The Enemies of Passion Rise!

Monday June 9 The Tome of Passions: Book VII — Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective will be available for free at Smashwords!

Synopsis: This detective serial is a direct sequel to Book V. The mind control and fantastical themes of the further three detective stories are inspired by Lovecraftian Weird Fiction, while in a futuristic setting. The darker, more traditional cosmicism themes started in Book VI also play a key role in this book. The book is set in 2164, and in the Edge Universe of the Passions Multiverse.

Link to series

This book ends my Illecebra Cyclus (Allurement Cycle), concluding the manipulation storyline of the alien Cosmic Gods of Passion. The definitive ending past the otherworldly manipulation will come in Book VIII — The Final Cosmic Chronicles, which will only be available in the full Tome of Passions (release TBD). Book VIII will hold the complete Terminus Cyclus (Conclusion Cycle). The compendium will also contain an expansive appendix, adding to the Passions Multiverse Mythology.

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