Blog Flash: The Kiss

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is a thematic prequel to the prior Flash Blue Girl. It provides and alternate backstory to the one established in the prior story. Enjoy!


Blog Flash: The Kiss


One, two, three, four, five shots down! Laura was so overdoing it, the lightweight woman she was. The music thumped as loudly as the alcohol flowed freely. It was the weekend at a big party university. Her boyfriend Ron just poured the shots of cheap bourbon.

“Ice chug!” someone screamed through the door.

Ron took Laura’s arm, and the two scurried outside. It was a bit chilly, being early December, but the heat of the moment mostly masked that. Numerous party goers stood before a lump of ice vaguely shaped like shoe, while it had a small trench carved down the middle for the alcohol. It sat on top of a small table acting as the outside bar. Julie stood behind, suggesting the overall hight to be about five and a half feet. She was a slim, light skinned woman with deep blue eyes and blue hair. Clearly not minding the cold, she wore a tight long sleeve shirt, black pants, and sneakers. The woman was a recent transfer, so no one knew much about her, save that she apparently liked a good party!

“Who’s first?” Julie called with a large bottle of cheap vodka in hand.

Without realizing at first, Ron pushed Laura to the forefront. She was not saying no in her drunken state. The already drunk woman kneeled before the raised end, mouth opened wide. Julie took a good swig from the bottle, before poring the liquid down the shoot.

Only about half of the vodka made its way down Laura’s throat, while the rest splattered all over her face. The alcohol apparently hit some kind of sweet spot, she assumed, because she felt off and awesome at the same time. She found herself almost lustfully licking her way up the trench, lapping up whatever latent alcohol remained. Her heat raced, while her mind just wasn’t there.

The mindless woman climbed onto the table, and soon found herself face to face with the oddly joyous Julie. Their lips collided. Their tongues invaded. It was unlike any kiss Laura had in her life. Julie’s mouth was a cold as it was passionate, sometime making it the most wondrous kiss she ever knew up to then. She didn’t want it to end, but its inevitable conclusion soon came. Laura pulled back looking at the ecstatic woman, and felt like she had the most wonderful orgasm of her life. Yet, Laura knew she didn’t really cum. She was mesmerized.

“Now it’s a party!” Julie exclaimed.

Rob helped Julie down from the table, and walked her back inside.

“That was awesome, Laura! What got into you?” he asked through the music.

“I dunno,” she breathed, looking him over. There was an intense arousal suddenly flowing through her. She grabbed him tight, and made out with him lustfully.

He woke up himself! The amazed boyfriend almost carried her to her room at the top floor of the apartment complex.

Even before they made it to the bedroom, Laura was tearing their clothes away. “Mate with me!” she exclaimed.

“Sure!” he accepted, assuming she was taking dirty.

Rob fell onto his back, reaching for a condom in the night table (it wasn’t the first time he found himself in a related position). Before he even came close, she mounted his bare cock with her dripping pussy.

“No protection, baby?” he barely asked through the drunken haze and arousal, loving her already wild humping.

“Were MATING!” she growled truthfully. “Cum inside me!” A part of Laura couldn’t believe she was saying such things. Yet, they were true. She was mating. It felt similar to sex for pleasure, but the purpose was different: pure procreation. The pleasure was secondary, while she had no need to cum. The feeling of matting was overpowering.

Rob quickly came hard inside her, while utter joy flowed through her. “Oh, I’m sorry …” he breathed, thinking he came prematurely, while he intended to pull out.

Laura quickly leaned down to give him a deep, thanking kiss. “Don’t be sorry!” she exclaimed. “I need your cum! I need MORE.” She was primal and ready. Her thrusts and inner muscles quickly awakened to used penis inside her. She thrust yet harder.

Laura came a little when he did a second time, but that was merely icing on the mating cake. Going a third round, Laura found herself thinking of the blue haired Julie. She thrust harder at the thought of her, waning to mate with that woman, too. Laura was too lost in the moment to realize that she really couldn’t mate with another woman.

He came again almost painfully. “Err, God … what’s gotten into you?” he blurted out.

“YOU!” she exclaimed, expertly waking his member for another run. Frustration began to fill Laura. She somehow knew this wasn’t working. The primalized woman frustratedly forced another two loads into her before finally giving up. She lay next to him, breathing deep.

