh, yes, he’s here. I’ll send him up.” She hung up the phone, and said to me, “That was Saundra. Wants to speak with you. Guess she just called your office, and assumed you were with me.”

“All right,” I breathed, standing.

“Good luck!” Janice exclaimed, shacking her head.

I made my way up to the second and top floor of the building where Saundra’s office was. On the way, I left a message on Jackie’s voicemail to call me back right away.

Saundra was the Chief Financial Officer of the company, and my boss’ direct boss. The healthy woman was a remarkably attractive with raven hair, and dark eyes. She was taller and a bit older than me at thirty-five. Unlike Janice, she was not necessarily easy to work under, but doing the job with efficiency was usually enough not to be reprimanded.

The door was opened, and she motioned for me to sit before her desk. Saundra closed the door behind me, and almost casually sat on the edge of her dest in front of me. Her body was rather voluptuous, but she hid that well behind her professional attire and demeanor. She wore medium length heals and skirt, stockings (they highlighted the best legs in history), and a formal blouse. It was all black, making her skin look downright porcelain.

In that moment I realized how much she reminded me of that latex hooded dominatrix from the night before …

“So …” she started, crossing her arms and legs. “I saw those pics and video. I’m going to tell you right not that I’m more fucking pissed than you at that getting on the web!”

I never heard her speak like that before. The deeper, growling tones were too familiar.

“I want to tell you right now that I was there the other night. I was that dominatrix.”

It all made sense now! Jackie said she was invited by the dominatrix, while I indeed met Jackie through Saundra. I also never asked Jackie who the dominatrix was … “Fuck, I don’t know why I didn’t realize that then …”

“You were quite overwhelmed that night!” she smirked. “Anyway, Bob, I’ve taken steps to clear this up as best we can. The video can be damaging for me, too, you know. I have no idea why that fucking video even exists. I blame myself. Didn’t know I was being filmed!”

“Do you know who did it?”

“I’m not sure, but there weren’t exactly many there. You and Jackie would never do such a thing, while my private life must never invade my work life. I think this stunt was really aimed at me. No offense, but you don’t need to hold a good reputation as much as me. Let’s just say, the one that posted that damn video may not work here that much longer.” With a distinct growl, she finished, “Better than most, you know how I can be, Bob.”

“Yeah … Saundra, I first wanna say I’m glad this issue is being worked out. I also wanna say that the other night was …”

“Not really your thing?” she interrupted. “I figured! Jackie didn’t have that much fun either, to the regret of her and I. You are no alpha, but you are no pushover. Being, well, centered like that doesn’t bode was for that kind of sexual play. Doesn’t make me think any less of you. In fact, I think very highly of you now, because you are willing to test your boundaries. At this company, I know you will do even better than I expected. In bed, you and Jackie are gonna be amazing. It may sound strange, but I would be perfectly happy to join you two in a more subdued sexual escapade once this video issue is settled. I do owe you two that much. Just expect me to be, well, driving!”

I soon noticed my phone buzzing in my pocket. “It’s Jackie …”

“Good … You’re not a sub to me, so I won’t order you to do anything with her. Still, I highly recommend you two hold each other tight!”

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