Blog Flash: All Anal

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: All Anal

“Yeah, that was kinda fun to get out with you guys after tolerating the parents for a week!” the light brown haired Danielle stated. She was slightly taller than average, somewhat athletic, and had green eyes and light skin. The college woman wore a tight, white T-shirt, form fitting jeans, and flip flops. She was drinking lightly with her friends Liza and Ally.

“Hey, you think I wasn’t either!” the brown haired Ally exclaimed, sipping at the beer. The somewhat voluptuous college woman was about average height, and had blue eyes and light skin. She wore a loose fitting shirt, a mini jean skirt, and flip flops.

“Speak for yourselves! I had fun with Bobby!” the black haired Liza exclaimed in the middle of the group. The college woman was slim with dark eyes and tanned skin, She wore a sleeveless shirt, very short jean shorts, and flips flops.

“Yeah?” Ally teased. “Come on, Ally! Kiss and tell.”

“Uh … two nights ago we did anal,” Liza said almost awkwardly.

“How was it, Liza?” Danielle asked curiously.

“I guess I enjoyed it,” she shrugged. “He was very slow and careful, but he liked it more than me, really … He had me wear tights …”

“Seriously?” Danielle chimed.

“Yeah, he turned out to be kinda weird in bed. It’s different. I like it. Never know what to expect!” Liza exclaimed happily.

“Tights?” Ally asked with a confused.

“It really brought out my ass! Just pantyhose, I guess. Thought it made my ass look bigger, but not really. I think my ass looked pretty damn good!” Liza stated.

“Yeah! You can’t make your little ass look big if you tried!” Ally exclaimed. “Your ass makes my ass look big.”

“You don’t like your ass?” Danielle teased. “Do some more yoga with me, and we’ll make your ass as firm as mine!”

“Oh, come on, Danny!” Ally teased back. “I love my ass! Not too big, not too small. Just right for this body.”

“I’d bet my ass looks better than all yours wrapped those pantyhose!” Liza exclaimed.

“Doubt it!” Danielle stated.

“Yeah, Liza. Prove it!”

“Why not!” Liza said almost deviously, scurrying to her bedroom. She came back with three pairs. “Which one?”

“Purple!” Ally suggested.

After throwing the other pairs onto the ouch, Liza pulled off her shorts, revealing her bare crotch. Yet, the focus was clearly on her ass.

“That’s a really great ass!” Danielle said teasingly yet truthfully. She slapped Liza ass with a chuckle.

Ally felt up the bare ass cheek, and exclaimed, “You can’t make that better!”

“You guys are such pervs!” Liza laughed. This was all just a silly, drunken joke. They were always quite comfortable with each other.

Liza rolled up the legs, and inserted her bare left foot into one leg, the leg up on the couch between her friends. “You know what guys? You two better put on those tights, too! We’ll really know that my ass is best!”

The others obliged, and stood, removing their shorts and skirt. Danielle took blue, and Ally took red. All three were suddenly bare assed next to each other.

They all laughed and chuckled and complimented. They were having too much fun! 

“Oh my God, Danny, your ass looks fucking awesome in those tights!” Liza exclaimed excitedly.

The tights simply fell into their ass cracks, while perfectly highlighting the cheeks. “You both look so awesome,” Dannielle said joyously.

Almost without control they began to feel their own and each other asses. They were having so much fun that they didn’t register how aroused they were.

“Your guy has a point!” Ally said more than happily, hands on her friend’s asses.

“Yeah, they’re really hot and sexy!” Danielle more than agreed, before playfully slapping Liza’s ass.

“OK, Danny, I’m gonna just your ass against Liza’s,” Ally said with a big smile. “Then, you can judge mine against Liza’s!”

Dannielle and Liza happily leaned on the widow sill, presented their nylon asses to Ally. The self proclaimed judge slapped and groped and grabbed their asses excitedly, lustfully. “Wow, girls, I don’t know!” she said deeply. “So fucking hot!”

“Wow, that feels so good!” Liza cooed.

“Oh, yeah! So hot!” Danielle moaned.

They laughed and moaned and chuckled, especially on the hard slaps. “Sorry, but I gotta spank you to really judge!”

“OHHH! Like that that!” Liza cooed at the hard slap, immediately followed by a grope. 

