Blog Flash: A New Friend

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is a bit darker than much of my work, involving demonic corruption. This a rare story of mine involving a more traditional, Demonic Succubus. Enjoy!

Blog Flash: A New Friend

I walked into my beach house with my new coworker Diane. The full bodied woman was taller than me at five feet and ten inches. She wore a form fitting blouse, tight jeans, and flip flops, which she kicked off the moment she sat on my couch. The woman was a bit of a contrast to me at five feet and seven inches, red hair, and slim frame.

“What’s your poison?” I asked generically. I’m not sure why I invited her back to my house. I only met her a couple days ago at work!

“Scotch, straight up,” she requested sultrily, slowly blinking her blue eyes. “Bring over the bottle!”

I smiled in confirmation. This woman was becoming a fast friend, and was happy to start what I assumed was to be a girls night out.

Handing over her glass, I sat on the couch next to her, and kicked off my low healed shoes. “I don’t know anything about you,” I stated, after a good swig.

She drank down her own glass, and said, “No, I’m mysterious!”

I laughed, and gulped down the wrest of my glass. Diane refilled both our glasses to the brim.

“Chug that whole thing down, Julie, and lets get talking!”

In apparent tandem with her, I took the glass down with a couple of gulps. I coughed and reeled before letting out a good laugh.

She refilled our glasses, and said, “Would you believe I’m not Human?”

“Maybe!” I hiccuped.

“Down the hatch!” she exclaimed, before we took another glass down.

I handled it a little better, while I was starting to feel the affects hit me strong. I liked to drink occasionally, but it was never this heavy and fast.

“I should clarify,” she said without a hint of drunkenness. “I was Human. A Demon came to me over two-hundred years ago, and slowly corrupted me.” Diane refilled our glasses. “Yet another!”

We took the glass down. I was sloshed, while enjoying what I assumed was a joke.

“I was remade into a Demon like my Maker. Well, a special kind of Demon that isn’t made into one while in Hell. All Demons are just twisted Human Souls. Anyway, down that hatch!”

We took another down. Everything was completely fuzzed. I laughed uncontrollably.

She smiled lustfully. “I am a spacial family or class of Demon. We may never set foot in Hell (I haven’t), while we are not interested in collecting souls. We are Succubi. We feed on sex, while we may corrupt the souls of others, usually for sexual purposes. I could change you physically after corruption. That corruption could lead to becoming like me, but not necessarily. Either way, I need permission to corrupt.”

“You’ruh not gonna fuck me?” I sloshed.

“I could, but no, not yet. I hunger for purely corrupted sex at the moment!”

“How do you corrupt?”

“Once you agree, I shall give you the Kiss of Corruption. Also, you need to tell me how you wish to be corrupted. I can’t really change what’s inside you, who you are.”

“Hic! Before you corrupt me … Uhh, prove you’re a Succubus!”

She leaned over, and gave me the most wonderful kiss of my life! “Fuck! … OK, I’ll play along, Succubus!” I really thought we were just playing a game. “You may corrupt me!”

“Oh, excellent!” she exclaimed toothily.

Playing along with this apparent game, I requested in a drawn out slur, “First make me sober, so I really feel the changes … HIC! … OK, err, remove as much a my ability to love as you can. Yeah! And, uh … Replace that love with great lust! I don’t wanna sexuality anymore, so, uh, make me wanna fuck whatever can be humanly sexy. You know, uh, nympho … So, I guess, make sure I’d wanna fuck myself. I guess I’ll do, HIC, whatever you say, too … And body! Make me athletic and sexy at the same time! HIC! No body hair … Oh, yeah, give me some sexy tattoos to, err, symbolize my, you know, corruption!”

“That’s elaborate for a drunken fool!” she cooed with a devious smile.

Diane grabbed my head, and looked deep into me. She then gave me the deepest, most erotic kiss of my life. Mesmerized, she lay me back onto the couch.

I suddenly realized I was completely sober! “Wha …? What’s happening?” I barely asked, feeling strange and wrong.

“Everything you requested,” she stated bluntly.

I looked over to the window to see the blooming rose bush. At first, I felt the same way I always did toward it. Yet, no … Slowly, I started to realize that my feeling toward it was becoming less genuine, more memory. And soon, I could feel almost no love toward it. Out of both desperation a curiosity, I thought about everything I ever loved. Most of the feeling was pure memory, and now almost alien. My love for anything was almost completely dissolved, and I wasn’t sure if I missed it.

My head turned to the already naked Diane. At first, I wasn’t sure if I felt anything. Then I felt it. It was like a tingle starting in my vagina, growing more powerful by the second, preparing to expand outward. It was lust, pure lust filling the void within my mind and soul. The more that lust expanded outward from my humid pussy, the more I just wanted to fuck!

“Oh, my FUCK!” I exclaimed a bit darkly. “I can feeeeel it! I am corrupted to the core!”