Rob was as breathless as his mind was mush. What ever just happened to him, he would have to sleep on it. He slowly passed out from drunken tiredness.

Laura looked at the man with frustration. Thoughts of Julie eased it. She wanted to find her to mate, but was worn out herself …


With a jolt, Laura woke up in a hot sweat. She was naked, but it felt like it was a hundred degrees! She hopped out of bed, and opened the door to the upper deck. Feeling the cool breeze, she walked outside. It didn’t take her long to realize that she was walking on snow, while it merely felt crusty and confronting beneath her feet. Bewildered, she walked down the fire escape steps, and was soon walking aimlessly, naked in what must have been bitter cold. The moonlight glistened light blue off the young snow.

Still feeling warm, she impulsively let herself fall onto the thick snow. After a few moments of bathing in it, she began to feel its somehow merely cool kiss. The covered hot tub caught her eye, and she casually made her way to it. She picked up the tarp, and felt the water. It was warm to the touch. Still, she had an unquestionable urge to bathe herself in it. Laura tossed off the cover, and climbed into it.

Laura dunked her head under the water, and relaxed. Her eye just barely read the thermometer next to her in the moonlight water: 32.1 F. The number failed to register. Comforted and unthinking, she blacked out …

In her sleep of nothingness, Laura could somehow see her body excreting salty compounds, making and allowing the water’s temperature drop well below freezing. Her body became firm and athletic. Her skin slowly turned a vibrant blue and morph into millions of scales, silken to the touch. Eyes became a rich blue. Shockingly, if she could process such things in the moment, her hair began to lump together into long, fleshy tentacles, before the scaly blue skin formed on top. Hair no longer existed on her powerful yet gorgeous body …

Laura slowly awoke to the feel of a familiar, wondrous kiss. She opened her eyes, still under the water, to a being resembling Julie. The blue eyed alien had that scaly blue skin with the tentacles flowing back on her head in lieu of hair.

Fog quickly lifted off of Laura’s mind. She was herself again mentally, more or less. The mating, the cold, confused her beyond anything. What the fuck happened to her! Was she dreaming? It was in that moment she realized she was breathing underwater like Julie.

Laura quickly surfaced herself. Her transformed lungs inglorious purged the liquid through her mouth, and apparently switched modes to breath above water. Julie did the same, making it look a bit less inglorious. The sun was just peaking over the horizon.

Looking at her scaly blue body and feeling her head tentacles, she asked in terror, “What the fuck happened to me?”

Julie smiled lovingly, while Laura somehow felt love coming from the feminine alien. “I’m sorry, but this had to be done.” It was Julie’s voice, but held oddly resonating tones.

“What?” Her voice seemed the same as it was before.

“You are now basically a hybrid of my dying Ray’a race. As such, your Human senses at least are unchanged, while I sense you developed a small degree of empathy. Interesting … Don’t worry, you can make yourself look Human again. I will teach you right away.”

“I don’t understand … Was I really breathing underwater?”

“In this form you can. But like I was saying, you’re still part Human. My spacefaring race is dying, and we found humanity. Obviously, we are not compatible naturally. So, we set out to find a way to make ourselves compatible. We don’t like talking about the early attempts with your males. Always the death of the Human, and often the death of one of us … Then, it came to us: the Human Female. Only one gender of our race could mate with one other, and that is the one closer to the female. We became careful and caring, if only out of humility. That lead to you and few others. That retrovirus first teaches that my race doesn’t mind the cold, while the urge to mate is an unintended symptom …”

“I should be furious, but something tells me that my mind and body make this possible …” I realized impossibly.

“Yeah, it is quite rare for it to work, but its all we’ve got.”

“I still love Rob …”

“You may love him more now with that empathy you developed. He’ll probably love your Ray’a form; just ease him into it! I don’t want you to say no, but you can … Be my mate to help save my race. You can mate with Rob, too, or just make love to us both in ways you never knew possible. It all means my races future. Purity is no longer possible, if we ever cared …”

Laura sighed deeply. “I really wanna be pissed at you … I’m too compassionate, empathic. I AM still me … I know I’ll come to truly love you, as will Rob.” Laura held Julia tightly, in both forgiveness and acceptance …

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