Ally slapped Dannielle even harder, followed by a lustful grope. “Oh fuck … Naughty …”

“I love that sound!” Liza cooed. That sound of slapping Dannielle’s nylon ass melted all their minds. It was loud and distinct, yet softened by the fabric.

“I like it, too!” Ally admitted almost wildly, before groping Liza’s ass harder, and going to her knees. She put her face right against Liza’a ass, sniffing and groping and slapping. 

Groping both at the same time, she proclaimed, “Oh, girls, you both have such …” SLAP! SLAP! “… beautiful asses!” 

Moving back to just Liza, she plowed her face in and out of Liza’s encased crack, sniffing and moaning all the while. Liza moaned and cooed loudly. Ally, now lost in lust for nylon ass, licked and nibbled and kissed and kneaded all over and deep into the crack.

“Feels so good, Danny. OH, GOD!” Liza cooed.

“I’m so horny, guys!” Ally impulsively cooed while groping between the cheeks. She lustfully continued the anal make out session.

Ally looked over to Danielle’s waiting ass, and shifted over to it. Danielle growled happily at the deep attention. They were all lost in a lust none of them experiences before.

“I love watching you make out with her ass …” Liza breathed to Ally, who gave it a quick yet hard slap before burying herself back into it. Dannielle was in utter ecstasy.

“I LOVE your asses …” Ally moaned, before resuming her worship of the cheeks. She slowly ripped open Dannielle’s, and began to worship the soft, tight butt cheeks directly. Pulling the cheeks to the side, Ally directly licked the cooing woman’s asshole, not forgetting to worship the rest. Liza watched lustfully, lightly touching her own ass.

Feeling Danielle’s tongue swirling in and around her hole, she realized with lustful joy that it felt better than attention to her pussy ever did. At the same time, Dannielle loved the soft flavor of the hole. They both soon came in a deep orgasm.

Ally stood, and began making out with Liza, both moaning. Their hands almost automatically began to grope their soft asses. Dannielle lightly touched hers and her anal lovers’ asses.

The kiss for Liza was so perfect in taste and feel that she lost herself to the passions, leaning back onto the windowsill to better present her ass to Dannielle. Ally, whose ass was already well positioned for pleasure, found herself briefly making out with Liza. The transferred feel and taste from the other allowed Ally to become lost, too.

Soon, Ally’s tights were ripped open at the ass by Dannielle, who practically burrowed her head inside. She moaned and cooed at the edge of orgasm, lightly yet lustfully kissing Liza next to her. Like Liza before her, the rimming was better than anything she ever felt! Danielle then guided Ally down to her hands and elbows, propping up her ass high. Ally did the same in expectation.

Dannielle lustfully licked and spit Ally’s fully exposed asshole, making Ally coo even louder. Liza rubbed her sensitive asshole at the same time, more than happily moaning. Plowing her tongue into Ally’s open hole, she was acting like a pro, and Ally found herself in a perfect lustful bliss. When she finally came, her mind practically melted.

Smiling largely, Danielle made her way back to the already moaning Liza, who immediately allowed her anal lover to take over with her ass. Dannielle more masterfully licked her spit all over, inside and out. Ally watched, while slowly recovering from the immense pleasure. Like Ally before her, Liza found herself in a perfect lustful bliss.

Ally sat up on her hands and knees, and lustfully made out with Dannielle. Like some kind of student, Dannielle guided Ally to Liza’s asshole. Ally began licking the hole just the way hers was, making Liza moaned wildly. The feel and flavor bent Ally’s mind, while Liza’s mind melted with a powerful orgasm. Like asking for some grade, Ally made out with Dannielle, who practically gave her top marks. 

They soon flopped themselves back onto the couch, Dannielle sandwiched in the middle, and all made out at the same time, mixing flavors. Their shirts fell away in an afterthought, hands falling back to their asses. Not that they could’ve been aware of it, but their minds had adjusted. They were functioning only on impulse, and did not exactly think with language.

Like good students, Ally and Liza positioned Dannielle onto her stomach. Spank, SPANK, kneed, they went. Dannielle moaned in compliment. Ally ripped open the hose, and lustfully made out with the asshole, making Dannielle moan wildly. The two woman took uneven turns in worshiping the woman’s wanting ass, lost in the feel and flavor of it. Dannielle moaned louder and louder until she exploded in drooling orgasm …

The women drowsily lay on the bed with their ass cheeks as pillows. Their minds would return to them, but it was now sexually all anal …

“Wow, that worked better than I expected!”

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