“Nothing you didn’t ask for!” she said with a dark smile. “Now, stay down, my corrupted lust machine. Unlike those ballooned muscles, you’re gonna lust over these tattoos as much as you’re gonna feel them being created!”

Between my pussy and navel, Diane lustfully drew a pentagram, two points upward. The wide black lines pleasurably burned through every layer of my skin. A burning mist escaped wherever her tongue touched. She kissed her way down my left leg, and drew an even more elaborate tattoo with her demonic tongue. Burning white hot to the bone, five pointed stars formed around my ankle, while flowing ribbons interconnected them. It slowly cooled to a jet black like my lovely pentagram.

Diane brought me to my bare feet, and we commenced passionately, lustfully making out. Oh, the lust in our kisses and gropes were mind numbing! We starred into each other’s eyes, and I knew I was hers forever in lust. She starred back at me, loving my apparent awe of her. I wanted this Succubus to devour me! We soon made out with our entire bodies in our wet kisses and gropes and hard nibbles. We breathed deeply, almost erratically in our lust.

“I can sense you want me to DEVOUR you!” she cooed, our drool leaking from her lips. “Well, I always like to give something extra. Watch this!” Like a wild animal, she bared down on my willing neck, and sank her teeth right through my flesh. She pulled back chewing happily, my blood all over her mouth.

I felt my neck and exclaimed, “It’s almost healed already!”

Swallowing, she nodded and licked my neck clean. We resumed our full impact make out. Diane then almost tossed me onto the couch on my stomach. Pulling my ass upward, me shifted onto my knees, she began to lick and suck my wanting ass and pussy. She slid up and nibble and kissed my lips, before resuming her worshiping of my ass and pussy. Her fingers, lips, and tongue were all but orgasmic wherever they touched! My tasty toes curled.

Diane was soon concentrating her tongue on my now apparently far more sensitive asshole. She occasionally groped my body, and soon wildly rubbed my dripping pussy at the same time. I think my asshole became more sensitive than my pussy! She wanted to make me cum harder than I knew possible, to feed like the hungry beast she was. Diane then lay on top of me, masterfully rubbing my ass and pussy at the same time.

“Oh, yeah,” she exclaimed. “You know what I want! Cum for me, feed me, corrupted slut!”

“OH FUUUUUCK!” I exploded in orgasm. Drool freely fell from my mouth.

Diane pulled me upright, and we made out with energetic fervor, while she groped my tits. She then flipped me onto my back, and we made out wildly, her body rubbing against mine. We soon were grinding wildly until we came again.

Flipping positions, Diane lay passively before me, wanting to see how wild I can really be! Her legs straddled around me, I groped her with my entire body, breasts against breasts. I made out hungrily, biting and pulling her lip hard enough to make it bleed for a moment before it healed. I lapped up the Succubus Blood with great lust. Can’t say I loved the flavor, but the lust of the moment made that matter little.

I groped downward, and payed extra special attention to her awesome tits, before rubbing and groping our wet pussies with my hand. Soon, she took over the pussy rubbing duties, fucking herself just to me. In our wild kiss, she bit down on my upper lip hard. My lip cracked open, and stayed a bleeding wound until she let go. She came insanely, and plowed her pussy juice covered hand into my mouth, making me cum with great energy. We made out with a very subtle hint of love.

I then made my way to her soaked pussy. Drool dripping freely, I made out with the delicious lips hungrily, passionately. In my slow, wanting motions, Diane pressed her silken foot behind my head, holding me down in confirmation of her joy. My tongue explored deeply. She moaned wildly. I increased the lust of my motions, while she humped my mouth more and more. Shifting to her asshole, she began to rub and finger her pussy with great want. Her ass tasted even better than her pussy! Rubbing my own pussy the whole time, we soon came together in yet another screaming orgasm.

Apparently pleased with how wild she made me, she almost dragged me to the mirrored door. She pressed my back hard onto the reflective surface, groping and kissing and breathing deep. Diane suddenly flipped me around so I could see my lust filled body. Feeling it too my core, with epic want I licked and kissed myself through the glass, starring right into my own sexily green eyes. Diane rubbed my soaked pussy at the same time. It felt so damn good and right to feel that epic level of lust toward myself. Diane worshiped my boobs from behind, while I crazily rubbed my own pussy to myself. She then went to her knees, and buried herself into my ass, making me coo and breath yet more deeply. My spit dripped down the glass. In a great explosion, I came to myself.

We let ourselves fall to the floor, now finally out of breath. Scissoring our legs, we deeply worshiped our feet as a sexual desert.

“I think I created a monster!” the Succubus cooed happily. “You drank my blood after I corrupted you. Soon, you will be a Succubus just like me!”

After slowly removing the large, silken foot from my mouth, I proclaimed with great lust, “Good!”

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